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  1. Perhaps we have aa few more bored people than normal (myself included) I have grabbed a few pictures of Sheffield locations from Google earth, anyone care to try and guess where? Some are easy, some are harder. Dont scroll down and see the replies until you have given them a good bash yourself! Feel free to jump on google earth yourself to have a scout around and see if you can pin-point them, that's not cheating
  2. Thank you Mort, perhaps if it could not be done on the current platform it could be done on something external and officially linked / promoted. Thanks for investigating
  3. The live chat was a great feature , any chance it can be reintroduced especially given the current isolation and loneliness people may be experiencing in the current climate?
  4. Just an update, I think my issues is coming from the fact WordPress ignores $ in code by default (jquery no conflict mode). I’m going to go back with this in mind and revisit what I have tried over the past few days. I got your pm rancor that is excellent , if I can’t crack it by the weekend you have a deal.
  5. Thanks Ghozer, I believe that is what is happening within the modal, if I move this to the main body of the page it works since (I can do date ranges, or any other math on the date format, just not within the modal). <div class="col-md-6"> <label for="start_date_owner_book"><?php esc_html_e('Start Date','wprentals');?></label> <input type="text" id="start_date_owner_book" size="40" name="booking_from_date" class="form-control" value=""> </div> <div class="col-md-6"> <label for="end_date_owner_book"><?php esc_html_e('End Date','wprentals');?></label> <input type="text" id="end_date_owner_book" size="40" name="booking_to_date" class="form-control" value=""> </div> It is a wordpress theme that looks fine, you are only seeing a small popup that I have snipped for the purpose of my question.
  6. Hello, I am perhaps not even phrasing this question right, but I'm looking for help on my site. On my booking page I select 2 date ranges which then presents the modal popup. I am trying to work within the modal the 2 date ranges (ie the days between them, booking start day etc). Doing this within the main page is fine, but my values are not working within the modal popup. I think it is because the values I need to work with are the ones that actually prompt the popup. This is the calendar which when the date ranges are selected presents the modal seen below. This is the popup, I cannot get my javascript to work with the start-date and end-date within the modal (my overall aim is to have the minimum booking days populated automatically from the date start and date end range. Does Sheffieldforum have any java or php experts :)
  7. What a tragic event, really feeling for her friends and family. When I saw the headline I pictured an area of Foxhill and sure enough it was 20m from that junction according to the story. I'm not one to tar everyone with the same brush but certain estates generate so much trouble, the first come first served housing areas, asbo hotspots CCTV should be on every junction to curb stuff like this.
  8. That is a really strange case, personally I ruled out her selling them. For them to all disappear in a single day she would have had to have sold them all together or to the same person, very unlikely. She claimed they ran off when shots were fired nearby, you would expect some of the dogs would have been found and returned if that had happened. Some family members have mentioned potential mental health issues, is it possible she simply snapped, killed and disposed of the dogs somewhere?
  9. The GPS recorded the first car approaching that corner at 67MPH, the car following was going just as fast as it was keeping up with it. The fact one took the corner fine and the other crashed was nothing more than luck / chance imo. Anyone taking blind 90 degree bend at anywhere like those speeds is a total idiot regardless if they happen to crash or not.
  10. Just saw this posted by SY police from April last year, lesson for anyone who enjoys a country lane blast even in good conditions rallying around at excess speed will result in a crash sooner or later. Does anyone know if the victim, is he/she on the way to recovery? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=52&v=XUK16hxemKA&feature=emb_logo Fancy heading into that bend at 60mph, the idiot following was just as bad.
  11. Great post, a somewhat off topic question but I often park at fox house and take a walk down to grindleford, is that safe to do or is it possible to get clamped or fined?
  12. Have you never heard of going equipped to steal? The operator could have also taken down the registration, if a crime was later committed by someone matching the description then they have something to go on.
  13. Forgive me if this has already been started, but I couldn't see an existing thread on it. Are global powers being hard enough on Brazil for allowing / encouraging the deforestation of the Amazon, the clearing of the rain forest for farm land is the catalyst for these fires. I'm all for allowing a country to dictate its own fate, and when I see western powers get involved in eastern conflicts with the argument of fighting terror etc it sits a little uneasy with me. We see it quite regularly where countries are invaded, or rebel groups are armed with western money with the aim of overthrowing a countries current ruling , the argument is again fighting terror or removing a dictatorship. Those efforts may provide relief for the country or prevent a handful of terrorist attacks around the world. If we believe what we read about that Amazon this could literally affect billions of people globally, should the world be rolling tanks into Brazil to overthrow their current ruling that is allowing this?
  14. I suspect it’s for filming, I read there is a party scene filming on the 24th. 600 extras were promised work but they canned them and decided to use freebie public if I recall correctly.
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