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  1. Off topic, but I respectfuliy disagree with your implication. I think Ms Priti Patel is a nasty piece of work, and I don't particularly like her, but it's not her Indian heritage that I have a problem with.
  2. oh god no, really? Who's Sir Nige's billionaire sugar daddy this time? Sir Nige' has already fallen out with billionaire Aaron Banks, and billionaire Trump* only cares about billionaire Trump*. *Trump claims to be a billionaire. .
  3. Speaking of which, where's Sir Nige' right now? Why is Sir Nige' not on Newsnight, campaigning for his best friend Trump?
  4. Last time I checked, BoJo was still in charge of the country.
  5. You didn't know Ms Patel has Indian heritage? You couldn't guess that from her name? Aw bless, you're adorable 😘
  6. oh dear. And some people on here openly admit they voted for Brexit in order to reduce immigration. I wonder how betrayed they feel now? To be honest, it's exactly what I expected from an Indian Home Secretary; did you honestly expect a perfidious, mendacious piece of work like her not to invite her ONE BILLION fellow countrymen and women over here? Hmm? Wow, I've just checked and it seems that India's population is now 1.3 Billion! Last time I checked (over a decade ago, I admit) it was "only" one billion. Best of luck finding a house, a job, or even a schoolplace, for your grandkids. Still, it's what we all voted for. Apparently.
  7. Today we've had the terrible news that not only have we hit 100,000 Coronavirus deaths in the UK, but we've also had the highest one-day number of UK deaths too, at 1564. You'd expect the press to hold BoJo to account for this, instead of whether he is allowed to cycle seven miles or not. Still, that's what the UK voted for. No wonder the UK's in such a mess, eh folks? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/13/uk-coronavirus-deaths-pass-100000 UK coronavirus deaths pass 100,000 after 1,564 reported in one day More than 100,000 people have died from coronavirus in the UK since the disease first appeared in the country almost a year ago, in what public health experts said is a sign of “phenomenal failure of policy and practice”. On Wednesday the daily figure for recorded deaths was 1,564 – a new record high bringing the total to 101,160, according to analysis of figures from government and statistical agencies. The toll far exceeds some of the worst-case scenario estimates made during the first wave of the pandemic.
  8. Pray tell, what did Ms Hoey's ballot paper state? That the UK would leave the EU but retain full benefits? That English taxpayers would continue to pay Ol' Arlene £tens of billions a year? The sectarian-bigots of the DUP have now realised, they were only tolerated by the Tories to win an election. Now the once-useful idiots of the DUP have served their original purpose, BoJo has thrown them under a bus. Look on the bright side; BoJo is saving English taxpayers £tens of billions. BoJo can be quite fiscally prudent when he needs to 😄
  9. So what's going on ? Is BoJo meeting his mistress over at the Olympic Park?
  10. The childish level of debate on the DM website makes SF seem almost mature! This one's a cracker: Top Brexit supporter Jim Ratcliffe's version of the Landrover Defender was going to be made in Wales and called the Grenadier; since he has decided to build them in France it will be called the Deserter.
  11. Here you go, I bought this model for my iPhone; the Otterbox Defender. It has a built-in screen protector but, like I said, is large, ugly and more expensive than I originally though (RRP is £50, but you should be able to get it off ebay for less) https://www.otterbox.ie/en-ie/iphone-6s/defender-series-case/77-52176.html
  12. You can purchase phone cases that also cover the screen. I had an Otterbox case that did this, completely enclosing my iPhone except for the charging port, camera and speaker. Very robust since I'm very clumsy, but quite large, ugly and expensive, at around £30 to £40 RRP. Is there any reason you can't purchase a separate screen protector from Ebay or Amazon, or even Poundland? They're only a quid or two.
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