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  1. Nowt wrong with our Nutty Nige. Lets hope we see him in the House when the fiddling tory from Thanet is kicked out..
  2. He's not doing bad. Labour and Tories in turmoil. The EU defeated and he's even going to get the Scottish independence.... Think Boris will put him in the Lords. UKIP will replace the Labour Party as second party. Then we all live happily after
  3. Have I got time to go to the shops for a loaf before ww3 starts?
  4. 3 GPs at the surgery on Firth Park Rd have put their notice in. I wonder why.
  5. I doubt a halal will be successful there's not many Muslims in the area. Some none Muslims will boycott it. I will. It's destined to fail.
  6. I was referring to the attacks in Paris. Didn't some of those get into the EU though the med? We won't be like Norway or any other country. We will have free trade with no conditions. Even the German CBI has said it would be madness for Germany to impose tariffs. We do to the EU. Please don't say we can stop criminals and the like because we don't. There's enough examples of this like the Latvian rapist who murdered a 15 year old girl in London a year or two ago. Nope I don't know anyone who wants to stop immigration. Not one. You may find some BNP type who may want to stop immigration who is voting Leave but they'd want that anyway.
  7. It is assumed that all those involved in the production of Halal food are respectful of the people who want it. It only take one brain dead racist moron and the halal food is not halal food. If I was a practising Muslim I wouldn't eat anything prepared by none Muslims. Too risky.
  8. Terrorism is a worry of mine. I think we are at risk with open borders. The next attack won't be far away.
  9. It all gets a bit complicated when various food stuffs are not allowed. Like I said earlier I don't mind as long as customers are advised if its Halal. They can eat it or go elsewhere. It would worry me that because some of the staff are not well educated and to be blunt racist they may contaminate halal meals with pork. It wouldn't be hard.
  10. I use this. https://eu.iqoption.com/en/login
  11. Interesting debate earlier on LBC Farage V Heseltine... Worth a look..
  12. Are you jesting? I don't really mind Halal if it's advertised as such and then people can eat it or not... What I don't understand is why Halal is deemed popular in this area... its not really populated with many Muslims. I suppose people passing through could be, but they could not be as well and may be put off...
  13. A lot of Remainians claim this in an attempt to encourage others to follow. Wasi and the like... You've always intended to vote remain. ---------- Post added 20-06-2016 at 08:37 ---------- Pointing out that uncontrolled immigration is out of control is hardly Nazi like lol
  14. I'm not sure if the smoking ban was a good idea. I think it should have been up to the landlords..
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