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  1. I've said before you don't really know what the chairman will be like in bad times. Might he panic about dropping out of the premiership and get rid. I don't think he would and if he did it would be madness, the premiership isn't the be all end all and I don't think the majority of fans would be happy about Wilder getting sacked. A win against West brom and you'll be either out of or close to being out of the relegation spots, after that the results could start being more positive than negative.
  2. WBA is surely 3 points. West ham have picked up this season but not really any excuse next game, they are surely certs for relegation and beating them will give the players a confidence boost.
  3. Can only think he's abit rusty having not played for a while. Damage was done with the sending off anyway.
  4. Loosing now😔 not sure Westwood needed to punch that, only seen it once but maybe should of caught it.
  5. Supposedly can still get around that for him to play before January so we'll see.
  6. Could see Westwood back in goal for this one, think a draw at best still
  7. Tbf that made me chuckle 😂😂
  8. Well a gamble whoever came in. Hopefully just the manager we need, no nonesense approach. I don't care what style we play aslong as it keeps us up and winning a few games.
  9. Why Campbell is being linked I don't know, surely no better than Monk. Neville keeps cropping up aswell
  10. I agree it is different to alot of club's but you also have a chairman that has only been there through the good times, you don't yet know how trigger happy he could be if results don't pick up. You'd like to think he'd seee the bigger picture with Wilder but you never know
  11. Wow, didn't see that happening yet, thought he'd get till Xmas but his record has been terrible. Cook I'd give a shot at it, maybe Cowley brothers. Need to get it right this time, whoever comes in is going to have a task on his hands.
  12. Is that Wilders choice though? He might of told the board that he was happy with the squad but just needed a striker mainly. I'm guessing he chooses who he wants to sign and that's mainly dropping into the lower league's. Unfortunately the more players signed from there the greater chance they won't make it. I think United can compete financially to be finishing around tenth every season, breaking into the top 6 though it takes money and being clever in the transfer market, I'm not sure Wilder has shown yet he can sign the players needed to stay up for a few seasons. However I think United would be mad to not give Wilder anotyer 2 or 3 seasons no matter what happens, they owe him that much
  13. Paterson for Scotland, can't think who else there is.
  14. Do we ever get anything against these? Need to go with a proper striker up front I think but it won't help without the midfield creating some good chances for whoever's up top. Also has Paterson only been brought in as a striker or would it be worth trying him in midfield with bannan to give us a bit more bite in there?
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