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  1. I agree. Now there's a deal put it to the vote. Either leave with this deal or leave without a deal. That will stop all the uncertainty. Of course that's if the remainer MPs will honour it.
  2. He's doing what he believes is right. He hasn't ignored the act that was voted for on Saturday. He's asked for the extension the Scottish courts said he had to do, he's perfectly free to tell the EU he doesn't agree like any remainer can. I find it more troubling the fact that the likes of the speaker and other remainers think they can go to the EU behind parliament's back to try to stop Brexit altogether
  3. He hasn't though. He has sent the letter asking for an extension saying it's what parliament wants aswell as one saying he didn't agree it's in the best interests to do so. The EU can disregard his second letter and grant an extension if they want it. I don't see why the remainers are getting so worked up about it.
  4. Do you know that as a fact? He has sent a letter asking for an extension as parliament wanted, why should he sign it if he doesn't believe it's the right move. I don't know if makes it illegal not signing it though
  5. Well never expected anything different, it was never going to go through. Still believe they will do anything to stop it going through at all but maybe Corbyn and co will prove me wrong after they've looked at it properly, I doubt it though
  6. Looked at their goal a few times now and think Dawson probably could of been more central and maybe the ref would of been more inclined to dissallow it for interference. We did get what we deserved though, it was so frustrating the amount of silly free kicks given away. The ref wasn't brilliant but 1-0 is never a scoreline we should be sitting on. Plus side we did look fairly solid, limited their chances and defended well with most they threw at us. Leeds will be much tougher though
  7. Just weren't on it second half. Too many cheap free kicks given away, always a chance we'd get punished eventually although not a free kick for the goal and debatable if flint was offside. Dropped two points though
  8. I would of thought they lose the EU pension if we leave going on what I've read. Anyway my point is there will be MPs on either side wanting to stay or go for reasons other than the good of the country so no point just bringing Boris or farage into it
  9. And all those MPs losing their EU pension are going to give that up easily. Either side can claim the other is looking after their own interests
  10. Depends what it says. If it's to decide on the deal fair enough but not wether to stay or leave, we've had that one.
  11. As they should. There is no perfect solution to Ireland which I believe is what Corbyn and co know so will use that to stop it happening at all. It's all getting tiring now so it will be interesting to see what happens when it's rejected tomorrow
  12. It would depend if they thought there was a chance of striking a deal. They've said they won't just for sake of it. I hope they won't give an extension though, needs sorting one way or another
  13. Boris will ask for an extension if this doesn't go through parliament. Hopefully if it's rejected and Boris asks then the EU will refuse the extension, surely then we'd have to leave without a deal
  14. I'll be amazed if it's voted through. The ones against leaving are just going to use the Ireland issue as an excuse no matter what Boris can agree with Brussels. Hopefully the DUP can be brought on side with it so it gives enough votes to stop those trying to block it, not confident though
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