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  1. Very true. Has that equalled his tally since he's been here? Having a scoring Rhodes for the remainder of the season would be a big bonus
  2. Rhodes with a hat trick, something's not right 🤣
  3. Well thank God no Labour government, that's the best I was hoping for but expected a hung parliament and more uncertainty. Now we have a majority government hopefully that will get the Brexit issue sorted at least, he has no excuses now
  4. Until we learn how to finish teams off we'll be no more than a mid table team. Soft penalty but they offered nothing, easiest game Dawson has had so far in his career. Problem being if we get a points deduction and spent extra on wages only to then finish out of them because of it then its money we didn't need to spend
  5. I haven't got a problem with parachute payments as such but it shouldn't count towards the club's p+s rules. Maybe put aside by the league incase the relegated club is struggling but if a club can't afford to keep high earners they should be sold, like we had to when we didn't get anything for going down
  6. I get what your saying but if you go on an awful run in the second half and finish 17th you'll be very happy I'm sure. Yes you should hope to get top half now but it's not the expectation of a promoted side to do that
  7. That's worst case points deduction I believe, there's a range of punishment they could use if they are found to do any wrong doing
  8. I've said many times before and during the season you've every chance of stating up. Most club's have a loss of form at some point which could see you dragged into it, it isn't a big points difference either way. I'd like Everton to go down tbh but I'd say Southampton or Bournemouth are more likely than them. The target is to stay up so I don't think it's negative saying what I did. No blades would complain if you finished 17th
  9. I don't think Watford or Norwich will stay up so United just need to be better than one other below them to stay up, unless you completely lose form
  10. I agree, I'm not disagreeing about it ruining the game so far. As fans we are never happy though. Newcastle fans would of been berating the lino for flagging wrongly, VAR stopped that but before it refs would get hell for wrong decisions so what's to do about it. Personally I think it should be the ref going to the screen to look at a penalty claim or sending off not some people 50 miles away, at the moment the ref is no longer in charge it seems
  11. I'm no fan of VAR so far but for that goal it served its purpose, no VAR and it would wrongly been disallowed. It needs work, alot of work. You mention the Newcastle players not playing on, well that would of been their fault if he had missed and no one was there to put it in. Not sure what the enswer is tbh
  12. Happy to be proved wrong when in expecting a loss. Fletcher into double figures. sounded a game of two halves again but I'll take it
  13. I've heard some blades fans saying shelvey was cheating/unsporting for playing on, what do they expect him to do. I'd expect any player to do the same. He can run on and score, worst case it's disallowed. If he'd stopped and found out he was onside and Newcastle lost or drew they cant get that chance back
  14. Can't see us getting any more than a draw against these unfortunately 😔
  15. Still say you should expect to beat these before the start of the season, more so now with the start you've had
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