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  1. Nope initially you did not use the context of them having committed a crime. That was one of the most striking things about your argument. Now you’re backtracking.
  2. The only mainstream U.K. party I’m aware of that suggested a resettlement scheme was the Tories in the 70s. They’ve spent almost 50 years trying to shake that mistake off. If people have a legal right to be in a country it is clearly wrong to suggest people should leave because of their colour, nationality, race, religion or just because they weren’t from that place You’d have to be completely utterly dumb not to understand why, or have sociopathic traits
  3. Either way, his remarks are an utter disgrace. That’s the bottom line
  4. She never had true control, and Johnson won’t have either. The only way he can get Brexit through is to railroad it
  5. It wouldn’t be great for the rest of us but putting myself in Johnson’s shoes if I really wanted to Brexit (with or without a deal) then I wouldn’t put a single remainer in the cabinet. For practical reasons If he does put remainers in Then there is your answer about how he really feels - he would want them there to derail it because he doesn’t want to be the one to take us off a cliff. And he would dress that up as a democratic exercise. Long extension on the way
  6. The Tories didn’t even win an outright majority in 2017 They’re propped up by the DUP and at times rebel Labour MPs like Skinner, Hoey and Flint
  7. Appointed by who, and even before that nominated by who?
  8. One criteria is parity, but the same strategy holds true for any exchange rate you believe to be detrimental to you. I got some sterling into Euro when the rate was in 1.30s in 2016, quite a chunk in the 1.15-1.20 range after the referendum. And aside from that pot I make monthly payments to my kids at the current rate - I take the hit on that because I want to keep the cash pot intact. Also have some money in other currencies and some other investments. I don’t directly invest in European stocks. Don’t know where you got that from.
  9. The whole point is we don’t know the terms but will be no worse off for being prepared. Ask yourself a simple question: what idiot would wait for the pound to fall below parity with the dollar or Euro before at least moving some funds out of sterling to hedge against that possibility. We’ve been getting ready for over 3 years, even before the referendum.
  10. You don’t get this do you. People who have had the foresight and means to prepare have done so. When it all goes down they will be fine. I include myself and my family in that group. Dual nationality sorted, we all have somewhere we could live, and a substantial proportion of funds diversified and moved offshore which is actually very easy to do. Two of my kids have already left.
  11. That they have taken to threatening to prorogue parliament shows the desperation. Even if they did that then the laws to confirm exit need to be passed, with nobody to do it. The reality in that case would be a de facto extension, unilaterally by the EU with all effective U.K. central government ceasing to function. The ‘government’ would need to hope that people, vital institutions, forces of law and order would remain on their side. They quite possibly would have no executive power and support in the country would most likely drain away. This is either coming to a head very quickly, or we are getting a very long extension.
  12. Nope. The threat is court action if Johnson attempts to prorogue Parliament. Surely you understand that it is undemocratic to completely bypass democratically elected representatives? Do you know what it means to prorogue Parliament?
  13. She is what I’d term as a non-functional. Unable to deal with everyday normal situations or think flexibly but highly intelligent. Ive got friends like that. people with doctorates in niche fields of bioscience for example, but who are unable to plan a shopping trip or buy a bus ticket.
  14. How many do you think he’d sell in Sheff? Ask that question, answer it in your own mind, and then think about relaxing with a chocolate McShake. Then.....jog on
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