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  1. muddywolf

    Time to quit Eurovision?

    Don’t be daft, it had nothing to do with the act it’s all politics and statement making.
  2. muddywolf

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    Any celebrity, politician, public figure, sports star etc should really consider their use of social media. As good as it is as a speaking platform / creates an audience for fans it only takes one mistake to destroy a career with a single sentence. Even in my role I don't bother with it as I know employers monitor employees facebook twitter etc, I don't partake because of the slightest risk I may say or exchange something that may be blown out of proportion so when people in the lime line jump in with both feet without thinking is stupid, they should really know better and have a friend / family or staff double check what stupid stuff they type before they post or stay off it all together.
  3. That is exactly how it works, you register the license and the download for your particular software is unlocked. I don't mean to be rude but if you have already had a refund everyone on this thread should stop assisting you with the license you will have been advised to stop using.
  4. I think this is being over complicated. It is almost certain to be a digital download and you only purchased the license, full packaged product / optical media is rare nowadays (for good reason). Did you you get a 25 digit key? If so head to office.com/setup login with a ms account and input the key. the advice from dezues to report this to eBay because you don’t have a clue should be avoided.
  5. muddywolf

    Where is this village?

    Can't leave the thread unanswered, anyone close gamerzone?
  6. muddywolf

    Where is this village?

    No idea, i'm ignoring the Chapeltown part as your not sure so.. Bamford Grindleford Matlock
  7. muddywolf

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    Pattricia, bare in mind if you area is getting targeted by burglars having neighbours in favour can count for a lot. A community / street that looks out for each other is a real bonus, have him onside rather than alienated. That said his trespassing may need nipping in the bud if he repeats it.
  8. Wow thanks for the replies, I never knew about the tunnel fiery jack, I guess it was so named because of the sparks from the wheels going up the steep hill? This page says the tunnel opens on whais a listed building on Brunswick road https://archive.burngreavemessenger.org.uk/archives/2007/june-2007-issue-70/spital-tunnel/
  9. Thanks for the replies, good reading I actually meant all the little green hatches along the top not the black brick cosmetics.
  10. I always wondered those doors on Derek Dooley near the wicker are they needed or serve a purpose or just a cosmetic feature? https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.389138,-1.4628509,3a,75y,340.64h,106.77t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1xd0RqxT7ocyV5i_I9C2Ug!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  11. muddywolf

    Iphone popups stop me visiting sites.

    Ah hopefully it is the ad network, strange though because some of the sites I have them on are quite high profile too. Ebay is unreal how they bombard you with ads, but that's another story.
  12. Hi, I'm getting these popups on various sites I visit. If it was just 1 site I would put it down to a bad ad they are running but this is happening on 4 or 5 sites I visit. I suspect it will be the ad network they all use, hopefully it is not software that has somehow managed to get onto my phone? Please can you tell me is it the sites or something on my phone? Thanks.
  13. Bit of a random topic but anyone else notice any local locations while watching TV ads? Here is 2 of the same place I remember seeing on tv a few years ago (ladybower viaduct). Does look nice on the TV.
  14. muddywolf

    Telephone box library

    I think it's a great use of our old iconic boxes, talking of the defib I remember seeing one in Wentworth too.
  15. Spotted this gem while walking today, how amazing is this telephone box library. Only since spotting it today and doing research have I noticed it is common across the country, how many do we have in Sheffield?

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