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  1. I've just watched the highlights and I say a cross for their first goal. The sending off I don't think you can complain about. The way he went down looked dodgy even if there was a touch so I don't blame the ref there thinking it was a dive.
  2. Not good enough. By sounds of it we only played for 15 mins, the rest was all them. He needs to find a team and formation that works and stick to it rather than chopping and changing.
  3. Easy route into next round then. I was hoping for a more local side, maybe Harrogate town or something. Oh well gotta play someone I guess
  4. 2 goals up and end up drawing. Not good enough.
  5. I don't feel sorry for him, he'll get a nice payout when they pull the trigger so it's not like he'll struggle money wise. I also don't think he's done a bad job at Newcastle, 12th and 13th finishes aren't bad for the money they spent under him.
  6. Maybe but I just mean I'd not lose sleep if we never got back into the premiership. You can be competitive even if you don't win the cup or league etc though. I'm not saying I wouldn't be happy if they did win something but a 300 million quid takeover by foreigners is something I don't want just to get into the premiership but then I hate how money orientated football has become.
  7. Agree with that tbf. I'd be happy enough with both of us being competitive in the championship. The premiership isn't a big draw for me other than to help the finances.
  8. It's only a matter of time. The game can only take so much before all this money ruins the game, if it hasn't already that is. As for the question, no I wouldn't. Ideally I'd like the club under fan ownership.
  9. A wins a win as they say. Not a classic bit will it ever be with Wednesday these days. The fans got to say bye to Lee aswell. A point off the playoffs now so looking alot better but not enough to silence the DM critics, need to string more than 1 win together to do that.
  10. Well we won. Not a fan of the competition but getting to the final could get us up to 1 million in prize money and other revenue so probably worth getting as far as we can. Wiped the smile off ex blade Quinn aswell so not a bad night's work.
  11. If the board hadn't been stupid enough to get rid of big Ron I've a feeling it would of turned out alot different. As you say though he was amazing, the finest footballer I've seen playing for us. It's all opinions as to who's the greatest etc though, there can never be a definitive list as there will always be some bias in there aswell.
  12. My first visit to Hillsborough for probably over 3 years and not much has changed. Poor in the first half, marginally better second half but not by much. Oxford deserved the win, we were clueless going forward again. The keeper shouldn't of been beaten at his near post for the first but I think it was Johnson who initially lost position, I still don't know what he brings to the team. Persisted in playing out from the back again but looked nervous whenever we tried it. The penalty appeal near the end wàs weak, it looked like he was looking for it so a no from me there.
  13. It's nice to see another team have abit of misfortune against us😂 can't say much about the game as I couldn't watch or listen but 3 points is all I care about. About of confidence for a tricky game next
  14. I was trying to think who it was and if it was for or against United. That was a good one aswell😂
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