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  1. A lot of the benefits of lower CO2 emissions have now gone. My car is a couple of years old and just crept into the £20/year bracket. Later versions of the same car now incur over £100/year VED. I’ve long been in favour of adding all duties to the fuel price. I’d lose out, going forward, but still be OK as I’ve got a car with low fuel consumption. I’d not just limit it to private vehicles. While ever we consider the burning of fossil fuels as being a problem, (both in terms of pollution and global warming), then the simplest and effective way of charging people for using up these fuels is to charge them as they use the resource. Tax/duty is an effective and easily collected method. This should include road vehicles, domestic heating and cooking, shipping and flying.
  2. Of course they are all likely to have Christian values, having been brought up in a predominantly Christian society and with Christianity as the state religion. The same applies to Conservatives, Liberals (and Lib Dems), UKIP, the Brexit Party etc etc. There’s no specific Christian link to Labour
  3. Personally, I’m so excited. I get giddy just thinking about it, but I think a lot of people just don’t realise how much better things will be after 29th August. If the current adverts are to be believed, then after that date there’ll be no more cold calling or adverts about claiming back ppi. What’s not to like?
  4. It has been around 80 years (from the mid 1930s to the mid 2010s) from the last big example of the rise of populism in mainland Europe, and now we are off down the same route. I think it could be quite a long time until it collapses.
  5. Which is why we have the current problem. Councils are not required to take commercial waste (and they therefore have no money allocated to offer that service). Therefore they have to charge if they do provide it. Add to that our commitment to increase recycling and reduce landfill and the decision to tax landfill in order to put people off from adding to it. Disposal to land becomes more and more expensive. So there is an incentive for some people to avoid these “overheads” by fly tipping. It’s very annoying that these actions with good intentions cause other problems at an even bigger cost. One effect, which is particularly sad, is where people fly tip onto private land. The landowner has the inconvenience and cost of having the waste removed, plus the high cost of disposal of the waste to landfill. A double whammy.
  6. Give a group of nasty racists a bit of validation, and this is what happens. It doesn’t matter whether Trump is or isn’t a racist. Some of the people who follow him hear what they want to hear, and they are. This is very serious. I cam’t see this ending well. I hope I am wrong
  7. I sincerely hope that, come the next election, voters are reminded of the little regard these 274 people have for our hard won parliamentary democracy. Is there anyone on here that would still be prepared to vote for one of these?
  8. It’s difficult to decide which actions are conspiracy and which are ****-up
  9. I don’t even know who has control. Is it the Premier League (who Newcastle must answer to), or the EFL (unless the ”Championship” has its own body). In overall control is the FA, I presume, as they must have overall authority for English football, as they ultimately can veto anything
  10. What alternatives can councils pursue, particularly when central government control both the level of income and the (council’s) obligations? They are also signed up to enforcing a levy (ie tax) on landfill. Dumping HAS to be paid for
  11. Do you blame the council or do you blame central government who decide how much tax the councils can collect as well as deciding what services they must provide and deciding how much is funded by central taxation? It suits everyone in local and central government to blame the other Easy to blame someone else when central government is politically different from the local government, but not so easy when they belong to the same party.
  12. SWFC do not have a contract with Newcastle, but they do/did with the three Steves, so that’s where they should go in the first instance if they feel particularly vindictive. Sue them for breach of contract, and contact the FA, the football league and the Premiership to request that they be banned from coaching until everything is resolved to SWFC’s satisfaction.
  13. In that case, I wonder why he didn’t leave when Obama was bringing in all those “terrible” changes like Obamacare, and treaties with Iran
  14. I think you may be right, but it doesn’t matter whether he is a racist. The problem is the number of people who are racist and will now feel validated in their views and be more emboldened to act that way in public. We can now look forward to an increase in “get back to your own country” type comments, on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet another footstep along a downward spiral.
  15. Is a University having this responsibility any different from that same University awarding (or not awarding) degrees based on the student’s academic performance? Surely it’s all part of ensuring the student achieves the required standard for whatever profession they intend to follow. That is very much part of the University’s duty.
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