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  1. Troops. Cobra. The lot. A £1m house in Henley is more important than a £100k house in Bentley. Even the thickest of the thick can’t deny that now.
  2. They’re not a dangerous horde, but their ranks do include some individuals with potential to commit terrorist acts. We know that as it’s already happened. Looks to me that certain Brexit leaders are calling out to those people, and to ramp up the fear all they need is a single serious attack. Calls to riot won’t be responded to, and that could make the dangerous individuals even more desperate. Its a dangerous game. And it won’t end well.
  3. Twisted childlike logic there. Whatever his past it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his kids. In fact his mistakes might make him care more for all you know.
  4. People forget what Trump did in 2017 He imposed a 219% tariff on planes made by Bombardier in the U.K. 219% And Johnson is putting all our eggs in the basket going all out for a US deal. They’ll eat us for breakfast. Utter insanity
  5. Tens maybe hundreds of millions forced to move as sea levels rise. Global systemic failure of crops. Most wars are fought over resources so expect to see more of those. It’s going to be horrifying.
  6. I think it’s time to get rid of Trident. We can’t afford it the way this is going.
  7. What about people who have committed no crimes being described using such words? vermin remainers for example. That is a problem. Even people who have committed crimes being described using such words is a problem. It’s disgusting.
  8. Radio 4 today introduced the possibility that there will be food rationing after no deal.
  9. The conditions were certainly there in the U.K.: a financial crash and years of austerity
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