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  1. Over 100 dead in the theatre alone. I suppose will delete this post too. For being factual.
  2. Explosion could be heard during the France vs Germany game.
  3. Corbyn probably will be complaining tomorrow that they weren't captured and put on trial.
  4. She isn't "solely responsible" for anything. The industries she "closed down" weren't producing products that people wanted to buy. Her government simply stopped subsidising them.
  5. No it isn't. She's been out of power for a quarter of a century. We had 13 years of Labour government in that time and they hardly built any council homes.
  6. Hopefully this spells the end for open borders and appeasement.
  7. This thread will be getting closed soon. Might as well not speculate on who has done it until it's officially announced and discussion is "allowed".
  8. It's good that he is dead. The world is a better place with him not in it.
  9. Or give patients the money so they can choose who they want to do the operation themselves. Just like how when you claim on car insurance you can use your own nominated repairer rather than going with the insurance companies preferred one.
  10. I don't. I meant give money directly to a needy child. Instead of to a charity where by the time everyone gets their cut, the child will be lucky to get anything.
  11. I think CIN will struggle this year after all the pad publicity about Kids Company. Plus Wogan's not doing it, plus there's an England vs Spain game on free TV, plus popular stuff running against it on other channels such as Darts and Gogglebox. I am long suspected all charity to be largely a scam that just makes the directors of the charities rich. If you want to give money to needy children, give directly, that way you know they will get 100% of the money.
  12. The left got too tied up with identity politics and took the votes of the WWC for granted. That's how they've ended up with Corbyn as leader, with no-one else as a viable candidate.
  13. More people should make their feelings known and put their money where their mouth is instead of just putting up with it with gritted teeth and moaning about it afterwards.
  14. I don't see how the BBC can survive this.
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