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  1. What the hell has Michael Winner got to do with it can't stand the guy . If you must bring someone into it chose Brad Pitt at least his easy on the eye.
  2. Well my threads always go like fireworks ,Sheffielders need to chill out more .
  3. Remember that farmer who shot the thief Tim Martin the case would have been throw out in the United States he was merely protecting his property . The trespassers had broken in before hell bent in taking things he had the right to shot stupid case .
  4. Well good for you remember no home it's complete without a Rottweiler ---------- Post added 26-06-2017 at 22:26 ---------- Texas's house breaking dropped a lot after the law was charged but Sheffield's rate keeps going up year by year clearly all is not well. Surely a man has the right to protect himself and his family and property against the would be thief's?
  5. Hey I'm recording that right now but May keeps doing U turns on main vocals strong and stable:(:
  6. Hello my old friend how's your YouTube channel going? So if someone breaks into your house tonight you have a child your gonna want to protect them right? The guy threatens your child and you but you have the means to protect yourself and your child yes you would use it. By the time you ring the cops you could be dead.
  7. Perhaps but acesss to guns is more easily than one likes to admit.
  8. Hello their , Evidence from the crime scene would back up any claim be yourself it has happened here post mortem would offer more clues most houses here have cameras unless live really remote.
  9. Corbyn rocks his single is out soon Maybots redemption.
  10. But it's written in the United.States constitution we have the right to protect ourselves. Why shouldn't the UK have the same right less Police about on the beat. ---------- Post added 26-06-2017 at 20:17 ---------- Unless you live in Baltimore ,Detroit or Cleveland and a few other places dotted about. Why not book yourself an romantic holiday to Detroit ?
  11. Waiting for them to try it and prepared.
  12. Mine got the finer points of art ( naked men and all that) and gun ownership on my bookshelf.
  13. Terrorists will get arms from someone else if you know we're to look. I'm talking about personal protection. ---------- Post added 26-06-2017 at 19:58 ---------- Ture but if someone broke into you home armed you would want to protect yourself ?
  14. I often read online news about the UK it's seems to me crime is up ( get ready for the crime is down so need less Police gang to come out of hiding) often victim's of crime simply get a crime number and that's your lot my brother had this treatment after his car was broke in. Here in the United States under permit I can and do own a gun plus a member of National Rifles Association often practice out at a firing range. In Texas if someone breaks into your home you have the right to protect you yourself and property as long the person breaking in is committing a crime is it time this right was given to UK citizens with the same guide lines? If Police cuts carry on as they are surely one has the right to protect himself against others who want to harm you and your family ?
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