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Wolves vs Wednesday


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The Owls visit Molineux tomorrow night in what promises to be another tough fixture. With Wolves having a good season and with them being only 3 points outside the

play - offs the Owls will do well to hold them to a draw .

With Caolan Lavery back from his loan spell I would like to see him take some part,

and with him in goalscoring form he offers the Owls something different with him being

able to play right across the front line.Hope Stuart can get some players out of the

treatment room to bring us up to strength.To me a 2 - 2 draw would be my prediction. :) Owl.

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Decent side Wolves, I'm not surprised they have done well.

I would gladly take a draw in this one but I'm afraid i feel a defeat coming on what with the injuries and what have you.

We need this season to end now so we can start planning for the future, pitch etc etc..

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Technically we still have it to play for - was it Peterborough that got relegated a few years back on 54 points? Could still happen.......


Realistically though, 50 points at this stage is about 98% (note not 99%) of the way towards our number one objective at the start of the season - to stay up.


So we can relax a little (just a little). Because Wolves have more pressure than us - they still have to put some in of they want to reach the playoffs.


Never liked the Molineux after I went there in a cup match (early 1990 I think) and got splatted on the back of the head by a rogue flying pie.

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