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How Can We Clean Up Politics In This Country?

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One political scandal after another weather it be something from the past or the present all hype then all forgotten untill the next scandal comes along bit like the old saying ' todays news tomorrow's chip paper'. Britains political system seems outdated and a bit worn around the edges like the sleeping club I mean the House of Lords is it still really needed, it looks more like a dumping ground for past it MPs and PMs who go to pass the time. If you were to replace it what model of government would use for example - a Federal model perhaps. Should their be a time limit on how many terms a person can be the Prime Minster, like United States were a person can only do two terms as President Should we have a written constitution which clearly sets out the form of government and citizens rights again like the American constitution sets out. Should their be a watch dog with greater powers to make sure that political corruption is kept out as much as possible? If their was another referendum on the voting system would you consider the AV system or possible something similar or still vote for first past the post system?

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Reduce national government to bare basics and put just about everything in control of county, city/town, area and street government. People don't feel so disconnected from the system if they know their taxes are going on something next door but one instead of to someone in London or Brussels or even further afield.

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I'd go for proportional representation (PR) for a start. And each candidate for office would have to stand up to public scrutiny and offer a verifiable CV before election. Party Manifestos would be legally binding so they could not be reneged on without the full cooperation of the house and extenuating circumstances.


Then I'd abolish the house of Lords, and replace them with a body of ordinary people representing the demographics of the country, and also professional experts in different fields.

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It's a long way off, but the way to clean up politics is Direct Democracy.


Don't vote for corruptible representatives, but vote directly on issues. Independently. All the time, not just every 5 years.


We have the technology now, but no legislature of representatives is going to vote to dismantle themselves and genuinely give power to the people are they?


Hey, what do you know? I'm working on a solution myself. free.vote


Anyone care to back me? I'm clueless about promoting this crap.


And if you don't think a local old boy will revolutionise the system, somebody out there will ...


Be Inspired



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Don't vote for corruptible representatives, but vote directly on issues. Independently. All the time, not just every 5 years.


Who decides what issues we get to vote on?


For example, I want us all to vote on executing homeless people and mulching them up into compost (I don't, this is all theoretical).


Do I get my vote or not?


You might want a vote rescinding gay marriage rights. Sorry, but you can't have one.


Or if you do and you win, I want a vote straight afterwards, to undo the result of your vote.


And Mrs Smith down the road wants a vote on restricting immigration. But Mr Cartwright over the road wants one that relaxes restrictions on immigration.


Just how many votes will we be required to cast. And how often?

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Direct democracy is impractical in my view. In a parliamentary democracy popularity is balanced against practicality. In direct democracy you mostly lose that. Politicians spend a lot of time learning about the subjects they're voting on, at least the good ones do, which is not practical for the general public.


There are various, less drastic ways to improve the parliamentary system.

1. Primary elections, so that candidates are chosen by the full party membership rather than small committees.

2. Right of recall on the basis of a simple petition.

3. A PR based House of Lords with the appointed and establishment seats removed. I would like it to remain very much a weak chamber with the true power remaining in the commons.


I'm sure there are others.

Binning the whole system and replacing it with something drastically different would be an enormous gamble.

My experience and reading tells me that despite its various flaws, we have one of the least corrupt and most competent parliaments in the world. It's taken hundreds of years to get that and it would be extremely unwise to do anything drastic to it.

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