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  1. Nanny state all over ......conkers kill our kids ...... no play ground is safe ...... H & S the new religion ...... don't walk you may have an accident ...... stay home - be safe ...... most accidents happen in the home ..... beware food ..... it has allergies ..... lightning can strike you ...... don't play golf ..... better still - stay indoors but don't do anything - the home is a dangerous environment ...... the work place can kill you ........ have a flu jab because you are over 65 .......... but no aspirin anymore as it's the new plague. Flu kills ....... aliens have landed ...... the moon is made of cheese ...... fairies at the bottom of the garden ..... You get the point? Just don't get the needle point.
  2. I'm again now waiting to be consored. SF doesn't allow freedom of expression. The confines are extremely narrow. It's not just about being rude or offensive. There are taboos about particular words. It's like igniting a fuse in their eyes and must be immediately put out. No question. So as long as you stick to the trite banal tedious dull boring or functional you'll fit in perfectly with SF. See you in about 10 days after the bread & water treatment.
  3. Has to be said the car trade are fully paid up members of Fleecem and Scarper Ltd. It's not just the low life on the corner plot modelled on Dell Boy and Rodney and without anything humourous about them. Take the major garages and the manufactureres themselves. We have exploding, igniting vehicles failing when driven and the manufacturers deny all responsibility until death ocurrs. It takes the might of the American legal system to get a reaction and similar across Europe. Better to not buy new and drive the prices down.
  4. Privatise it? What like the railways? Brilliant idea. I'm waiting the hear them declare: 'No deliveries this week - wrong kind of stamp on the letter.' Woodseats? I've been in queues of over 20 people outside the door. Meanwhile, inside the postage stamp sized office with one serving window, you are seen by one person, at best two faces will appear. Once they take your card off they go into the bowels on a short walk. No sign of organisation. A rummage around. A bit of confused conversation over post codes, parcels, days of the week and hey presto, he strolls back with a single parcel. That's the system. It works perfectly for the 1950's village post office where the inhabitants number less than 20. Someone needs to tell them Churchill is no longer Prime Minister. I did. By letter. Obviously it didn't get delivered. Someone probably still queing somewhere.
  5. During the Tory imposed austerity the Chinese investment arrived to the sum of £1B. Imagine the advertsiing benefit of Sheffield being seen in a sporting contest by ober 170 countries world wide. The consequences of which couid be limitless in terms of investment withn the City. But it's not to happen because we have small minded, unimaginative local councillors who simply fail us at evry turn. That is the fact of the matter. And all noticeable by their absence; tin hat on, head between knees, rear end pointed skywards, knees knocking, trees falling and a road somewhere being repaired slowly.
  6. I disagree. Meeting the leader of the country you are racing in normally demands a certain protocol. Hamilton showed it. No smile. No greeting. No sustained eye contact. It was clear he'd been advised on how to respond in the presence of Putin. There are things in life greater than sport. The poisonings on the streets of Britain are an example you should weigh thoughtfully.
  7. Just thought I'd mention Lewis Hamilton's very subdued acceptance of the trophy from Putin at the weekend. The muted reaction, dead pan expression, stillness of Hamilton spoke volumes.
  8. They do their best. You're too harsh. Able bodied people have trouble reversing. It's perhaps the most difficult manouvre in the driving test. Add to that difficulty some physical impairment and it's hardly surprising that parking by the disabled drivers is a particular challenge. You need to be more tolerant and understanding of those less fortunate than yourself.
  9. Mindless vandalism. The concern here should be on this act of vandalism.
  10. I'd like to express a big thank you to Sheffield City Council and their wonderful decision making in all our interests. Not only capable of hacking down perfectly safe trees in order to improve the environment in the same manner the Amazon is being stripped bare, ignorance reigns supreme as they once again ignore world cycling. The TdY doesn't come here. Now, the World Championships, 9 days of top level UCI world publicised racing, is being ignored, shunned and dismissed. Meanwhile, Harrogate will bask in reflected glory as will Doncaster, Ripon, Beverley, Tadcaster, Weatherby, Northallerton, Bradford and Leeds. Also, they will reap the multi millions of money that floods into the area benefiting local businesses, raising tourism numbers and increasing the positive profile around the world of every place these races visit. The Council prioritise carefully. Well done. We now have brown bins and no cycling. Having previously only a black bin and a blue bin, and being unable to sleep at night for the worry of over filling, I now have another bin. No cycling but I do have another bin. Fantastic! Plastic is polluting the environment and poisoning the oceans and SCC issue us all with another big lump of plastic. Brilliant decision. Great thinking. Meanwhile the rest of Yorkshire think World Cycling and all the benefits it brings. Sheffield City Council thinks differently ...... it thinks rubbish.
  11. Did she injure those as well? At least her nails will grow back.
  12. There are some minority white ethnic areas if you look carefully.
  13. He he he ........ may as well set fire to it.
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