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  1. Same here, just another cycling exaggeration from non cycling air polluting wildlife killing car driver. by the way I also drive to
  2. Ah Hirondelle, the toast of budget wine in the 70s, remember it well, all the yuppies used to drink that. I was a beer man myself, 16p a pint in June 1975, great days
  3. So you remember it was a hot day but a Buxton cricket match got snowed off while you were drinking wine on that very day Mr Grammar policeman,, well can you remember the wine brand to, bet you actually can. Talking of grammar, you mean "I'd never had known"
  4. It was freak weather which can happen mid Summer lasted a few hours plus Buxton is on high ground which probably didn't affect Sheffield at all...Are you saying 1975 was not a hot Summer, was you actually born. The drought of 1976 wasn't caused by the hot Summer it was followed by 1975s hot Summer and never fully recovered.
  5. Sorry I was a year out, I remember it happening in the really hot Summer and of course 1975 was certainly hot...
  6. No never solved it happened in June 1976 John (somebody) as I remember
  7. Was it the Sapphires, I seem to recall the Cherokees as well ?
  8. Does Mark still do the folk show, I preferred it when Mike Harding did it, they should never have taken him off. I never listen to radio 2 in the week anymore but love SOTS and POTPs on Saturday
  9. Sorry it's took me 13 years to reply to this and your right I was with Keith Lomas on the day it happened it was a surprisingly warm day for late October and we were sat on the grass at Hinde House when a teacher came to us and asked Keith to go into the school. I knew something was wrong but didn't know what and for obvious reason he did not come back out. It is one of those days in life you never forget.
  10. The name change was an extra L on the end of Darnel (Darnell) but I can't remember ever stopping there in the past years, The Skegness to Sheffield train used to stop there last time was in 1979 in my case so maybe it was left open for goods trains
  11. You never know after all they re opened Darnal and Woodhouse, why not Heeley
  12. She wasn't from Nepal she came from Persia
  13. But they can also be very useful for people to be extra vigilant when leaving the house unattended, if there is any burglary's in my area then I want to know
  14. Sometimes facebook allows them your seeking to find you. I have recently found some missing family on my Fathers side who I was trying to trace but they traced me and now we meet up occasionally. If your not on FB give it a try as you never know
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