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  1. Whoever comes in needs to be a miracle worker, not sure if there are many of those about so don't have a clue who should be here
  2. Wasn't expecting anything so no surprise. Next two games will decide I think wether we can still have hope of staying up or just give it up. Minimum of 4 points a must otherwise it bye bye championship I think.
  3. Probably saving him till next season 🙄 he hasn't played for 6 month's so probably trying to get up to speed with his fitness
  4. Be careful what you wish for is all I'd say to the ones wanting him out. I'm not saying he should have a job for life but getting rid after one bad season is a risk. Wilder goes and you could be getting a new manager every season like us.
  5. Too right, if we aren't allowing tackles like that then what's the point of it. It was silly to slide in on a yellow card but it wasn't dangerous at all.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if we did end up winning this now, it's the Wednesday way. A thumping is more likely though 😔
  7. Fingers crossed. Maybe then we can get some normality with wages and more academy players. The premiership is being ruined by money.
  8. Probably part of the game he'll need to work on. Well I said lose against these and were down, so I'll just wait and see if they surprise me at the end of the season Serious work needs doing to that squad in the close season. It will be difficult if we stay up to get the quality in, even harder with the loss of income if when we go down.
  9. Red card Shaw😠 joke of a second yellow though, if that's a second yellow we might aswell make it non contact
  10. Birmingham are awful so if we can't beat them I'd probably be resigned to relegation. I know there's still more than enough points to play for but they way teams are performing above us it's a worry.
  11. To be fair if we had a manager that had achieved what Wilder has with you I wouldn't mind the club giving him a chance to go up, it wouldn't matter if he was a boyhood supporter or not. Granted he has been shown up this season with some signings and he'd have to change approach if you by some miracle stayed up or got promoted back up to the premiership. I do have a very dim view of the premiership though, I really don't like what it's become so Wednesday being there isn't a big thing for me, it's only the money that I'd want to help the club so if we found a manager that got us up for a season or two then went down I wouldn't be too disheartened.
  12. Must win for sure, not sure we will though😔
  13. I've not looked properly into their finances but they have parachute payments for 3 years so there's abit of leaway there. Whatever the state of the finances though Wilder should stay, I'd want the manager to stay at Wednesday if he'd done what Wilder had.
  14. If second half is anything like the first half then I doubt it, chances few and far between but we're not known for chances created so maybe he can get one chance to win it
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