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  1. Because while we're all in this together (some of us more so than others) we're not allowed to criticise this government for anything. I'm surprised you didn't you know that.
  2. Good thing there's a large park just 200 metres away then
  3. Has the fear of wasting money ever prevented British governments from doing what they choose ?
  4. No no no no, I was thinking this nearly 20 years ago ! ! !
  5. From the article, he sounds like a prat based on his previous actions and comments.
  6. If she wasn't sooooo pretty, she would've been sent down for life. Dodgy as hell, and guilty as sin.
  7. I'm just amazed that Edward Colston - a Tory MP - donated to schools and hospitals out of his own pocket. I guess things really were different back in the old days.
  8. Yes, it's good thing we have brave white Police officers who can kill nasty black people with impunity, isn't it!
  9. I shouldn't laugh . . . I really shouldn't . . . so I'll cry instead 😂
  10. Lady Gagaga's new album, Chromatica. On first listen, it sounded like she'd just slightly reheated her old songs. But I've been playing it non-stop for a couple of days, and after doing my head in at first, it's actually starting to grow on me now. There's a couple of belters on there. Tracks 6 to 9 are great to play in order: 6. "Fun Tonight" 7. "Chromatica II" Track 8 segues immediately into Track 9 without skipping a beat; the effect is strikingly good. edit - See end of this post for an example 8. "911" 9. "Plastic Doll" So Lady Gagaga is back to her brilliant best, after the disappointing car crash that was 2013's Artpop. I didn't even bother checking 2016's Joanna, after the earlier trainwreck. edit - listen to the separate tracks above, and then to this example of how Chromatica II segues immediately into the following track 911:
  11. I was sorry to hear of his passing; he was too young, Inspirational words to keep my spirits up, when things get too tough: The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control.
  12. You been injecting yourself with disinfectant again? Please, stop it.
  13. Why? Did they inject themselves with bleach ?
  14. This reminds of the Simpsons episode, Lisa the vegetarian. Lisa Simpson: Isn't there anything here that doesn't have meat in it? Lunchlady Doris: Possibly the meatloaf Here, found it on Youtube:
  15. Top put-down of the day. Many congratulations.
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