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  1. Prefer this on the move development of sheffield over cities that haven't changed much for years. Full monty starts with "Sheffield a city on the move" and they were not joking about this it moves continuously.
  2. Busses had to chose a different route and divert from the london rd area. Despite my respect and understanding for what is going on in gaza I do not approve of blocking a road in sheffield to express their hurt feelings. Town hall seems to have been the better place and when done peacefully in an appropriate way reaches more people. Some of such solidarity protests by Palestinians in EU have gone violent and aggressive where police control and arrests happened.
  3. If they can pump juice in kelham island castle can also become something interesting again. Wait and see what happens after the archeological excavation there.
  4. City hall yesterday 300 demonstrators to show their solidarity for the conflict. Watching the news I think that I can kind of understand just a little what emotions these people must be going through and that there has to be some outlet for them to express these feelings. And have no personal connections with Gaza Israel Islam or Judaism or any other religion, they create hateful tensions. We live in an international world now and whenever things happen far away we will see people in Sheffield who show their solidarity.
  5. Adrenaline issue. Watching news about Israel Gaza shows some pretty nasty horrible clips that could make someone blood boil if they have relations with that area.. PS edit: I have never had a national flag in my house don't see the point of it. Even if you gave me one for free I put it in the bin.
  6. Without them our meadowhall visit has reduced. Gap has long gone there as well and they are still at the moor. We always used to go there as well, but today Gap has gone a different style and become much less interesting. Only large place left at meadowhall of any interest to us is MS but their food section looks like some third world poverty zone market now.
  7. It takes more time waiting for zara then it takes to take a tram to meadowhall. Meadowhall has gone upside down, cannot even get some Thorntons for a friends upcoming birthday. If I have to go to food section of MS to get them meadowhall has degraded to cheap supermarket like mentality where you have to pass half the place to get one little thing.
  8. They were overtaken by two shopping centres in Moscow both worldwide mentioned as Europe's largest. Then Westfield had to build a very large expansion to get this largest status back to UK again.
  9. There are parts in sheffield where what we could call something like authority exist only little. Authority is kind of like a conductor of an orchestra keeping everything at the right pace and rhythm. Sheffield council has been trying to get more and more on its lazy bottom lately and let people sort their things out by themselves. When this connection and trust disappears people will not listen. Council stops cleaning maintaining roads and suddenly after many many years they say hey we want to patch some holes don't park here. Nobody listens they haven't seen a caring council for years.
  10. Someone was just growing some plants in the attic there with cheap electrics that catch fire and sheffield star starts its silly fantasy comments about organised crime again. Seen black foul stinking polluting smoke coming from some small attercliffe business and council does not care bout it. Criminal activity has always been a part and aspect of a healthy economy.
  11. Pitsmoor is too small for real criminals. The real big organised crime happens in places you call trustworthy government. Put a police officer on every corner of pitsmoor and crime will be just the same in UK. Personally I don't care about it and cannot be bothered to explain that power corrupts regardless this is in pitsmoor, religions, government, banks. Even school managers have fallen for criminal corruption. I mentioned it now and consider this a waste of my time since it is not my problem when pitsmoor is called some organised crime hotspot or not.
  12. Organised crime in pitsmoor. Only when you listen to the sheffield star or its believers. Pitsmoor is an area discriminated by turning it into poverty. Different classes are kept separated here just like other third world countries.
  13. If this topic would have been about some litter in a poverty area of sheffield many people would have reacted most likely negatively to it. But now when this is actually doing something about the litter out there by clearing it up for once everything remains silent and not one reaction on here so far. That facebook page clearly has given more people incentive to help and I was wondering why there appears to be more local effort to clean in certain places. We seen someone with a grabber and bag in a place last week where we would have never expeced anyone ever before and stopped to thank this person personally.
  14. This is a "general" section for entertainment TV books and movies. I found this rather interesting since I have always liked all the mission impossible movies. It would have been just as interesting if they would film another full monty in the area but I don't think that will happen.
  15. Tom Cruise stunned locals in a small Yorkshire village when he turned up by helicopter for a film shoot. The diminutive star touched down in Levisham, near Pickering, to record scenes on the local vintage railway. A face mask covered the 58-year-old's famous pearly smile as he thrilled fans with a wave on his way to the set. The actor - who is known for performing his own stunts - was later seen clambering on top of a carriage for one daredevil sequence. The owner of a local B&B said in a Facebook post they had been walking the dog when they "bumped into" the Hollywood megastar. Photos from the set show him alongside co-star Hayley Atwell and dozens of crew members. A large team was seen setting up a sequence which appeared to involve the use of a modified train and tracks near to the village's station. Levisham is on the route of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which has featured in numerous films and television series. The latest instalment in the Mission: Impossible franchise will see Cruise reprise the role of spy Ethan Hunt. After filming was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, its release is expected in May 2022.
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