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  1. Beat me to it. We all knew from the papers we were after them so wasn't news to anyone. Still after Gregory from Stoke supposedly
  2. We might get a playoff spot at a push but like you I expect a transitional season, probably nearer the bottom 4 than top 6 but expect us to stay up at the very least. United should get playoffs minimum. Supposedly a quality manager in so I don't expect them to struggle.
  3. Yep gotta give them chance to prove themselves. I'm still on the fence with how we'll do but I'm not confident yet that we have improved enough in the attacking positions. We'll see
  4. I think limiting it for under 11's at least is probably the right thing to do, maybe even up to 16 but not after that. Educate on the risks but down to them if they still want to head it. It's something like they can only head the ball 10 times in one session or per week, I can't remember which but I don't think it counts for actual games, just training. Only school ages though, it's not been brought into the adult game yet, hopefully never though.
  5. I'm sure they tested new balls compared to older ones and the new ones were no lighter or not far off the weight of older ones when headed by a player. I think in juniors things like this should be brought in however the adult professional game I don't see how they can do it plus they're adults so should have the choice wether to head the ball or not
  6. Looks like Wing is a done deal. Happy with the two additions today but could do with a striker or two. See what else the club can do before the start of the season
  7. Seems to be the in thing at the minute wearing pink. Blades last season, oops sorry that was salmon wasn't it. They can play in what they want aslong as they are winning, I won't be paying out 60 odd quid for a shirt though and it's only really home shirts I've got in the past.
  8. A good signing. We need some experience in there and not gone over board with his contract length.
  9. Unless he's told he's not in the managers plans I can't see him leaving you, not like he's got age on his side.
  10. A good signing if they can pull it off so fingers crossed. A couple of championship club's chasing him though so we'll see. Been confirmed now, very happy to have him back
  11. I've read one report saying a couple of club's have enquired and were quoted 2.5m to sign him. Then he has a 1 million release clause. Not long after that a report says the club says there's no clause. Who to believe 🤔
  12. I'd hardly call this a desperation post. He's at the club on trial and only a young player. I don't know what he's like but must still be interested in signing to come on trial. I'm not sure I remember seeing any names mentioned that weren't possible other than maybe the Burnley keeper that might be abit of a stretch.
  13. We can get rid of the result if doesn't suit us so all's good
  14. Probably not great I agree but only has to be better than Dawson and Wildsmith so the bar isn't set too high. By sounds of it we don't really need Byers unless he doesn't really rate what we have.
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