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  1. Optimistic there. Unless the break has suddenly made is into world beaters and everyone above is useless I'd say we still don't have a chance
  2. I agree it's a covid timetable but I get the sense the sl have been struggling for a while. Maybe they will be back once the services are back to normal but I wouldn't put money on it happening, we'll see soon enough. Personally I'd just put it back to running one way and reduce it to a 20 minute service and see how that goes once it's all over but I don't have the figures to know how well or bad it's been doing in the last few months before all this.
  3. Barnsley will try anything to get out of relegation, they might get their wish for us to go down if we get a points deduction but they're having a laugh if they think the bottom 3 should be replaced with us, derby and Brum just on the pending cases rather than points
  4. The only way I can see the sl returning is if the trams paid for the service as I believe it was when it was first introduced. I heard they were struggling to make it pay as it currently ran. I've not heard anything about them bringing them back after services go back to normal but if it is then it probably won't be a 10 minute service
  5. How's that? Didn't think any final places were sorted. As for the season they have to do what they thinks best. Whatever decision is made there are club's that aren't going to be happy. I can't see it ending early with the money involved, that's all football revolves around these days
  6. Not really, doesn't really enter my head, more interested in the here and now but I don't see how it can be called a cake walk when you blow a 2 goal lead. United deserved to win and the timing of the third goal couldn't of been any better but if you want to come out with all that hurts still just because someone disagrees is upto you, I sleep easy at night whatever ๐Ÿ‘
  7. A cake walk yet you blew a 2 goal lead๐Ÿค” scoring straight after the equaliser was what did it, if it stayed the same for 10 minutes or so after we levelled then it would probably stayed a a draw but it didn't and it's already history
  8. Agreed, it's not like he hasn't spent so far. It's not all about money. We seemed to have it right in his first season then the transfer policy seemed to get thrown out.
  9. I've not looked myself but I'm sure if you looked for comments from blades on the derby game after that there will of been equally funny comments there on how they'll smash us. That's football, I never predict the derby games as it's too unpredictable. It was nice to get a decent scoring derby game for a change though rather than a dull 1 goal game so quite enjoyable still. I was on way to hospital for a scan for young un so luckily only had to watch the low lights ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. It's all a matter of opinion. Although first season isn't easy, the second can be as tough and then putting Europe in there makes it harder, there's been a few that have dropped in the season after getting into Europe but of course it's not the same for every team so who knows .
  11. Maybe but money seemed to be the deciding factor. Still remember him and his dad coming into the sports store I worked in to buy some boots, couldn't talk his dad out of retirement though. Hopefully greed hasn't ruined his career but if he really is as good as he thought he should carve out a decent career
  12. This season has to be finished even if they have to shorten next season to fit it in. They can lose 1 or both the cups to free up space and play 2 games a week if necessary
  13. My issue would be if ordinary folk are loosing wages while the players are still earning their full wage. Chansiri is making up the 20 percent the non playing staff are loosing which is good of him but at spurs the non playing staff have been put on the government scheme but not sure if they are making up the difference while the playing staff are still on full wages. It needs to be fair and of course it's not just footballers that can do their bit that earn silly amounts
  14. Still says the charges against the club are ongoing so not out of the woods yet with the points reduction but a boost that the owner and the other two have been cleared of any wrong doing
  15. I'll believe it when I see something concrete, last I heard they were still going ahead with the charges against the club so we'll see
  16. Just the chansiri charge isn't it? The club still faces the same charges with a chance of points deduction or have they been dropped aswell?
  17. It is, not confident the club will be cleared but it would be a nice boost to not get a points reduction, not much chance of it getting resolved anytime soon though
  18. My first game I went to sticks in my mind. Parents couldn't afford to take us but this once my mum took me and my younger brother. Was an evening game against Barnsley, 98 I believe, Di canio scoring both. Also remember the kop being packed(don't see that so much now๐Ÿ˜”)
  19. No one knows what evidence chansiri has. If he feels there's more than enough to challenge the EFL then he should, if he's doing it as a delaying tactic then I agree we should of just took the punishment and moved on. Of course only the club and EFL know the ins and outs of the case so no point speculating,
  20. Well it's happened, had to be done. Could be a boost to non league attendances maybe
  21. Couldn't of put it better myself. We aren't the attractive prospect some fans seem to think we are.
  22. We don't know they haven't asked. The action the club took when we we're charged has slowed the process down. I'm not going to criticise the club on things no one knows has or hasn't happened.
  23. Yea he always seemed too defensive for me but did a decent job with what he had
  24. He can only comment when there's something to tell tbf. The club are probably as in the dark as the fans as to when any decision will be made
  25. The cut off date must be once the last game has been played at the latest, they surely can't do it after that but it's the EFL so anythings possible.
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