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  1. Thanks a lot. I clicked that link and was spammed with a full page advert
  2. And the Evil Tory government are going to change this situation how ?? And why ?? Please, let us know how living conditions will improve for ordinary working folk like me under an Evil Tory governemnt ??
  3. something that Sir Nige' and BoJo the Clown didn't mention was the overnight 10% drop in Sterling following the referendum vote, leading to a 20% increase in the cost of imported goods. Which means less money in the pockets of ordinary working class people like myself, all because of the elite establishment figures who pushed for Brexit.
  4. The same one as the rest of us ? For years, we’ve been complaining that t’council are punishing motorists, with: bus lanes bus gates, increasing the operational hours of the above one way streets closing shortcuts ratruns And now we’re complaining that t’council are punishing the biggest offenders Sheffielders, eh ? If buses are the answer, you must have asked a very daft question
  5. Two reasons why they all remain in one area is that (a) it's cheap and (b) if they no speaka Inglese, they're close to somebody who can, or they can get away with not having to learn to speak Inglese. Didn't David Camerloon stop funding ESOL classes, after Austerity started ? That would've helped them integrate
  6. And if it wasn't for the modern day equivalent of such cannon fodder, Tony Bliar might not be worth £70million today (estimated) Tally Ho!
  7. I think it started when London became centre of the universe
  8. that's commendable, especially since they were on the losing side
  9. I saw a young kid with a whip earlier this afternoon. When I say whip, it was a stick with a skipping rope on the end. I stopped him and wanted to take a photo, but the cheeky blighter scarpered and disappeared up a passage way
  10. heh heh, I've seen that excuse pulled too many times Viridor Waste Management (or whoever is/was in charge of Shirecliffe landfill) when people wanted to know what was being dumped near their backyards. And our very own t'council, and that contract with Am*y Like you say, all monopolies, or with very long contracts partnerships still to run
  11. is it really ? So Tony Bliar can wear black, and wear a big poppy, and look sad for an hour or two, and we will all forget his lying to Parliament and sending thousands of British troops to be killed and injured in the Middle East ?
  12. I meant the Oasis Academy, built on the ruins of Skinnerthorpe Road. But yeah, there's the Astrea Academy too.
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