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  1. As I no longer attend you lads opinions are important to me as a way of sifting out the bad bits as well as the good bits. Last week is in the history books,old news, when I referred to negativity I was meaning that the boards were fuller of Uniteds shortcomings, even Wednesday posters were more concerned at Uniteds result and where in Heavens name is all this Alex/BB multiposters coming from. It would seem that anyone who had a deep knowledge of football and the ability to string together a few sentences is immediately suspected and outed as one ou the other.
  2. All this silly talk of doom and gloom, if we had three more points then we would be sitting pretty and none of this negative guff would have been spouted.
  3. Well said Alison ... we all thought the close season would be taken up by guys and gals getting fired up to see the teams come out and prepare to entertain us. Instead it looks like a good few have spent the time honing up their (repetative) slurs and digs rather than being infused with the oncoming football. Someone said earlier "there's always the ignore facility" ... good advice.
  4. I fail to be surprised at anything these days , it seems that the benchmark disappeared into the murky depths a while ago. BTW. G.M. it's good to see you around again.
  5. Guilty as charged M'lud ...Nether Edge Hospital. Next poster could just eat a bag of chips and peas with scraps on.
  6. Failed miserably again Lin. Anyone got good news to share with us?
  7. Santa Claus has dribbled down his gown.
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