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  1. You spend a lot of time spying on other people. Have you any other hobbies to take up your day instead?
  2. Olivia Coleman is a national treasure, thank you very much. Having starred as the titular character in Luther, I know Idris Elba would make a great James Bond.
  3. Let me know when our NHS staff have finally received all the personal protective equipment they've repeatedly requested.
  4. err, and what if it fails?
  5. Nicola Sturgeon has a Scottish accent and talks too quickly, but she has an element of humanity within her that I am grateful for. BoJo is trying to behave like a Prime Minister. Finally. Sadly, he's desperately trying to unite a society that he himself has spent years trying to divide, and we're all paying the price. The most statesmanlike performance I've seen is definitely from the Trumpet, who answered a difficult questions with a direct insult: Trump throws tantrum over coronavirus question: 'You're a terrible reporter' https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/20/trump-coronavirus-question-attack-reporter-over-fears
  6. And I've been known to eat all day at work 😁
  7. Last time I checked, BoJo the Clown had deferred to the scientific and medical experts. Thank goodness he left his ego behind at the playground.
  8. Yes, the Tory govt could have spent the last ten years investing in the country's infrastructure, but decided to do the exact opposite with the implementation of the Austerity programme. And a decade of underfunding the NHS and the Police, have given us a country that is ill prepared ('scuse the pun) to cope with the Coronavirus pandemic. Big thanks to all those Northerners who voted Tory, looks like we've finally forgiven Thatcher. It only took 35 years 👍
  9. AAAARRGGHH!! All these positive comments are killing me! Allow me to inject some negativity onto the thread instead: Do we want twenty years of traffic jams and ongoing construction work in the city centre? There, I feel better now 😁
  10. As long as pussygrabber doesn't give him a presidential pardon
  11. Get yer head out of the clouds man. Hallam was never great.
  12. Anybody who drinks Yorkshire Tea deserves all the scorn and derision they receive
  13. When was the last time you walked down the Moor, with your eyes open? JD moved from the smaller Pinstone Street store to a much larger outlet down the Moor aaaaages ago
  14. Where did you hear the report was not going to be made public? I would have thought the Tories would make political capital out of bashing minorities in a pre-Brexit election year, just as Sir Nigel did? I don't know why such a report would be kept from the public (please provide confirmation of your comment), unless it uncovers embarrassing failings of Tory-run Oxfordshire County Council's failure to prevent CSE. Yes, I think that's why such a report would be kept private, along with the investigation into BoJo and that blonde bird / tech entrepeneur he was giving cash, trips abroad and other favours to. Maybe you should start looking there instead?
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