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  1. I1L2T3

    living in poverty

    Self pity? Explain...
  2. I1L2T3

    living in poverty

    They should look forward to life in an iron lung, or to the prospect of horrendous accidents in the workplace. It shouldn’t be lost that those willing this life of woe on the young are often well off pensioners believing that everybody should go through some messed up rite of passage. where people suffer and just have to shut up and get on with it. The idea that we can have generation on generation improvements cuts no ice. They want everything to be as crap for the young as it was for themselves. All of course while sitting with their trotters up while the rest of us fund their pensions.
  3. I1L2T3

    EU Election exit poll

    And the most enthusiastic participants are....
  4. Well you could be right. They will no doubt be planning their multi-year holiday in Brussels and Strasbourg and getting their hangers on and families on the payroll too. Does anybody really think Farage wants to lose his job in Brussels
  5. I hope they win because then they have to explain how Brexit should happen, in detail. It is going to be hilarious
  6. Well we’re like a banana republic now so let’s go for it
  7. I1L2T3

    Euro Elections

    Nobody has ever proposed that, ever
  8. Yes he does. In the BBC link you were so happy about it’s exactly what is said: replace the NHS There is nothing to read into it if you actually bother to read it, which you evidently failed to do
  9. There is no consensus on what Brexit is so that suggestion of yours is of zero practical value. Here, have a unicorn...
  10. In the link he says he wants to replace the NHS, fund the replacement through private insurance and cut out government involvement. The problem is that we in the U.K. would be very unlikely to go with the French model given our previous track record with privatisation. It’s perhaps not an unreasonable goal, but Farage is likely to be lying through his teeth about his true intentions, noting of course his powerful US connections
  11. I1L2T3

    Euro Elections

    Rot. Leave leaders don’t want to improve pay and conditions for poorer people. They want to remove pay and conditions protections.
  12. What utter nonsense. You don’t like it because they’re right.
  13. You surely can’t be denying Farage has said these things? On multiple occasions. Really? This is really takes the biscuit now. What a nerve. Yes the article talks about replacing the NHS with a private insurance system.... Farage wants to destroy the NHS
  14. In theory we already have one through National Insurance. The difference with private insurance is the money goes straight to private schemes and not the government. The other big difference can be variable levels of care fully baked into the system, and that becomes a massive problem when the default level is no care or emergency only care. Farage is rather fond of the USA and it is nailed on that system is what he will promote.

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