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  1. I've been told the bridge only shows the height in metres. Was was talking about this earlier at work and most of us could say without looking a decker is 13'11ft but in metres we'd struggle. I can't remember if all deckers display both metres and feet. I do think all low bridges should display it in both metres and feet just incase.
  2. That was my thought, upto 2 million is as much as I'd expect it to be.
  3. There's talk of them offering 5 million for him. I can't see it being that much but he'd have to go for that kind of price.
  4. Could be. Unless you ask the club you'll never know. It will be a shame if they've decided to stop doing it though.
  5. I'd guess it's still COVID related. It's not gone away yet so maybe playing it safe this year and hopefully bring it back next year. It would be a shame if it's stopped completely.
  6. I wanted Wycombe to do it, I thought they were hard done by last season with their relegation however always felt Sunderland would have too much for them.
  7. Yea I'd of given Hutch a 1 year deal if his wages weren't too bad. Even if he doesn't play so many games he'd be a useful player around the squad for the younger players.
  8. I meant to say minimum. I'm sure he'll get more than a football ban for it, assault that was so not sure what the going rate is for that but we shouldn't be seeing things like that at football grounds.
  9. Probably one of the worst assaults on a player I've seen. I'm sure he'll be banned for life for all Forest games now.
  10. If Huddersfield has lost last night I'd of been rooting for you but now hoping forest win so I can fully get behind forest beating Huddersfield to shut the step lad up😂 Beat these though and you've every chance of going up
  11. United will need to up their game second half, forest well on top first half, lucky the ref wasn't looking through when berge was pulled down.
  12. The squad shouldn't need a huge overhaul, obviously depends who we keep that are out of contract so hopefully we can start better next season. We got to the playoffs but overall Sunderland deserved it, roll on next season.
  13. Laugh all you want you still have yours to play and as much as you make out you don't care if you don't do it, you do.
  14. Didn't take long for the Rotherham love in to start😂
  15. Sheffield radio station bigging up the Sheffield team, well I never.
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