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  1. Try calling sheffield council. They are all like that. Every time I call with same issue I get connected with a different person in another department who redirect's me to another different department. That is how life is today. I called eight times to get them to actually really help last time instead of giving empty promises comments. The main reason you get angry/upset about the tram not running at perfect times is cause you keep telling yourself how the world around you should be perfect. You better be careful that could cause depression at later age and can be easily avoided if you are more careful. Next time two trams are bumber to bumper take a deep breath and use it as an opportunity to relax that the world is not and never will be perfect.
  2. You are probably right. And personally I would not bother with it since this issue is not important enough to get upset over. I remember trams there before the tramtrain was there and they could be totally packed at times and that was worse. But I am absolutely certain there have been people who got by constantly every week calling, sending a letter. And finally got through these thick layers and explained their point and got the job done.
  3. Bigal1 sent an email to stagecouch and tell them all this. Maybe they will look at it and you never know they could see the point of your email. I know someone who complained every week that Sheffield was not on the look north weather map. Until they finally changed it.
  4. That section of tram is not as important as the non tramtrain sections. I see it happen often too and have asked myself why but it appears to be necessary to keep the rest of the network in harmony. Personally I don't mind it to see them bumper to bumper.
  5. There are buses from leeds to whitby for long time now. Sheffield to buxton bus was great when walking through the peak district but there has been no decent way of crossing pennines on a bus for a long time now.
  6. If it is no emergency or rush I write a letter to city council. Local post usually gets there within 24 hours also with a second class stamp and council seems to take written concerns more serious.
  7. The canal path will become very busy with pedestrians and cyclists and other people. I feel sorry for the fisherman who got a fairly quiet spot now.
  8. It's usually 0601 numbers. They are foreign false numbers. Google 0601 number it says these are fake numbers.
  9. Get emails from Amazon as well. Dear customer open this attachment. Delete them straight away.
  10. Money people fly to paris, new york or italy to do their shopping. John lewis is for middle class. I consider myself classless and will walk in any store we have. Still we do appreciate john lewis is staying in sheffield a little while onward.
  11. John Lewis is a very nice store that is not used by the lower classes. A lot of investment money goes to the rich these days but you could always argue that they are the ones paying taxes. Yesterday in a carpark we met a very nice friendly man with a john lewis logo on his top and asked him about the new development. He was very happy that these changes made it possible to keep the sheffield location. Personally I think that if no decent EU agreement is made while the economy recovers from what is happening today stores like john Lewis will keep on losing ground.
  12. Police car in emergency was trying to get through today. If they complain council will be more likely to reconcider their silly plans.
  13. I will not argue about that. Sheffield roads were originally not designed for cycling. There is unnecessary hatred from some egoistic drivers towards cyclists. You say safe route. If I had the choice between a safe route versus one that is 5 minutes faster but a little less safe I would think. I see many cyclists by the canal, it is not fast clean or more safe and council did nothing to make it cycle path.
  14. In my many years in sheffield I have always looked immediately if a bicycle has any splashguards when they pass by. It is a joke, most of them don't have any. Don't point your fingers at splashing lorries when most cyclists here do not even know how to make their own bicycle splashfree. If your bicycle does have it own splashguards, all my respect, most people here do not understand their importance in UK climate. Specially with the improvement of electrical assist cycles will this become more pleasant in hilly areas. Unto now I have watched all bicycles passing me here and I think only 25% of them are properly equipped.
  15. That is a very stupid excuse to not do things right. Two buses at same time once an hour is no solution for social distancing. One will be full next one five minutes later empty. My neighbour works for NHS and it takes her more than three times as long to get to and from work by bus now.
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