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Newzoids - What do you think?

Anna B

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I watched one episode and laughed alway through it infact I ain't laughed as much for ages,,,need to catch the other ones on demand.

Spitting Image was a very expensive programme to make and become unafordable but the current puppet image is ok but the main thing its funny and John Culshaw is on top form

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I think the jokes are a bit poor and allot of the voices ain't very good which surprised me as the guy who does the voices is normally really good.

Shame i was really looking forward to the show.

Think its been pretty poor just the odd few funny sketches.

Cant see it lasting long.

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Loved William and Kate's baby George, who's inherited Kate's 'common' gene. . .


I love the sketches with baby George and his cockney slang, and I think the political sketches are especially humiliating to the deposed politicians such as Cable, Balls and Clegg (schaudenfraude, I know).


It's great to have the humour of Spitting Image back after all these years:


Alex Salmond: Last thing I remember was that massive fireworks display.

Nicola Sturgeon: Says here one of the Trident missiles is missing, and so is The Shetlands!

Alex Salmond: Oopsie!



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