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  1. It was opened for Fourth form entry in September 1956 and officially opened 9 months later on the 26th June 1957. It was extended in September 1963.
  2. The river Loxley has a section like this which has been there for a good few years...
  3. I bumped into the procession by accident on Penistone Rd and thought it was for another biker...Bit sad now knowing the real reason but there were hundreds of bikes stretching way back down Holme Lane
  4. Well Shirley does live at Batemoor and I saw her somewhere about 10 years ago in a bar and had a chat but Gary I think is a year or so younger. There is an older Sister to but they lived in a big house on Somerset Street when I knew them. I do remember there parents but I cannot recall any dealings with them as I rarely knocked on there door but my relation lived next door which is why I know wherethey lived. They both went to Pyebank and Shirley went to Hinde House and I think Gary did to. Shirley was the person who taught me to tie my shoelaces in Junior school and I sat with them both throughout my school years.
  5. I usually get scammers ring my landline and in fact if my home number does ring the chances are it's a scammer. I only have a landline for my broadband and only because it's essential but I would get rid of it if technology run broadband without a landline. I rarely use my phone to ring out and always use my mobile
  6. Air fibre, what's that all about. Are you saying you don't need a phone line or am I misunderstanding it
  7. I don't remember Michael was he younger than Gary
  8. Work started August 2019 on behalf of Historic rail estates of York and was carried out by Amco, they are replacing old and rusty parts and sand blasting it and re painting it.
  9. I bought a scooter and racked up 9 points in 2 weeks having never had any points for 35 years in my car. Got kind of carried away on that thing, never had any since
  10. No, I've never heard of him either
  11. I was at school on that day but the teacher barricaded the door so we couldn't get out of the classroom and remember all the pupils running past the outside calling us scabs lol, reet embarrassing
  12. Same here, just another cycling exaggeration from non cycling air polluting wildlife killing car driver. by the way I also drive to
  13. Ah Hirondelle, the toast of budget wine in the 70s, remember it well, all the yuppies used to drink that. I was a beer man myself, 16p a pint in June 1975, great days
  14. So you remember it was a hot day but a Buxton cricket match got snowed off while you were drinking wine on that very day Mr Grammar policeman,, well can you remember the wine brand to, bet you actually can. Talking of grammar, you mean "I'd never had known"
  15. It was freak weather which can happen mid Summer lasted a few hours plus Buxton is on high ground which probably didn't affect Sheffield at all...Are you saying 1975 was not a hot Summer, was you actually born. The drought of 1976 wasn't caused by the hot Summer it was followed by 1975s hot Summer and never fully recovered.
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