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  1. This topic is a joke. I have driven through several American and Canadian and Asian cities. Long time ago and even then they where a lot worse than Sheffield has ever been. I remember approaching one of them around evening rush hour and all of a sudden the sky above became one black bubble from the exhaust fumes. Sheffield roads are so much better but you do not know this until you have seen really worse. Keep on wasting energy miserable dreaming for better. I will use my energy happy Sheffield has far nicer better roads than other places I have seen before. Only thing Sheffield is worse at are its potholes but with some decent suspension and tires thats ok.
  2. No wonder some people get depressed watching reading that stuff. I'm glad that I stopped look north long time ago. Channel 4 had one 5 minutes report on the killermarsh murder story. Buy some flowers and look at them, it will be a better experience.
  3. If you don't like it you don't have to read it. I certainly do not read British newspapers, no problem. If you want better standards look at yourself and do not expect some cheap paper to give this to you. Nobody's forcing you to read poor press standard nonsense.
  4. Just bulldozer the city centre, admit a mistake has been made and start new afresh.
  5. The rotten tomatoes website gives Jamie 77% and the audience score is 72%. Personally am no big fan of that website and my preferences can be very much out of line with their scores but in this case would have given it 70% myself. Loved the musical stage performance. Making of everyone talking about jamie must have been a very big challenge. It is modern, a brand new attempt at something completely different. At times I had the feeling I was watching an artists gallery rather than just some new film.
  6. I started this topic with a glass in my hand and my mobile in the other and everyone there who had just seen Jamie at crucible was very happy about the film. It also had applause during the film and a standing ovation. There was one elderly drunk behind me at the bar who had never heard of the film. Would I call it a movie? No but it is a good film made of a fantastic musical. I met several people by the pink carpet Hollywood style opening who had seen the musical twice or thrice. This film has been done in picasso style singing and dancing. Not everyone likes that.
  7. I have seen the stage show and the movie now, they certainly are something different. The movie does have some nice views of Sheffield. Making a movie of a musical is a challenge and has been done well considering this difficulty. It is more something artistic than realistic.
  8. It has been a long time since we had such a great movie made in Sheffield. It had a great warm opening at crucible where it originally started as a musical. It really shows how Sheffield can make original movies in its own way.
  9. Thatcher has left her body 8 april 2013. I see Sheffield the way it is today and do not have any capacity to forecast its future. If people would focus on the politicians we have today they could make better decisions but this culture prefers to look backwards and complain and blame old dead ones instead of focussing on the real needs of today. Politicians give many lies to fool you and get your votes then do whatever they want here. There is an official law that makes it illegal for car sales people to lie to customers but politicians can do it legally. Only when waking up and looking at its present needs. Not crying about the past or begging for some hopeful dream future can they see who is taking them for a ride and who will make sincere effort for improvements again. In the past history religion ruled society. This was a belief system. Todays politics are as much a belief system with false promises, hopes, and using fear to fool you all over again. A voter can simply wake up and open their eyes if they want to of course. Thatcher yesterday and Boris today are just their puppets and do not help in any way to make Sheffield a better place. They will only make it better for themselves but this is not their fault, they did get the sleeping dreaming voters permission.
  10. I would suggest to start with relaxing and calming down. Looking at the world around you comparing its sizes and developments or financial value will more likely make you feel stressed than happy. There are many ways and techniques to find happiness and freedom in life again, you will not find or understand this when thinking that progress has a financial value. Did you know that UK and Sheffield are only a very small spot in this universe. No matter how much energy you throw at Sheffield, if its done while being stressed and worried even about one little reaction from snowflake it will not help no matter what you do. Find your own centre deep within and then witness the world and its places around again.
  11. That tweet only says problem around attercliffe. It's been like this for a while now and seems to be more than some small easy quick to fix problem.
  12. Seems to be some problem with yellow route again. No trams from cricket stop to meadowhall and tram train suspended. Anyone knows what's the problem?
  13. Such a joke people getting upset calling some poor beggars by the parking machine scammers. If I want to see real lying scamming professional beggars I look direction #10 and friends.
  14. Just got my vat taxes from EU country on things I bought there and taken to UK with me. Weird system. They stamped and registered these local VAT receipt at the tax refund office at airport. Then I had to sent this receipt back to the shop I bought the stuff from. With my details for them to deposit it on my account. Don't think Brexit was worth that little VAT I got back for it.
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