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  1. I did say you are doing well and deserve to be where you are. Next season will be the test though, Europe too soon could upset that but we'll see
  2. Not too fussed about the England team so not too bothered but you'd think other nations would have the same issues anyway. Still wouldn't stop players in those teams turning out for England though so would hopefully not effect it
  3. It will never change until they start a euro league for the likes of city and other 'top' European sides so that sky and everyone takes the money to that, maybe then we'll get the domestic league's back to how they should be
  4. How long a contract did he get? I don't think sacking him is the answer even with his questionable team selections. This season is over now though, it's just a question of wether we stay up or not.
  5. Liverpool aren't and city up to a point but don't make out Arsenal, Man u or Tottenham have been great this season because they haven't, Tottenham seem to of gone backwards. That's not taking away from how well you've done, you deserve to be where you are though and this punishment could of guaranteed Europe if it's not overturned
  6. If city don't get their punishment overturned then I'd say your a shoe in for the Europa League, I don't think you'll get champions League but going on how poor the top sides have been it wouldn't surprise me if you did
  7. Exactly. I didn't think we stood a chance, Derby challenging it gives me hope but nothing has been proven, we'll cross that bridge if it happens and if it comes to a point deduction then so be it
  8. 1917- 7/10. Showed fairly well the horrors they went through, especially going through no man's land. Probably not one I'd watch again but worth a watch. Bad boys for life- 8/10. A good addition and hopefully do one last one to finish it off.
  9. Looked like Dawson could of done better on the second goal. Think it's time to give wildsmith a go or bring Westwood back in. No surprise with the result though, we are shocking at the minute and not sure if monk is the man to change it but at same time sacking him isn't going to change much either.
  10. Yes he can. I'd rather that borukov get a game over Rhodes.
  11. Not about if they tire, it's if they actually can play well. I don't buy into this tiredness, I'm sure they can manage it and he can always change a few players so no excuse
  12. If you know you've done wrong. Chansiri believes we have proof we haven't so just have to hope he's right.
  13. I don't think we're bad enough to go down on points gained, I think we'd have enough however we still have the threat of a points deduction hanging over us, on this kind of form that could send us down if we did end up getting a big points deduction
  14. And forestieri at left wing back 🤔
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