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  1. His walk off was faster than Sharps penalty.
  2. That was Waddle's England penalty coming back over the water..
  3. Don't you know how he plays for Wednesday mate? There's nothing on google about that.
  4. Well done I was there watching those penalties and can only remember who took the last one. He's the lad who played for Rotherham last season then. So is he an attacking overlapping fullback?
  5. Wednesday had a full back playing yesterday called Hunt who was caught offside on an attack, who is he I've never heard of him and is he an overlapping attacking type of full back?
  6. I don't believe for one second Wednesday didn't intend to try and get promoted to the premier this season if possible it's something they have never done before for any seasons. Nothing wrong with a bit of banter.. ---------- Post added 16-09-2015 at 15:30 ---------- Tell that to Blackpool and Bournemouth.
  7. Promotion is the aim every season at the beginning.
  8. We were saying exactly the same with Weir and sacked him on October the 11th which was far to late in my opinion, having said that I thought Gray deserved the sack a couple of times last season but he managed to do as well as expected with the tools he had to work with. Weir is now assistant manager at Rangers by the way.
  9. Do you think he was a good choice Gazza or are you undecided? The problem with waiting until Xmas in my opinion is then it could be to late to challenge the play offs. Clough nearly pulled a miracle off with us but that doesn't happen a lot. It could turn around in the next few games but I believe 10 or 11 games is plenty to assess anyones capabilities look at us with Weir when we kept saying "it's a job in progress".
  10. I'd say three or four games at the most left to change things, the be all and end all is points on the board in this game.
  11. Why wasn't you happy about his appointment Mel?
  12. The head coach must have thought you had a sufficient strike force to let May go. Do you think he's got his tactics wrong or is someone else to blame?.
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