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  1. Really? I'm a proud Corbynista, but I'd still rather have the ineffective Starmer as PM than suffer another 4 years of Shagger Boris' smirking Worzel Gummidge impressions. Unfortunately, Starmer's too busy fighting the Labour left to make any progress against the Evil Tories.
  2. I suspect that Starmer, being completely ineffective as Leader of the opposition, has taken on the role of being a useful idiot to the Tories. But who's benefitting from this? Certainly not the Labour party, or anybody on the political left.
  3. So you drove around L**ds, and noticed how quiet the pedestrianised shopping centre was ? Isn't that like driving around the Sheffield inner ring road and complaining that our city centre is dead?
  4. I wouldn't expect Sir Nige' would have the stamina. Now Shagger Boris, on the other hand . . .
  5. This is not the daftest idea you're come up with, not by a long shot. I guess now that our heroes have been kicked out made a tactical withdrawal out of Afghanistan we're gonna have thousands of troops sat on their arses doing nothing. so let them earn their keep by scrapping with the local pikies.
  6. I'll thank you not to refer to Latin that way
  7. Does shagging Jennifer Arcuri at the expense of the British taxpayer fall under that category ? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/mar/30/johnson-has-case-to-answer-over-jennifer-arcuri-says-lawyer
  8. you ok hun? you've not been your usual cheery self for weeks. Drop me a PM if you want to chat offline.
  9. This! Where Shagger Boris raised on a Northern council estate and attended the local comprehensive, he'd have been paraded on the Jeremy Kyle show as being a feckless serial-adulterer and absent father of 5, 6 or maybe even 7 abandoned children.
  10. But how would the greedy Capitalist pigs at Serco keep their snouts in the trough? It seems the Capitalists are exploiting the entire spectrum of the refugee / mass immigration crisis. https://www.serco.com/uk/sector-expertise/immigration Border control and immigration services We are a world-leading provider of border control and immigration services in the UK. Having implemented part of the UK’s national security infrastructure in 2007 - the first service of its scale and kind in the world - we have managed the operation 24/7 on behalf of Border Force ever since. The breadth and scope of our delivery and the innovation we bring is significant. Our services include the management of border controls, the management of detention centres, the provision of housing and welfare support services for asylum applicants, the issuing of identity documents and repatriation services. We also deliver tracking, border detection, and surveillance services. Our aim is to focus on the individual needs of everyone in our care while able to support the UK Government in developing new solutions to the ever-evolving threat to our national security. We operate in two immigration areas: Secure Immigration Detention We operate secure detention services on behalf of government immigration departments. Our facilities and services ensure the safe and caring detention of people awaiting information on their asylum status. Accommodation Community Accommodation and Support We provide vital community accommodation and support services for people while their asylum claim is being processed. We manage an extensive property portfolio with the aim of providing the best possible care.
  11. being a Brexiter, incompetent and posh, he'll probably get compensated by joining the cabinet of Evil Tories. Ooh that reminds me of a Brexit benefit: does happier fish count? Or not tangible enough?
  12. Well that's an improvement over our fishermen. Maybe they can take second jobs working as lifesavers for the RNLI, since they'll all soon be unemployed?
  13. So, back to the topic at hand: We still don't have control of our borders. Refugees are continuing to arrive on our shoes, and we can't send them back to the European mainland. We're paying Le Francais £tens of millions to so . . . something. The fishermen who voted for Brexit are having their livelihoods ruined. The farmers are next, because they can no longer receive EU subsidies, and the Evil Tory government have signed an one-sided trade deal with Austroylier' (the former penal conoly) to ship their beef over here. And it now costs a fortune in fees, time and effort to ship high-value items to mainland Europe. Can anybody remind me of the benefits again? And I mean, a real, tanglible benefit, not a jingoistic cliche about democracy, Lockdoctor.
  14. Nah, the last time Rooney cheated on Colleen, it cost him £10,000 . . . for her boob job https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1324058/Has-Wayne-Rooney-bought-Coleen-10k-boob-job.html
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