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  1. I’ll be voting Green as I have since 2010, but in upcoming elections as I live in a Labour area that is dependent on Labour’s stance on Brexit. If needed I will vote tactically to make sure Labour doesn’t win or at least gets a serious mauling.
  2. That seems to be the new angle. Break international agreements and destroy international goodwill. I’m not sure for what exactly though. So we can be like Iran and it’ll all be fine. Is that it? NK does business. There isn’t a country in the world that doesn’t trade. So what is your point? Is it something to do with being able to make threats using nukes?
  3. Nope, I think you are posting extreme and unreasonable views to provoke reactions from other posters. If you can’t see how arguing that we threaten military action against the EU, or that we turn the the U.K. into an international pariah state is trolling then I can’t help you. There is nothing for me to apologise for.
  4. Ok, fine with me. I’m calling out what I’m seeing as your posts are so off the scale they can only be intended to provoke a reaction. No serious or credible politician in this country from the far right to the far left would want to turn the U.K. into an international pariah state. And none would threaten military action against the EU. Just reflect on that last paragraph. Then once you comprehend the utter ridiculousness of what you are posting you can answer my question in due course.
  5. What else are you doing then? Now, answer my question. What is this new world order? And how does making the U.K. into an international pariah state fit in with it?
  6. Changing to what? Epic trolling by the way
  7. You can’t be serious. All either pariah states or in contravention of international norms. You want the U.K. to be like that? Really?
  8. Idiotic post. Truly the most stupid post I’ve seen on here for a long, long time. Get a grip
  9. Why not what? You are advocating military threat?
  10. I1L2T3

    Ukraine elect a comedian.

    Manning died over a decade ago And many times before that on the stage
  11. I1L2T3

    Ukraine elect a comedian.

    It’s probably about 640. There are a few alright ones
  12. I1L2T3

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    What’s peasant transport?
  13. I1L2T3

    Ukraine elect a comedian.

    Isn’t that what we already did in 2017?
  14. The light needs to be focused on the property it is protecting and should be on a sensor. I’d be annoyed if a light was continuously beaming at my house from dusk till dawn. That said I’d also be furious if a neighbour went on my property without permission so Patricia you need to be firm about that. But get somebody to fit the correct security solutions.
  15. I1L2T3

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    In this case she didn’t comply with the TfL policy so she should apologise for making a mistake and we should all move on.
  16. I1L2T3

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    His team though. Is there a reason some of them are doing time?
  17. Moss Road at Totley is 10.5% gradient sustained over almost 0.8miles Great for running training
  18. I1L2T3

    Spice in Sheffield.

    As you can see I’m not going to disagree with you. It’s a very edgy area after 7pm
  19. I1L2T3

    Spice in Sheffield.

    Area around Hight Street can be utter mayhem. No joke but passing through there about 7pm the other week I saw three separate confrontations kick off in about 5 minutes. it’s a sad sight. So many people down on their luck and smashed out their brains. That Guardian article paints a picture of improvement but I honestly think it’s worse than ever round there.
  20. Problem is a Tory Brexit would destroy the Tories but it will also destroy Labour (for being complicit in the process) and tank the economy. The price for the prize is way too high.
  21. Well informed on what? Clearly not the EU
  22. I1L2T3

    Deer in Sheffield?

    There are a lot on the moors between owler bar and hathersage road. They’ve got a few very secluded spots where they spend a lot of time but occasionally seem to migrate between them. When they’re on the move it’s an impressive sight.
  23. Kate Hoey is a raving unionist fruitcake

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