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  1. You said it yourself earlier on in the season. IF playing a couple of games in a few days is a problem..Then you have a squad of 27 players therefore you should be able to rest certain players with able back up? I mean Urby Emanuelson is it? He quoted himself as one of the "higher earners" in the squad, yet he hasn't featured?
  2. Cheers Mel, I think it tallies up with what Edwards said on RS really. The pitch was apparently a bit "sticky", especially in the middle of the park and the boxes, this took the flow out of the game a bit. Freeman still managed to get up and down the line at pace today and was instrumental in most of the positive play and the goals.
  3. The key to Wilder's success so far has been doing the basics correctly mainly however as a whole he hasn't done much wrong at all. How many times did we hear Clough and Adkin's say the stereotypical? And in the end it was rather cringeworthy..... "Teams treat fixtures against us like a cup final" "they turn up against us" Wilder doesn't hide behind excuses. He doesn't give any of the opposition in our league any respect what so ever. He sets up to go out on the pitch and win, not to draw. There is non of this "absorb the pressure and counter attack stuff" unless it is required in games, but we haven't had to do a great deal of this because we have been on the front foot. Duffy, fleck and Coutts are his bulldogs....He instructs us to close teams down quickly and to get the ball and look to attack as often as possible. It isn't rocket science, it is common sense, playing players to their natural strengths and instructing going out to win games.
  4. I always find the old attendance debate a little comical and cringeworthy. Truth be said, judging by the sound of it...Wolves will probably feel annoyed that they didn't stake all three points, which incidentally is what it sounds like they actually deserved.
  5. The words of many an angry Owls fan on Praise Or Grumble right now...... The same things are being said...."I went to Preston and I went today and we have been really poor in both games" Two seperate callers have said that you are a poor team who rely heavily on FF and Lees is it?.....I am merely repeating what your supporters who have been are saying.
  6. I have said before and I will agree with you again 66 because I think you are right, even as a blade. You have the base ingredients of a promotion hunting team and if anything you have some real luxuries within the squad as well however you have several week links who simply aren't good enough and with the exception of Hunt and Sasso (who I don't know enough about to judge them), I agree with the players that you have named. A team balances itself out over the course of a season when you are fielding players who aren't good enough. You will win games but you will also draw and lose a few because of the inconsistency within the squad. If you get things right in this window then there is no reason what so ever why you lot can't look to improve the consistency and really kick on into the second half of the season. Do I think that they automatic spots are beyond you? Honestly yes, however this is because I don't think you have shown enough as of yet this season in order to show yourself as one of the best two teams in that division.......Play-offs?...You can make these even with your current patchy form however can you win them?...Not as it is but should you improve the squad in the key area then there is no reason why you can't at least have another trip to Wembley. One thing is for sure.....This keeps on happening every now and again. Wolves just played you off the park and it isn't acceptable. Carlos needs to get it right in this window if you want anything out of this season.
  7. "Wednesday boo'd off the pitch at the end of the game after riding their luck for most of the match".......Oh dear.
  8. According to top and a couple of others, apparently Joao isn't up to it?
  9. Text to mate:- "What's match like?" Mate:- "We are poor again to be honest and Wolves should have had 2 penalties in the first half. Starting to pick up a tiny bit but it isn't great"
  10. As the best player in your team, you would imagine that he would be playing?
  11. Sounds like we are doing our trademark of growing into the game again. We will go into half time the better team now and I have a feeling we will come out in the second half and hit the back of the net. The possession and movement sounds good. Truth be said we only went behind due to a decent long range strike from Mellis, he obviously has a a point to prove as an ex blade and after getting sent off against us last night out. Other than that it doesn't sound like the home team have created much. Scunny are winning and Bolton are losing... ---------- Post added 02-01-2017 at 16:31 ---------- Get In.........There we go!! 1-2 The game plan remains very much the same. We turn up the intensity in the second half especially and we catch teams on the counter attack, a trademark burst down the line and a zipped in ball into the box. It might go down as an own goal however we are doing everything right in games without being overly prolific today. And Bolton are now 1-2 behind....Scunthorpe are winning. ---------- Post added 02-01-2017 at 16:40 ---------- And there it is!....Done and dusted! 1-3 This is trademark....I am loving how we are going about things at the minute!....And again an example of how our 3 at the back with wing backs works, the formation very much suits Freeman who loves to get forward. Two goals in two games for him after a tiny bit of stick for a sub standard performance, what a way to reply to the criticism! ---------- Post added 02-01-2017 at 16:43 ---------- And Peterborough equalise!!! Fantastic day all round if it stays like this! Coventry 3 -1 Bolton....It get's better!....Damn disallowed, never mind haha....... Coventry 2 v 2 Bolton......Still take draws if we win all day long. FULL TIME: - Bury 1 v 3 Blades FULL TIME:- Scunthorpe 1 v 1 P'Boro FULL TIME:- Coventry 2 v 2 Bolton 1. Sheffield United 53pts 2. Bolton 50pts ............................................ 3. Scunthorpe 49pts ............................................ 7. Southend 39pts
  12. What with Wilder openly stating that he is to add to the squad in the next window, I guess that we should expect 2 or 3 arrivals as he puts it. The 2 main rumours are that we are about to make a double swoop of loanees in the window, these are Manchester United full back Joe Riley and Fulham and Wales winger George Williams........Both of which would be fantastic young additions to an already exceptional League One squad. Sources: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4079056/Manchester-United-manager-Jose-Mourinho-allow-Joe-Riley-loan-Sheffield-United-interest.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490 http://hammyend.com/index.php/2017/01/blades-in-pole-position-to-land-williams/ We are also strongly rumoured to be interested in a double swoop of Webster and Gregory from Millwall.
  13. I guess Matchthreads are getting a bit repetitive now however the same as usual applies..... We are top of the league on Merit and are currently in an unbeaten run of 4 wins on the trot, therefore we have already proven ourselves to be better than most at the half way point of the season.... Of course we will encounter a few stiff tests however we are one of the best teams in this division (currently the best) and we just need to replicate what we have been doing in the first half of the season! 1-2 away win......Up the Blades
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