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  1. What do you mean "Today when Must is in charge" you realize he is not in charge? And why did you paint a picture as though the share holders purchased the day before Musk's comments? What if you hold shares from Feb 2021 when it was $77? or many over periods in 2021 when it was higher than the current price?
  2. Did you put $132k by mistake? You realize 132,000.00 times 329,000,000.00 (329 million population of america) is 43,428,000,000,000 (forty-three trillion four hundred twenty-eight billion) LOL. Unless of course you meant $132.00 dollars each (notice no K), which is much more plausible but much less exciting prospect.
  3. Hi Waldo, Thanks for your reply, I think I cracked it through trial and error last night. I have lets say page1.php and page2.php. Page1 had a $test with a value I need on page 2. I put this into page 1. $_SESSION["testinfo"] = "$test"; Then on page 2 I can retrieve it with this for example echo $_SESSION["testinfo"];
  4. Hi, I'm trying to add some customization to a wordpress site, and im having trouble working with variables across the php pages. Does anyone had PHP basics who have give me some pointers? I'll post more details if needed.
  5. Indeed, the effort to simple flow your eyes over some of these replies is wasted energy, never mind replying.
  6. Look at my quotes above, its embarrassing, you just look like some drama seeking fools, and your public comments could be causing damage to what could be decent and needed resource.
  7. Do you want the RSPCA to put out a press release? Do you expect them to make an account on here to put their side across? You know it doesn't work like that, just sit tight and wait rather than ganging up with your bated breath.
  8. This thread is an embarrassment, 90% of the posts are curtain twitches eager for a bit of gossip. As someone posted follow Facebook for the latest news and stop speculating and making rumours. Give people are whiff of something any they go crazy.
  9. I only wonder what else anti-maskers find useless and irrelevant, do you wash your hands after toilet? Do you shower? I'd sure hate to be around the_Daddy, at least without his mask those who know how virus and gems behave can give him a wider birth than 2m.
  10. I heard today the iconic "I love you, will you marry me" graffiti has been removed by urban splash at Park Hill. I actually thought it had been removed ages ago since in my opinion it was some basic white text making the place look untidy. Surprised to read some of the outcry that has arisen from its removal, i'll quote some of the comments. "Dismayed" "heartbroken" "symbolises a state of mind in Sheffield" "like a lot of Sheffielders, really, really angry" As a local, I cant be alone wondering what the heck this is about, and rather embarrassed about all the fuss they have to make over this (it was the top story on BBCNews yesterday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-56013287 What are your thoughts? Reinstate this 'iconic' piece of art for the whole of Sheffield to enjoy, or grow up and let the developer develop their building?
  11. Hi sfrob, hopefully you get a warm welcome and a worthwhile investment. A feature I miss which was once implemented on the forum was the live chat feature, basically a chat room that allowed instant chat, it was good and popular once but the feature was removed (I think the old owners were concerned instant chat couldn't be moderated and ceased the chatroom citing that reason). The forum generally is less busy nowadays but hopefully reintroducing the live chat will see a steady increase in participants. Can I ask what your old/regular username is? Give an insight into the new owners post history.
  12. Hi, sadly I just seen a black and white cat on the central reservation on Halifax road. It was just down from the the junction from Southey green road just down from the pedestrian crossing.
  13. Sorry I hit a nerve. I hope i'm wrong, but as you say the advertising changes have been quickly implemented even before the introduction. it's easy to come to the conclusion the future of the forum will be ad galore trying to monetise it to the maximum. I dont give 2 hoots, its a long time since I used the forum as a news source never mind for connections or a local resource, but if it was struggling before I dont see how cramming it with ads will help. Lets await the intro, perhaps they can work some magic.
  14. Just full of non relevant ads top and bottom of every screen, bring back Geoff.
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