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  1. I don't see how he would be a better option than bullen. At least bullen knows the club
  2. Disappointing defeat after we had so many shots. No FF on the bench either, that seems like a mistake unless he had an injury. He was always going to lose games so we'll see if they can bounce back, could do with seeing bullen in the bad games aswell so maybe not all bad
  3. Only been better last two seasons, before that you was pub league whole we we're in the playoffs😁 Truth be told though neither club can claim to have dominated the other, we gave had slightly more success but that's about it
  4. Toughest game so far so will be a good test. Still a team we should be beating if we are serious about the autos though
  5. I'm not sure it will save that much time anyway, card payments can be just as time consuming and like you say what about kids or elderly that don't have cards or prefer cash. Never paid with card at Hillsborough so doesn't bother me but be interesting to see if it effected sales much
  6. No we can't, classed as gross misconduct I think. It will be checked if it's reported but the driver runs to what the ticket machine says so if that has the correct time the driver will be ok.
  7. Goalscorers don't lose that knack, keep supplying him with chances and he'll get some goals. Hopefully the same can be said Rhodes though I'm not so sure about that
  8. Norwich lost 4-1, I wouldn't say adapted well plus there's no telling how a promoted team will fare after 1 game. At least it wasn't a defeat to start with so something to build on
  9. Good to know, not that he was needed today but the less injuries the better. Should of had more today but can't be greedy can we. Promising start but plenty more football left to play.
  10. Bannan out for 3 months my brother reckons, that's a blow if true
  11. It's a shame, especially the circumstances why. Was talk borukuv was going to get a game. Hopefully it will just be rearranged rather than cancelled
  12. Not sure, wouldn't of thought so but first I've heard of the player you've mentioned.
  13. Heard from a guy at work that Hector has joined Stoke but can't see anything about it
  14. I've said it on here long before they were even back in the championship. It's not about not wanting us to go up I just have no problem with being in the championship. If we go up, great, financial side secured but that's all I want us there for. I'd still expect us to give it a go but wouldn't want us to spend what Fulham did or villa this season
  15. Really? Seems abit much to be spending on him, we're going to have a few midfielders with him aswell
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