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  1. I think you need to Google the phrase non sequitur. Maybe the BBC should have an ad campaign based around "Buy a licence.... or the terrorists win". Personally I've not bought a licence since 2006, which means I've saved about £1800. All quite legally as well.
  2. A bit of a long shot but does anyone know of a driving instructor in the Sheffield area who has experience of dealing with autistic learners? My friend's daughter is trying to learn to drive but due to her autism, she often has trouble understand where she's making mistakes or in taking critical advice on board. Not being autistic myself it can be hard for me to understand such problems but they are real and it's proving something of an impediment to her.
  3. A covering of snow up at Herdings. Hopefully it won't settle on the roads.
  4. Ewwww! "The Duty of an Opposition is to oppose" (Lord Randolph Churchill). Why should Labour (primarily anti-Brexit) collude to help a hopeless Tory PM push it through? The 8th of June was possibly the biggest laugh I've had in ages. And with the PM now hooked up with the swivel-eyed loons of the DUP, it just promises to get better and better.
  5. Sje was pretty snide and unpleasant on The Apprentice. Now she's learned to hypercharge her views in order to get attention. This leads to her appearing on things like This Morning (because the producers know that just having her on will get people tuning in to see what she says) and writing columns for newspapers, which either help sell more physical copies of the paper or get people clicking on links to the online versions, which drives up the number of page views and makes the advertisers happy. So really she's been quite canny and done quite well financially (her net worth is calculated at over 2.75 million pounds). The most damaging thing you can do to Ms Hopkins is to ignore her, although hopefully the police may finally take some action re. her most recent comments.
  6. Maybe there isn't one? Human history is full of atrocities, both large and small scale. Some are carried out by armies, some by individuals or small groups. The idea that there is some kind of "answer" to it all that has somehow eluded the greatest minds in history is, I'm sorry to say, a touch naive. Human nature has not fundamentally changed in tens of thousands of years. Until it does, there can be no "answer".
  7. Will Trump last his full presidential term ? Will he last out the month? China says North Korea tension has to be stopped from reaching 'irreversible' stage
  8. Looks like I got it wrong (hey, it does happen. Trump doesn't seem to want to wait until July. World 'on the brink of thermo-nuclear war', as North Korea mulls test that could goad Trump
  9. Bravo. Amazing insight. Who an earth said anything about a charitable gift? Yes, that's called "business". It's what makes the world go round.
  10. Austerity to continue into the 2020s. But hey, at least we've got our sovereignty back.
  11. Does one of them look like Dennis Quaid?
  12. Please don't confuse the Leave crowd with your true facts. They prefer being lied to, the truth only gives them a headache.
  13. This probably won't happen. And I for one am loving it. Surely all those Brexiteers who voted to leave the European Union should support the Scot's who want to leave our Union? Let's tear down all these monolithic organizations. Co-operation, free trade, tolerance, we don't want those things in 21st 19th century Britain.
  14. Yeah, it's about average as areas go. The OP could do a lot worse.
  15. After the dreadful week we've just had, the England team clearly realised we needed a good laugh, hence their Komedy Klown performance. Have some respect for their noble sacrifice, one worthy of truly great Britons like Nigel Farage and Micheal Gove.
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