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  1. Sleepwalking to relegation. We won't need the point deduction to go down at the rate we're going. I hope the club have some decent transfer plans for the summer because whatever league we're in the squad needs major work
  2. Goals win games and we just don't have goalscorers in this team. De Cruz should of scored before half time, I haven't watched the second half but it's no surprise we lost again.
  3. From what the player said he didn't see it coming. I doubt it was down to wages, nothing was said about it and even if he was offered a 2 year deal I doubt it would of broke the bank. Very strange in my eyes.
  4. That's been our problem for many seasons, just never find consistency other than maybe Carlos first season. Hopefully a couple of youth players can make the step up althoug I still can't understand letting borokuv go without giving him some game time with the lack of attacking options
  5. Seems a strange one for it to not be the same plot as the kop but that is bad news for kop development if it's true and McCabe makes things difficult I would think adding capacity to the kop could prove difficult. Removing the posts might not be as difficult if you don't own the land though. I know ideally the kop could do with extending but couldn't the extra capacity be gained from two of the other stands, don't know what their called.
  6. Another toughie like the rest. Can't see us getting anything. Think we'll get dragged alot closer to the drop zone even without a point deduction. I darent even look how close we are now with hull winning
  7. Ok finish above them. Hadn't looked at tables yet
  8. I only saw the first half and they weren't great, that wasn't really to do with how you played though. Only seen the goals from second half but on radio they said it was poor from spurs, so maybe you stepped it up I second half. I've never really rated them anyway and I won't be surprised if you leapfrog them
  9. They were though. You were better though. It wasn't a dig, spurs back line are awful, your second was awful from them, need a complete rebuild if they will ever challenge and I'd back you to finish above them. The VAR decision might of changed the game but they never did much to deserve a win.
  10. That VAR decision was a disgrace. If it had been pulled back for a free kick it wouldn't of been so bad but they didn't even get that. Surely they must see VAR isn't for for purpose how it's being used currently. Having said that I don't think it would of changed the outcome too much, spurs were poor on the night
  11. Surely you own all the land, I don't see why you'd own all the rest of it but not that part. In any case he hasn't bought from some random person, McCabe is a blade so I'm not sure why he'd want to stand in the way of progress for the club, I'm sure despite all that happened he'd want success for the club he supports and the hard work he put in over the years
  12. It was always going to be an uphill task with a makeshift defence and having to play adobajo. Got what I was expecting anyway, we'll see how many points we can pick up but Barnsley again picking up a win aswell as Huddersfield. Still not confident we have enough to stay up
  13. Rhodes needs to be gone aswell, another high earner but might have no choice but to use him unfortunately. We won't get all the wages for new players but we will be able to use some of it, need to get some young, hungry players in
  14. Yes it would of been good if they had hung around for the run in but Fletcher might of been injured for most of it. Still nearly 60k a week in wages saved so hopefully get some decent replacements in
  15. Not surprising tbh, Fletcher wasn't worth paying his 30k wages for along with FF. Was hoping we could talk fox round but not to be.
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