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  1. Probably because they're not governed by the Evil Tories. Do you think that might have something to do with it?
  2. heh heh heh . . . you'll be waiting a very, very long time for that! Just bite the bullet and upgrade a secondary PC.
  3. I binge watched this over the weekend . . . it was weird
  4. That's generous. I'd give it 2/10, but only because I fell asleep halfway through. I really shouldn't start watching films in the late evening. I have an annopying habit of doing that.
  5. You're not wrong there. I'm wasting far too much time on here. I'm logging out to go watch it. Thank you and good night. PS - yeah, it had to be those bloody Russkies, didn't it?
  6. Like I said yesterday, you're just not very smart. You just keep on digging them holes 🙂
  7. The Shell station at the bottom of Netherthorpe Road did have some pumps open this morning (a change from yesterday morning, when they didn't) but you might find the price of 140p+ per litre a rip off https://find.shell.com/gb/fuel/10019377-eg-st-phillips-service-station
  8. Well he died in the early 1990s, and he'd been living in Holland for a while before that . . . so no, I don't know if many people on here would have knowingly met him. Then again, I did have a very pleasant conversation with somebody who looked very much him, on a coach from Manchester to Sheffield many years ago, so you never know, maybe I did meet one of my childhood heroes 😁
  9. So if an ordinary civilian rapes and murders somebody, that's somehow better? OK, thanks for the advice.
  10. Unless you're at risk of being falsely arrested then raped and murdered by a police officer who was, in your own words "allegedly known within the force as being a bit rapey " then it very much is a man v woman thing. Then again, you might just be an incredibly attractive man who has to fight off other rapey men on a regular basis.
  11. People still carry cash with them? Really? I haven't done that for years now, since Chip & PIN and contactess payments became the norm.
  12. So you've gotta ask yourself how guilty would you feel if you hadn't reported the person. What if they got away with it this time, only to go and do it again? How would you feel then? Better, or worse?
  13. Never gonna happen. Brexiters have made it perfectly clear they would sooner eat bread and water, as long as they left the EU. And now they will. We all will.
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