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It's nearly here- the start of the season..but


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Am i the only person not feeling excited for the start of the season? I can't even explain it, i just don't feel it at all.

im sort of like that


was Really excited

then we sacked gray and brought in that other fella

but weve bought some players who look like they might be decent


so im sort of excited again, not 100% tho, still some trepidation but we will soon see

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i don't see why people aren't exited though. this is the first season in years when we don't have a clue how it's going to go:) can't wait :)


I think its because of several reasons nervy mate eg

We haven't spent any money

Because the players are not English ,they must be c@ap

The manager has had no say in which players come in [ including all the portugese]

Our new pitch isn't real,its a cheap copy

CC has to communicate by sign language

I could go on all night,but these are a few possible reasons for the lack of excitement by some.:)

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