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  1. Cheers. I live Whitwell. We have just had a new Asda open. It’s huge. It has a massive Greggs in there too. Also new Asian food counter with amazing food and hot pizzas.
  2. The one that’s already there?
  3. Where is the new Asda/B&Q joint venture opening in Sheffield or has it already opened? https://corporate.asda.com/newsroom/2020/09/18/asda-trials-new-in-store-and-convenience-concepts
  4. There were guys putting tickets on cars in the B&Q, Curry’s, Pets at home car park in worksop if people walked over the road to Wickes.
  5. Ashley butchers in Whitwell do a good one. They also do a hunters pie which is a pork pie with a chicken breast on top and instead of a pie crust lid it has stuffing. It’s amaze with a bit of HP brown sauce.
  6. Brilliant. Better than it falling to disrepair.
  7. We had an issue this week with Yodel, the guy did not even try to give us the package he just took it straight next door! I think it was because next door had a parcel too. I caught him claiming the wall to shove a card through the door. I asked him what his game was! I pointed out there were 3 other people in the house so don’t even think about playing the “He knocked” game as I would be forced to check the cctv! I also pointed out if he had gone to the front door the A4 sign pointing to the fact to go to the back door would not be missed. He apologised and said he would fetch the parcel from next door. The next day he fetched another parcel and came to the back door and knocked very loud lol.
  8. The one in Worksop was a family run butcher called Birds. It always had a large queue and loads of staff. I think there were two branches. They also folded which shocked worksop as apparently every one bought Birds sausage and pork pies. It was closed a while before the Current people took the unit.
  9. Worksop, Retford and Gainsborough already closed
  10. Really? I have used them twice and both times the meat was off. It was Retford branch. First time was the heat wave so I put it down to just the heat, next was Worksop branch since then I have avoided them. Shame about the job losses if they do close. Hope the find a buyer. Can anyone else remember Dewhurst?
  11. Well if it’s someone else’s money they have nothing to loose lol
  12. I think you will find they are lol
  13. Don’t knock it until you try it
  14. I have had to buy bulk loads off EBay. I use the Strip ones in my fish frying range top box and the LED ones melted lol
  15. Trouble is it was that successful it needed to be bigger, That’s the word from the staff that worked in it. Wonder if the one at Drakehouse that replaced it is doing as much business?
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