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  1. I have had a look at this and the ticket prices are a bit hefty. What i do disagree with is the £2.50 handling charge, this is illegal or at least I thought it was.
  2. Times and habit's change and making it hard for cars is just one of the problems why the High Street is dying out. It is on line buying that has really cut the throat of the Town centre and places like Meadowhall. The reason I stopped going many years ago now was the parking price's that went up and up and the Council just got greedy and now they are paying the price. Me personally won't miss the High street that ship sailed for me years ago but there are many jobs at risk and that is the sad side to this. The pandemic as put the nail in the coffin but it has been going down hill for years, we all need to embrace the new shopping way by technology like it or lump it on line buying is not going away and is going to get even more popular. You can blame the council for making motorist's life harder to get there, you can blame lack of investment for years as another, you can blame greedy landlords who charge extortionate rents for the premise's, online buying and the pandemic but the fact is I can't see any foreseeable recovery.
  3. I don't think that will happen, on line buying is here to stay like it or loathe it and people will always go to Meadowhall. I really think the Town centre is dying a Death
  4. There was a few celebs doing the school round in them days, Cliff Richard came to ours in 1973 at Hinde House
  5. This is the downside of having an electric bike as the battery deplete's or becomes a problem. There great when they work. Butterworths will probably not be able to do it, they are very good with bike's but electric ones are not there forte, I had a problem with mine but my battery is a Brompton and need's to be taken back to the dealer in my case JE James and it was under warrenty.
  6. I couldn't agree more, it's the people that cause the problem. What's wrong with people who think it is alright to throw there rubbish on the floor. The binmen also have to pull there finger out, every time they come on my road they leave a trail of rubbish and never pick up after themselves.
  7. The responsibility lies solely with the council and the culprits that are causing this influx of litter. We pay enough Council tax and they should get on top of this and though the council should take some of the blame why our streets look something like a 3rd world Country because that is how bad it's becoming, the people that cause this are the ones responsible. Thankfully we have volunteer's to pick it up in there own time and though I don't join them I have purchased a litter picker for my own Street so I won't have to rely on our good volunteers to do what the council should be doing.
  8. It seems that a couple of you were at the same concert but can you remember Alan Clarke telling evryone to make themselves heard as the concert was recorded Live for a new album. Where is that album, was it ever published
  9. She married an actor, forget his name but was in Ghandi, I remember her in Coronation Street about 10 years ago.
  10. They seem to be doing the rounds again, it's happening in Longley to. They are mainly focusing on sheds and garages but the occasional house has been burgled and car's stolen. Your Brother should invest in CCTV and I know they wear masks to disguise themselves specially in a pandemic it can act as a deterent. Hope they catch the culprits responsible
  11. I listen to the Archers, a couple of the cast have been on Coronation Street and the young lad on Emmerdale think he was called Justin, the one who went with his teacher, I'm sure he is on the Archers to, his voice sounds very familiar. I went to the studio's about two years ago, had a great time, we did a sketch ourselves in front of a mic and with all the sound effects so happy to say I have recorded my own self in the archers in the same studio's.
  12. I have been trying to find an album the Hollies recorded during a live concert at the City Hall in 1974. I cannot trace this album anywhere but I know they recorded the concert at the City Hall as I was there. I have been in touch with there current manager (this is a few years ago though) I believe he was not the original manager of that time and he has come up with nothing. Was anyone else at that concert in 1974, it wasn't a massive audience it was quite modest who may remember it
  13. Many of us from 2003/4 have been gone for years, I'm still here but come on very little compared to what I did. With social media taking the highlight forums like this are dying out. All the best RiffRaff from Cycleracer 2003
  14. Fare point, haven't seen the hole myself just drove through the lights
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