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  1. It asked exactly that. It asked should the U.K. be a member of the EU or should it leave the EU we can stop being a member of the EU but stay in a CU. That outcome is entirely compatible with the question asked
  2. You weren’t exactly telling the truth were you. Norway is not in the EU. You said it was. And the very next day re-sign to several hundred agreements
  3. It’s a lot less for Norway. About 75% of trade-related directives and about 30% in total of all EU laws and directives.
  4. We can. Norway is in the CU and not in the EU Seriously, why lie?
  5. Interesting snippet. WTO oversees bidding for government procurement contracts and there are currently $1.7 trillion worth up for grabs around the world. After Match 29 we will be barred from bidding because our involvement has been vetoed by six countries. One of those is Moldova, and it is a retaliatory act. Our government refused visas to a Moldovan trade delegation in 2017 and they have now turned their grudge over that into a veto at the WTO A taste of things to come, in a world where Vanuatu or Moldova could veto our ability to trade freely
  6. I1L2T3

    Window cleaning with "smart" water?

    It looks like it uses too much water. Our double glazing is about 12-13 years old and we had two units must up after the window cleaner switched to the new technique. We only get the windows at the front and sides of the house done, and not the back, as the window cleaner usually turns up when we’re out and the back yard is locked up. Only the units at the front have failed since he got the new kit.
  7. We’re talking about something that will change our lives for decades. 28% Are you sure you know what you are saying?
  8. Of course Ireland will play hardball It doesn’t want another war on its doorstep Lord give me strength 28% How is that enough, in any scenario? Not a viable option is it
  9. The child locks were on. Correctly IMO
  10. She needs to deal with that herself or the laws of unintended consequences are going to kick her very hard in the backside. She won’t be able to dance her way out of that corner Once Brexit happens you’ll be lucky if the surgeon has a rusty lid off a tin of baked beans
  11. Whatever you say So Mogg would never call a remainer a remoaner now would he? TORY Brexit champion Jacob Rees-Mogg called the Treasury a ‘bastion of Remoanerism’ after Philip Hammond’s Budget warning. The Metro, 29-10-2018
  12. This is going to be fun. Let’s get cracking “Don't let the Remoaners ruin it” Jacob Rees-Mogg, Twitter, 18/09/2017

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