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  1. Proper Brexit project fear. Of course we’ll be on the same terms, as we’ll have never left. So there’ll be no “returning” or “welcome back”.
  2. This section used to be covered, occasionally, by visits from the mobile speed camera. I rarely use that bit of Road now, so don’t know if they still go there.
  3. Eater Sundae


    The link in the OP specifically highlighted Corbyn’s association with those people. So your “I haven’t mentioned Corbin once” can be clearly seen for what it is. melthebel summed up this thread in post #40
  4. Eater Sundae


    It’s quite a leap to equate the conditions in 2019 UK with the 1930s.
  5. Eater Sundae

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    Alan Sugar survived after doing far worse than Danny Baker. I wonder why?
  6. Eater Sundae

    Deer in Sheffield?

    Yesterday on one of the Sheffield Facebook groups that I subscribe to, someone posted a very short video taken from a moving car of what they said was a young deer, at the side of Endcliffe Park. It was running along the pavement on what looked like Rustlings Rd. Unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush to do something else at the time, but I forgot to mark the post, so when I went back a couple of hours later to look at it properly, I couldn’t find it. Has anyone else seen it?
  7. It makes a difference in that the independents are not obviously aligned to any particular view regarding Brexit. My original point was that Theresa May had immediately stated that the results (specifically the poor performance by the main parties) was the electorate telling them to get on with it (presumably deliver Brexit). If that were the case, then the Brexit supporting minor parties would have profited from this protest vote. However, UKIP fared badly, but the LDs and Greens did well, totally contradicting Theresa May’s opinion. It this respect, nothing can be inferred from the independents doing well, except possibly that there was a protest vote against the main parties. They have no bearing on the view whether or not those voters are in in favour of or against Brexit. However, votes for UKIP, the LDs or the Greens do.
  8. Eater Sundae

    Should vaccination be compulsory?

    It could be anywhere, but it is more likely where there is close contact in enclosed areas, eg nurseries and primary schools. Also, nurseries and schools could be enforced, as could swimming pools. I expect it would be impractical to enforce in parks and supermarkets for example, and in my earlier suggestion of buses. I doubt it will happen, but banning from such as mainstream (and particularly public funded) nurseries and schools will help protect the vulnerable, and may persuade the undecided to get their children vaccinated, whilst still allowing those with strong beliefs to exercise those beliefs, albeit outside the system and with some inconvenience.
  9. Eater Sundae

    Should vaccination be compulsory?

    I don’t think vaccination should be compulsory, but I do think there could be a case for barring unvaccinated children from attending places and situations where they could endanger others (particularly those others who for other medical reasons cannot themselves be vaccinated or those who are still too young). So maybe ban those whose parents refuse to have them vaccinated from nurseries, schools, doctor’s waiting rooms, buses etc.
  10. Eater Sundae

    Another crash at Greenhill

    Driven it quite a few times. To be honest I don’t see a problem. There seems to be a lot of street furniture, nearly all in line so impairing the view a little, but still plenty of opportunity to see what’s coming.
  11. “Independents” are not a party. The clue’s in the name. There are lots of reasons why people voted the way they did. Theresa May’s claim that the bad showing by the Conservatives is some sort of call to “get on with it” is totally disingenuous. Pro remain parties are the only ones who have done well
  12. The mantra from the Tories is that this result is a message that they should get on and deliver Brexit. If that were the case, you’d expect UKIP to have done well as a protest against the government’s slowness. But no. They’ve also lost seats. The two pro remain parties are the only ones who have done well in these elections.
  13. Basically, the referendum was a choice between... 1. What we already have, in which a lot of people felt they were getting a raw deal, or 2. Something different. 17.4 m people said “Something different, please”. So we have 17.4 m people with up to 17.4m different expectations. Because there was no definition of what Brexit would mean, Theresa May stuck two fingers up to the electorate and said “Brexit means Brexit”. Basically saying you didn’t know what you voted for, so you’ll get what you’re given. Brexit cannot be defined, so all we can say is Brexit is Brexit.
  14. Regardless of whether you agree with Farage or not, a vote for the Brexit party gives him support.
  15. Another one without any repeater lights beyond the junction... Heading along Holme Lane from Malin Bridge towards Hillsborough corner. The traffic lights near Towsure allow pedestrians to cross (with stop lines for both sets of traffic, so it can be interpreted as a free standing pedestrian crossing, maybe). However, the lights also form part of where trams turn onto Holme Lane and vehicles emerge from Ball Rd. Once you’ve passed the lights at the pedestrian crossing, there’s nothing to remind you that you’re still in a junction. Having said that, it does seem to work, with nothing much except box junction markings. However, traffic travelling along Holme Lane in the other direction does get a repeater, before seeing the pedestrian crossing as a separate set of lights. (I don’t know if the sequence of the lights will mean that drivers going towards Malin Bridge from either Holme Lane or Ball Rd would ever go through a green light to then see a red light at the pedestrian crossing)

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