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  1. Not heard anything about that, believe it when I see it. Don't want him playing for us but unfortunately us fans don't get a say in who the club signs.
  2. Supposed to be some positive moves with the wages, not sure how close that means they are to getting their wages though. At the minute no top players would come anywhere near us.
  3. Nope never banned, one of the few😂. I do think some posters need to forget how the retuning posters were before the new owners came in and try to start a fresh slate. There are posters from either side that seemed to post things to try to rile certain posters, that's how it looked anyway. Seems to be going the way it was before the bans were issued at the minute.
  4. Read earlier he's actually got a year left on his contract, report I read originally said he was out of contract. I can't see us signing him if he still has a year unless Stoke are willing to let him go for free.
  5. You always seemed ok to me Robbie, obviously I was one of the less argumentative ones back then so didn't get mod warnings. Same with any other mods though tbf.
  6. For the right wages I'd take him. A useful addition if we can get him asking as we get a few younger players in aswell.
  7. Yep, love being a two team city. Of course there are the lower League sides like Sheffield FC etc but they aren't likely to reach the higher leagues anytime soon. I'd never want you to go out of business and I don't understand why anyone would want either Wednesday or United to go bust.
  8. It's shocking. The way it's going administration might be our best option to at least hopefully get a new owner. Should be looking forward to seeing what players we'll bring but instead it's just hoping there's no point deduction again.
  9. Didn't make the squad I see. Thought it might of been the case unless there were injuries.
  10. I'd of thought if thats right and the players write their notice their wages would turn up pretty quick. The problem is the damage is already being done, why would any player want to join this mess. It's a very worrying summer coming up.
  11. Hard to tell with Wednesday until we see what squad Moore can cobble together. At the moment though we'll do well to stay away from the bottom 4. Blades I don't know. In theory you should be a shoe in for playoffs but how many relegated teams have thought that.
  12. Out of all the options mentioned this is probably the best I've seen so time will tell. Adkins was supposed to be an amazing appointment when you got him though so you'll have to hope it doesn't go that way.
  13. Still be a rip off whoever makes them. It was supposed to make ours cheaper going the way we have but if anything they're more expensive.
  14. We we're cleared of any wrong doing over the supposed fake company's that might of been created so yes your right in that respect but in the end we still fell foul of FFP, maybe if the sale of Hillsborough had been done correctly it might of been ok but in the end whatever was done our finances are still a mess.
  15. Where did you hear that? Certainly didn't help us round FFP😂
  16. Tbh I'm disillusioned over football in general. Maybe a good season from us might help but not so sure. I'm not a season ticket holder anyway, just go when I can but we need a good start to get fans onside, especially season ticket holders, after the last few seasons.
  17. You can have Lincoln, we'll have Blackpool 👍
  18. Ah right, can't fault ya. That's what I'd of done aswell.
  19. I'm sure it was but no way I'd pay £40 for the privilege. Hopefully we'll be allowed full stadiums next season. I've seen bits of games with fans in and you can certainly tell the difference even if it's just a couple of thousand.
  20. Same, shame they didn't get smashed
  21. Don't you mean Wycombe should of stayed up considering they finished above Rotherham? It would of been great if Derby had been handed a points deduction for this season, I'd of accepted taking Derby down with us and Rotherham. Barnsley look done, can't see them getting two back so we'll see if they can do as well next season with some of their best players gone.
  22. You really think if he had been available before we got Moore he'd of joined us? No chance. You mention loan players but it wasn't all down to Nuno they signed those players, alot has been said about wolves links with the agent involved with said players, just bringing in Nuno or any supposed top manager wouldn't mean we could do what wolves did regarding loans.
  23. Got a bee nest in the wall of the house by looks of it. I can see them hanging around outside a hole in the wall and going in and out. Guessing they are bumble bees and I think it's high enough to get past without bothering them. Not seen any inside the house yet. So is the best advice to leave alone and fill the hole in when summer is over or do I need to make sure they aren't honey bees?
  24. Probably not but thought Palmer would of been on the plane having played pretty much all their qualifying games
  25. Not by looks of it, something on Facebook said both Palmer and Patterson haven't been included. I've not actually seen the full list though.
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