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  1. It would achieve little with trolls like yourself. You would need to lighten up first a bit and open your eyes in a way that appreciated life instead of some metal containers. It's your choice I'm not surprised.
  2. Colourful flowers. I am at fargate right now and it's all a grey running down area. Of course people like you do not understand this.
  3. Sheffield city centre skyline is full high risers. Its main streets have many boarded up areas and closed shops. "Trying too hard" can create more problems that could have been solved in simpler ways. Creating a large massive area with lots of colourful flowers on fargate will attract more shoppers and business than some containers. Being creative can have beautiful results, and does not need this hopeless effort of throwing some containers on fargate. It makes me laugh cause they thought it would be a cheap thing to do but (I have not seen the actual figures) will certainly cost loads more than they budgeted for.
  4. We will see but Sheffield annual food market that's held right there has been spiralling downwards in interest over last few year. Putting containers is not going to make people suddenly want food again. Places like Netherlands used containers because there is an enormous shortage of space and real estate, it is a completely different issue. Here they think it is something artistic or creative. Picasso had his own style or opinions, don't think Sheffield council knows what it is doing.
  5. OMG this will actually make Sheffield really look like third world country. It will need 24 hours security to prevent graffiti artist from having a go at it.
  6. Long time ago we had to take our neighbors to court and they were removed. Has been fine since then. Do think mobile phones and modern earphones have reduced majority but not all noise issues.
  7. Yes. That remark was a response to Padders post#2 who said. What's a community fridge? Is it somewhere you go to cool down during the recent hot weather. Padders was actually asking what a community fridge is. Too lazy to look it up but making a joke about it while not even knowing what is being laughed about.
  8. BBC is planning to do a new series of gladiators in Sheffield arena.
  9. Sheffield council now says the delays costs them 1.2 million in lost income. Did think the clean air was the real issue for this expensive zone.
  10. I forgot to mention when 2007 floods happened look north had a little 4 minute piece on this.
  11. Rotherham new York stadium capacity is 12.000. There were 28.6K people at bramall lane last night.
  12. Channel 4 news had a little moment in Sheffield tonight. Game is over now and final in Wembley stadium. Sheffield is competing for next Eurosong competition but since we don't have an airport don't think we'll get it.
  13. One good reason for community fridges is to stop food wastage. When things are not eaten but get close to use by date it's better to make them available and get used in time.
  14. Arbourthorne community primary school has one S2 2GQ
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