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  1. Personally would of played a stronger team to see if we have really improved but then again the extra games could be costly if we lose a key player or two. Concentrate on the league now anyway, that's the priority
  2. Abit early to be thinking about that, same goes for Wednesday and what they can do this season. You don't seem at it though like last season, might just be a slow start and loosing a defender so early last night won't of helped you.
  3. True but it means nothing at this stage of the season. We could finish a million points behind rovverum but aslong as we're above the drop zone I don't care. A good performance but it's only one game, need to string a few good wins together
  4. They will give us a tougher game than Cardiff that's for sure. I'll be very happy if we can at least draw, I think a win will be abit much to ask but you never know
  5. Because Rhodes isn't good enough, he isn't the player he used to be as much as we all want him to be. Maybe being the main man for now might inspire him to actually do something but I'm not holding my breath. I still don't get why we released Borokuv. He had a decent record in the youth but let him go, I'd of given him a season to prove he can cut it and he'd of got his chances.
  6. Probably end up being a draw, hoping they can surprise us though and get all three points. Still lacking a striker or two so not expecting a goal fest on our side anyway.
  7. While the cup shouldn't be a priority for either Sheffield side I don't think it should be purely a youth side that's played. I'd like to see us both give a game to 3-4 academy players.
  8. Wish I knew, he's a shadow of the player he used to be but I'd rather him of been up there than two midfielders. Saying that we barely created anything so any striker would of struggled.
  9. I take it you mean league 1? Poor game though, doesn't fill me with confidence. Brown I wouldn't say is a striker at all, should of given Rhodes a good run out but its hard to see where the goals will come from in there.
  10. Nice to see us finally get the windass transfer done. Didn't see the other one coming though. Still need another striker in so hopefully got one lined up.
  11. Aren't wolves involved somehow with the agent of alot of the players that were brought in? Not sure of his exact relationship with wolves though. We did the loan way in Carlos first season, seemed to work but not sure why it changed.
  12. Sad news 😔 I wasn't a big fan of the black panther film but he played the character well, especially in civil war, infinity war and end game. Having to go through treatment whilst filming was going on aswell must of been tough on him. He'll be a hard act to follow for whoever takes over the role . RIP
  13. The charges against him were thrown out, he may of been badly advised or just incompetent when it comes to running a football club, who knows. Either way it still looks bad on the owner as the buck stops with him as in most businesses. Hopefully he's learnt from it if it was just him being naive. Something needs to be said about what's happening with the FFP while crowds aren't there, alot of club chairman will need to put money in to help prop up the club if they're reliant on matchday revenue so hopefully they'll say something soon about it.
  14. Yea probably should of😁. not sure if it would incurred a bigger deduction though if we did though
  15. Wasn't the issue for us as to the year the sale of the ground was put in rather than valuation where as Derby was down to the price put on the stadium. Not sure it's worth us appealing though, think we'll still be stuck with a 12 deduction
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