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  1. The main impact will be to make Brexit opposition stronger. You need a real enemy to galvanise opposition and now we have one.
  2. It will just cement opposition. The ship has been seized opportunistically, precisely because we are now so weak, and Iran knows that Johnson is so inept he won’t be able to cope with the situation. Its the worst time for them. They’ve cut and cut at the armed forces, and now they are going to reap the consequences.
  3. We could well lose that seat. There’s no way we should be prioritising military spending if we have a no deal Brexit. I fail to see how we could continue to fund Trident and an effective expeditionary force if our country is breaking up and our services are melting down. This is exactly the wrong time to get involved in another war. We can’t afford it.
  4. The electors for the Tory leader are overwhelmingly white, male and middle class
  5. Nothing individually, but when as a collective they almost exclusively comprise the electorate for the next PM then perhaps that’s a problem.
  6. In a street most likely chocked with pollutants from traffic, most likely an unmeasurable effect
  7. Would love to know how myself and other remainers are going to be held to account. Can any of our forum resident hard Brexiters explain how that will work. What are you going to do to me? Yep, minimum one year extension
  8. Let’s face it. He decided he needed a novelty prop for his speech. He decided it would be a kipper. Maybe there was some in-joke there about UKIP. Once he had decided to use that kipper as a prop nobody was going to stop him, even if it meant him being exposed as the stupid fat idiot liar he is.
  9. Even free movement of people is often impeded. I’ve been a frequent traveller from Geneva into France for 20-30 years and passport checks are not uncommon. They have all the infrastructure there to pull over 20-30 coaches or numerous cars if they wanted to. There is a lot of physical infrastructure at the major crossings, and that symbolism would not be tolerated in Ireland
  10. Are you joking? The big big difference is that Bush projected US aggression outwards, fulfilling a traditional role in world affairs. I detest what Bush did but at least the US remained stable and internally peaceful. Trump instead is turning the aggression inwards, on US citizens too. That will only destabilise the country and an unstable US is something not seen since the 1860s. This is going to end very badly. Hopefully for Trump before he causes any more damage.
  11. Then he’s an idiot because goods do not just whizz through a Swiss-style border. There are a limited number of crossing points for commercial traffic and delays are not uncommon while goods are checked. He is talking completely out of his backside I think her calculation was to turn a 40 seat majority into a 70-80 seat majority to completely nullify the ERG, and proceed with an relatively orderly Brexit. It couldn’t have worked out any worse.
  12. And history shows us that fascist moments always end up on the wrong side of history. Everything far right or far left ultimately always fails. Trump hasn’t got several million ‘problem’ citizens. He has almost 100 million people of other ethnicities. He will fail hard. Nothing, I’m not saying anybody shouldn’t be challenged. That is fine. Wrapping that challenge in racist attacks is not fine.
  13. Indeed People of colour using their democratic right to challenge wrongs in their own country, being targeted for it by a corrupt president who is backed by white supremacists.
  14. The most powerful man in the planet behaving like this means we are in extremely dangerous times. He is the most dangerous leader since the 1930s and I’ve got no doubt of that now. He is normalising hate and racism, and he has tens of millions of idiots enjoying every second of it. Where is this going next?
  15. Nope initially you did not use the context of them having committed a crime. That was one of the most striking things about your argument. Now you’re backtracking.
  16. The only mainstream U.K. party I’m aware of that suggested a resettlement scheme was the Tories in the 70s. They’ve spent almost 50 years trying to shake that mistake off. If people have a legal right to be in a country it is clearly wrong to suggest people should leave because of their colour, nationality, race, religion or just because they weren’t from that place You’d have to be completely utterly dumb not to understand why, or have sociopathic traits
  17. Either way, his remarks are an utter disgrace. That’s the bottom line
  18. She never had true control, and Johnson won’t have either. The only way he can get Brexit through is to railroad it
  19. It wouldn’t be great for the rest of us but putting myself in Johnson’s shoes if I really wanted to Brexit (with or without a deal) then I wouldn’t put a single remainer in the cabinet. For practical reasons If he does put remainers in Then there is your answer about how he really feels - he would want them there to derail it because he doesn’t want to be the one to take us off a cliff. And he would dress that up as a democratic exercise. Long extension on the way
  20. The Tories didn’t even win an outright majority in 2017 They’re propped up by the DUP and at times rebel Labour MPs like Skinner, Hoey and Flint
  21. Appointed by who, and even before that nominated by who?
  22. One criteria is parity, but the same strategy holds true for any exchange rate you believe to be detrimental to you. I got some sterling into Euro when the rate was in 1.30s in 2016, quite a chunk in the 1.15-1.20 range after the referendum. And aside from that pot I make monthly payments to my kids at the current rate - I take the hit on that because I want to keep the cash pot intact. Also have some money in other currencies and some other investments. I don’t directly invest in European stocks. Don’t know where you got that from.
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