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  1. I'd have him back on a year or two contract providing his wages are affordable. Not a problem Hutch staying either as we could do with his fight in league 1. Need to make sure we are bringing some younger players in aswell though.
  2. I don't think anyone would disagree. There was bound to be some sort of provocation, the question is was there enough to merit a kicking. Only the individuals involved know unless there's more video of before. As a professional in the public eye he should just walk it off though.
  3. Not fussed about Harris TBH, just thought he could do some damage in league 1 but only on a suitable contract that suits the club. Hunt is young so wage won't be too bad and not sure he's had enough chances yet to prove himself. I think we have a one year option on him so down to club with him. Westwood it depends if there's anything better out there, worth a year if not as don't trust a full season of wildsmith or Dawson
  4. I'd keep Westwood, Hutchinson, urhugohide, Harris and hunt, provided not paid over the odds to stay. Make them one offer, if they want to go then cya.
  5. I read a points deduction would be imposed for next season which would only be fair considering we rightly had ours put on for this season rather than last season.
  6. Well I guess we can forget a reduction in ticket prices now, he probably thinks it's a good idea to raise them now to try to cover some of the lost TV revenue. Like you I don't know where we're going to end up. I'm hoping this will give him the kick up the backside to start doing things right but I'm not going to hold my breath
  7. And you blades fans have been calling the championship the dog and duck league while you've been lording it up in the premiership, will it still be called that now your back in it?👍 I think we all know that in the name of banter we call the league's whatever we want if one's higher than the other
  8. Yep I keep hearing he's a successful businessman😂 tbh he started to worry me paying 8 million for Rhodes but I let it slide, little did we know
  9. I was talking about on the pitch, not off field. Those 6 points cost us but that's down to the owner not fans.
  10. Any true fan shouldn't care what league their team is in. I certainly don't, well I don't care much for the premiership but going enjoy league 1. See some proper grounds 👍
  11. Mirror image for the Sheffield club's this season. Both our failings seem to be the same, bad recruitment. Nothing to do with you being in a tough league, it was easy last season we were told. Both teams haven't recruited right and finish bottom of their respective leagues, not a good season for Sheffield football.
  12. As I said in the other thread, a well run club without expecting to be hit with points deductions every season
  13. I want Chansiri to get his act together and start running the club so we're not In fear of a points deduction every season, that's all. i don't care what league we're in aslong as the club is ran well.
  14. They did, finished 3rd bottom which considering how far behind they were was quite an achievement
  15. Exactly, no point going on about the wrongs in this game, been useless most of the season. Worst Sheffield football season ever probably.
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