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FA told Graham Taylor not to pick ‘too many’ black players for England

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Though there's ample evidence Taylor ignored this instruction and is in no way a racist, it does raise the question of institutional racism within the FA during and possibly before Taylor's 90-93 tenure.


Those members of the FA at the time have all gone but the question remains: is the FA racist today?

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Taylor will probably sue the author for this. He reckons he just made it up. Taylor was clearly upset about this when he was interviewed on Five Live last night.


you might have thought that the guy would have at least observed journalism's rule one, and called Taylor up on the telephone to ask him about it but Taylor says he did not bother.

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I don't believe it to be honest. Taylor wouldn't have risked his reputation by picking inferior players, ie a less suited white player, for a better black player. I also don't think an official at the FA would risk their entire future by making such a request.


If there is documented evidence then its someone who heard a rumour or someone who is making the claim for personal gain. This is another example of those who pretend to be concerned about the issue of racism knocking the cause back...


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Graham Taylor racist?


That's a daft suggestion.


If he was, he would have picked Chris Waddle instead of John Barnes for the England squad!


Well there are many people who think Waddle was a better player. You'd have to come up with a more relevant example. There's just been someone on LBC claiming that Ian Wright didn't get as many games because those in power preferred the white Gary Lineker. That's the Golden Boot winning Lineker.

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if anything Taylor can probably be blamed for playing too many black players - especially Carlton Palmer.


Though all of us at Hillsbrough rated Carlton no one else in the country did so if Taylor was racist he would not have picked him.

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