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  1. If I’d met and been photographed with one or even two or three attractive women, I’m certain that I’d remember. However, if there had been dozens of them, and/or I’d been off my head on some recreational drug, then maybe I’d not be able to recollect a particular one either. I thought that a couple of things he said were particularly cringeworthy... That what he did was with honourable intent. and With ”the benefit of hindsight”. No. Anyone with half a brain should know it was wrong. Hindsight wasn’t needed
  2. Just to clarify, “constituents” is a much wider group than “the people who voted for her”. For all we know, the majority of people who voted for her may be keen remainers. Regardless of that, her constituents as a whole are pro brexit. But of course we don’t know what version of brexit each voter wanted or expected. Her job is to do the best she can for the country in general and her constituents in particular. If, in her opinion, that is best achieved by remaining in the EU or, if leaving, by having the softest of brexits, then it is her duty to work towards one of these. That she is doing this at the risk of alienating potential voters shows a degree of bravery which should be applauded.
  3. No, but have you tried to look on the manufacturer’s website for a workshop manual / parts list / exploded view or similar?
  4. The term you were looking for is “Reminders”, there to constantly remind the brexiteers of the damage their Brexit vote is doing to the country.
  5. My Sat Nav software specifically warns against adjusting any settings whilst driving. Might be a bit of a problem convincing the police and/or insurance company that you were driving safely if specifically ignoring the instructions
  6. No. My point was that a wild animal has a much more stressful life, regardless of how it dies. Which is better, constant stress and fear, even if ended by a quick and unexpected shot to the head, or a pleasant, stress-free life followed by short term stress near the end? Also, I reckon dispatchers in slaughterhouses will be more consistent and reliable than hunters. Should we get rid of slaughterhouses, and rely on hunters with high powered rifles to pick off cows, one by one, while out of sight?
  7. Once they’ve been dehumanised, it becomes emotionally much easier to deny them human rights
  8. Not referencing any event in particular, but I’m becoming more and more uneasy about how easily we (me included) can refer to certain groups of people, or persons who have committed certain crimes in very dehumanising ways... vermin, animals, rats, etc. Isn’t it time we stopped, and at the same time call out any politician, collumnist, media person etc when they do?
  9. So the rabbit foraging for food has some idyllic existence does it? You seem to ignore that it is constantly in fear for its life, always on the lookout for owls, hawks etc from above, as well as foxes, dogs and people on the ground. It lives its whole life in a state of fear. It’s that fear that helps to keep it alive. Contrast this with farm animals who soon learn to not fear the farmer. They go about their day to day life without the permanent stress suffered by wild animals. Go anywhere near a wild deer, and it will bolt. Do the same to a farmed cow, and the worst it will do is amble away. Or it will come towards you, especially if it thinks it’s going to be fed. Very close to slaughter I’m sure farm animals do become stressed, but only at the very end. Wild animals, on the other hand, are permanently stressed.
  10. Which would be a total irrelevance if the country has already crashed and burned on 31st October. Unfortunately, it could turn out to be too little, too late
  11. In his previous role that was pretty much his job description, on behalf of Sheffield. He did it well. How many others can you name?
  12. I’ve been to plenty and worked in five of them for varying lengths of time. No country is perfect, but I was generally treated with respect. Maybe it was something to do with the way I behaved.
  13. Emigrate, so that in 44 years time I won’t have to listen to all the racist, bigoted Little Englanders who have dragged this country so far downhill in the last 3 years.
  14. Some candidates have a background in local politics. In these cases voters who are interested can research the person they might vote for. But where candidates seem to be parachuted in with no background available, the voters can’t do much more than trust the party to have not picked a bad ‘un. The party has a lot to answer for in this case.
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