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  1. Farage has an anti-Brexit party? Hes more confused than you it seems 😉 Tell us a bit about Project Unicorn
  2. Nice distraction tactics there. Not going to work 🙂
  3. Which markets are those? We already trade with the rest of the world. Which countries don’t we trade with?
  4. Arguing that Brexit isn’t impacting jobs is nuts. Complete madness. It is affecting jobs. I work with companies every day that are relocating operations abroad. Dozens of companies in the last couple of years.
  5. I see this every time I discuss Brexit with leave voters. family, friends etc... They are utterly welded to and invested in a set of myths that have been debunked dozens of times on this forum. Its scary.
  6. The governments in the EU aren’t stupid. They will welcome our young people with open arms. Two of my kids are there and despite Brexit they are being treated very well and the support from employers/college is overwhelmingly positive. It’s the UK’s loss Yes. Or very low fees. One of mine is paying €1000 a year, and the government there even provide a loan for that. On worse terms We have by far the best deal of any EU member, with many advantageous opt-outs
  7. Bull. Nobody in the EU forced the U.K. to impose £9,500 a year uni fees In fact in many EU countries higher education is still free, or at very low cost.
  8. I1L2T3

    new football ground at meadowhead

    That’s the thing. Sheffield FC play their games in a very confined spot with limited parking and even on match days you’d hardly know they were there. St James must have thousands of people in it on a Saturday. Sheffield FC will have like you say maybe 400 but probably a lot less.
  9. I understand that people voted for change. I could accept that you may argue that Leaving the EU is a way of completely upending British politics but I honestly don’t think most leavers ever intended that. For most leave voters it was a spasm of incoherent protest and rage against completely the wrong target. People seriously aren’t prepared to lose their jobs, careers, homes and health for this. No matter how much they say they want that they will not continue to hold that view if their lives are disrupted for any length of time. So we better hope you are right. One hell of a risk though.
  10. That de-escalated quickly. Thought there would be riots. By next week it will be reduced further to angry finger wagging at the wireless.
  11. Those failures are the responsibility of successive U.K. governments, not the EU. Leaving the EU won’t fix the problems. Leaving the EU will make the problems worse. It’s not spin. The poor will suffer most. And it’s down to people who hold views like yours. You can explain later I guess. If you’re not hiding from them
  12. If both sides cheated that makes it worse, and the referendum result even less valid. Thanks for the long post but there’s the facts. And they will come back to haunt every single MP who voted through a bad Brexit or a no deal
  13. That’s not how it works. Its not the people who voted who who have acted illegally. But you knew that. Yet another desperate angle of attack. Nope. Thats not how democracy works.

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