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  1. In December I have seen three buses being towed away at different locations and four standing still with emergency lights flashing. Public transport is overpriced and what you get for it is also inferior but when you live on an island people don't notice the difference as much.
  2. This flooding has more to do with climate change and the polluters are not god, would call it an act by the devil myself.
  3. Just give clothes to charity shop. If you want money for it put it on eBay.
  4. Newer and better than the old northern trains I take and it was on time. It's fun seeing a train blowing a cloud of steam, it has a certain character.
  5. Thanks, it was on time and as I was in the area at that time anyway went to see and it was cute to watch. Many people on that old train waiving at the people looking at it on the way.
  6. The piano at the station was in pretty bad condition anyway and desperately needed tuning. I had seen some old piano better than that for sale once for £10. Wouldn't surprise me if some caring piano lover in Sheffield getting too old for playing could donate theirs to the station?
  7. Seen a dead fox by canal near attercliffe last month.
  8. I have never had any interest in snooker. Seeing all the hassle it creates around the crucible every year and the huge amounts of time the BBC spents on it makes me wonder if people really like it. Met and talked with a couple of young people from Ireland on a walk by canal in Sheffield cause they like snooker. Still amazes me to see how little interest there is for it in local people. Actually I find it a pretty boring thing myself. And the better players just pop them bals in order with little else happening.
  9. I don't go there often but also think its a miracle that bit of road keeps running usually without accidents.
  10. That could be very true that some people can be as stupid as to be the contributing cause of driving into someone's back while speeding without braking or diverting the direction of the vehicle at all. There are however several medical issues that could even make a young person lose its consciousness and control of body and vehicle.
  11. That was an Uber taxi. Don't understand why anyone drive that fast and smashes into another car without braking. Did that driver have a heart attack while pushing the accelerator or something?
  12. Checked few places online. It happened on spital hill between saville and spital st. Road closed for all traffic and pedestrians. Police put up screens to cover the scene. Many buses in Sheffield disturbed and diverted up there. Heard from someone it was pretty serious. Most cars, buses don't travel too fast up there usually but then again anything is possible.
  13. Heard there has been a big accident on spital hill. Anyone know what happened there?
  14. Blackout, stroke, epileptic attack. The illness could be the cause of the crash. Rest in peace and regrets to friends and family.
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