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  1. Sometimes facebook allows them your seeking to find you. I have recently found some missing family on my Fathers side who I was trying to trace but they traced me and now we meet up occasionally. If your not on FB give it a try as you never know
  2. I'm still here to Sputnik boy, in fact I have been looking for a few old History and Ex Pat guys from the early 2000s guess some of them are long gone.
  3. Yes, I opened this thread way back in 2003 and now run Pitsmoorians of the past on FB many people have met old friends on there and it has built up to 3.5k members. See you there if you have not already been Paul
  4. I thought I would bring this up to 2019 and wondered if Sheffield still have rides for Brompton users like myself. I have read this thread with interest and I find the Brommie gets me up the hills fine though I do have to pace them slower
  5. I have just read this old thread with interest but thought I would question the clearance date you give as 1959. I used to play in the old back to backs on Verdon Street in the 60s and around 1970/71 and remember the houses still there then although empty we used to collect our firewood from them for our bonfire where the school is now. I also remember a barbers shop on the end on Bramber Street I think because that is where I had my hair cut as a child
  6. If anyone has one would it be possible to see one working. I have been down to Evans cycles and seen one but I was baffled with the software side of it. .nothing new there for me but I want to but one if I can find someone knowledgeable about them
  7. Or my wife, who has never used a mobile, laptop or computer and has no intention of using them. We get the BT call a lot usually a Chinese Woman on the other side and I got a shouty bloke ring me saying not to use my car anymore as I was seen using my phone at the wheel. Obviously I'm smarter than they are because I told them politely to get lost but my wife was a bit more vulnerable good job I was there to educate her.
  8. If they call at my house they will get a free showing on facebook with there ugly mugs form my cctv
  9. Or perhaps they could ban motorists between 3 and 6pm so I can cycle home without getting choked on exhaust fumes with people who insist of causing traffic mayhem day in day out. Oh and yes I do drive
  10. Bank holiday Monday was everything but dull....did you get out of bed at all
  11. There's big money in being a comedian which tells me to book a good one will not be cheap. I saw a corking one over the weekend called Scotty Millar or Miller he has different routines for different ages. Worth googling him and checking him out.
  12. Yes I think i can run to the Sony rx10 mark 3. Looks a nice camera. Can you recommend a good photography club to get involved with or maybe a wildlife photography group. Mean while I will look at one of those cameras.
  13. Hi I'm looking to purchase a camera mainly for wildlife use as I have some spare time coming up due to partial retirement. I have looked on websites and I just get bamboozled with them and don't no where to start. I have very little experience in photography but would like to expand my experience as I go along. Well first port of call would be to get a "decent" camera but without paying silly money like 2k. I am looking up to 1k or less and looking for recommendations from you lot in the know. Thanks
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