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  1. A very sensible post, thank you. I agree with everything you wrote. Yes, as much as I like Julie Dore as a person (in as much as don't have any negative feelings about her personally) I do agree that Sheffield has been left behind the other Northern cities you mention, although this isn't entirely Ms Dore's fault; it's been going on for years, it not decades, even when the Lib Dems were in charge . . . ooh that Scriven got my back up 😣 Sadly, I fear Ms Dore will always be remembered for the farcical reaction by the city council to the tree protestors 😢 I know they say no publicity is bad publicity, but that story went global . . . I still fancy her though 😘
  2. Invite me long to Sunday lunch at your inlaws then! I wouldn't say no to a face full of cow right now . . . mmm, roast beeeeeeeeeef 😋 Sorry, I know I'm not much help 😊
  3. Nah, footy is unique in that it transcends all cultural differences including colour, creed, religion and class. . . as long as your team wins of course!
  4. You do know that Julie Dore and the Mayor of Sheffield are two different people, right? Any I'm sure you know that the Mayor of Sheffield has several hundred events to attend each year. Would you rather the Mayor of Sheffield attend these hundreds of public events using public transport ?
  5. There are two possible scenarios I can think of: 1) AI and robotics will never replace humans due to the huge cost of creating, installing, configuring and maintaining robots. It's far easier and cheaper to employ some Eastern European immigrants on the minimum wage instead. Or the opposite: 2) AI and robotics become so cheap that any human without any useful or marketable skills for the workplace (or didn't go to the correct schools) will starve to death.
  6. I'm a fully paid up member of the Hang 'em and Flog 'em brigade, but we need to be realistic here. If the Death penalty was an effective deterrent, America would be a crime-free country.
  7. Couldn't Trumpet have simply offered his thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims instead? That's usually enough.
  8. When are they shipping you out to the Middle East ?
  9. I wouldn't cast Michael Gove as being merely middle-class. Then again, now the Tories are allegedly the party of the Working Class, perhaps Mr Gove will spend the rest of this parliament slumming it out with the rest of us on the poverty line. It wasn't "Sir" Iain Duncan Smith, was it? He's certainly been honoured for his contribution to homelessness 🙄
  10. I've seen the bays in question; the painting is a little sloppy but given the positioning of the bays on a sloping hill, I can forgive that. I've not seen any cars parking in the bays yet . . . looks like the signs are having the desired effect 😀
  11. I'm sure there are two distinct air ambulances, one with skids and one with wheels. The one with skids usually flies in lower and lands directly. The one with wheels usually flies in from a higher altitude and circles around before landing. Sources? Living a mile away from the NGH and under the flight path 🤣 That's what I remember, although I've not seen or heard it since the summer, when I always assume it to be carrying the injured bodies of middle-aged motor cyclists who took a corner too fast . . .
  12. A company can still upgrade their OEM and retail Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro licences to Windows 10 Pro, for free. If I'm wrong, please let me know, because I've been doing that for years 😁
  13. That junction rewards and encourages dangerous driving. If I'm leaving the city centre via Derek Dooley Way at this junction and cane it at 40mph or above, I WILL make it through the green lights at the Spital Hill / Savile St junction . . . just as they turn from amber to red. However, if I leave that same junction at 30mph, or more likely at 20mph 'cos I'm stuck behind some slow-driving numpty, I'll reach the junction on red and have wait, ooh, no more than one minute for the lights to change again.
  14. That's what I want to know! And FREE soup kitchens? Yes please! My work colleagues are always telling me I dress like a homeless person, so I may as well take advantage of that 😉
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