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  1. Can't see them wanting him, probably look abroad for their new manager. I don't pay much attention to bookies odds on managers
  2. Yes they forget paying however many millions we paid for Rhodes messed us up. Bruce is wanting the club to reduce the amount they want for FF, João and Rhodes. Thought he wanted to keep João though, can understand Rhodes though, need him off the books
  3. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    Needs a new exhaust and brake line on one side. Other small things that can be done as and when but still runs. Bodywork is ok other than one wheel arch. Pictures on request. Might be a decent project for an amateur mechanic. 6 speed, climate control, heated screens. Will consider all offers


  4. Better option for penalty's than FF tbh🙂
  5. Last I heard they wouldn't pay what we wanted for transfer fee, not seen anything about him going back on loan
  6. I can't see getting relegated damaging him too much. Plenty of club's would be after him if United were stupid enough to sack him or walked if he had enough of the boardroom. What Am i suffering from? Ive never felt better
  7. Still time. Need to shift a couple of strikers really, think that would be ok if we can do that
  8. Supposedly, not sure it's confirmed yet though. If we have it will add some pace, need an end product though. JJ have blistering pace but but rarely put a good cross in or finished
  9. Good news. I thought Lee would only get a 6 month contract but happy to give him a year to prove his fitness. Westwood was a must while Palmer has improved this season so we'll see with him
  10. We don't know do we. There should be a vote on wether we accept the deal may negotiated or leave without. There shouldn't be a vote on wether to leave, we've done that. Unfortunately a new Tory leader will change nothing unless something drastic happens.
  11. We if Boris gets in he's made some big claims on how he'll deal with Brexit so will be interesting to see what happens if he gets in
  12. All we can hope hotty. Agree regarding going up but the money would be useful and the chairman gets his money. Roll on the season
  13. I'm keeping busy enough to not get too bored yet. On a plus though I think we kick off a week earlier than you guys😁
  14. We already have, released quite a few, some on big contracts
  15. I guess the players would be able to sign a contract but the club can't register them or its just verbal until the embargos lifted
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