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  1. After releasing ten players and two going back too there parent clubs we certainly need to be bringing players in there is no doubt about it. With what we have left at present and no more outgoings or incomings and all being fit my team would have to look something like this. Wildsmith Iorfa/ Uroghide Hutchinson Dunkley/Borner Palmer /Uroghide luongo Bannan Green Patterson Iorfa Windass Like i say we need players. I, LL GET MI COAT.
  2. A quality right back, loyal to the Blades and very popular with the fans. R.I.P Len.
  3. Wouldn,t back them with counterfeit money.
  4. Not for Jordon to buy the club that would be another scenario,but for DC to put someone like him in as CEOto run the club on his behalf. He certainly does not tolerate fools and he,s older and wiser.
  5. If i an reading this the same way as lobster, then somewhere along the line all DC does is take money out of his left pocket and puts it in his right, how is beyond me.
  6. Bring in a real businessman who knows football inside out been there and done it. Like him or not the man for me would be Simon Jordon
  7. With the players we have available to play the team selected is the strongest we have i.m.o .Whether we deserve to stay up is debatable, we still have to get behind them .
  8. Of all the things that have happened to the club over the past couple of years for Darren Moore to contact Covid 19 then be left with pneumonia with complicatiions far outweighs anything football related. May be have a full and speedy recovery and whatever our position take over the reins and get us on an upward spiral .
  9. Do you take much interest in the game in Toronto. We were down weeks ago I.M.O
  10. While it,s still mathematically possible to stay up the team have to give it there all. Swansea are a good side who of late up to last saturday have had a blip, we never know how we are going to perform under normal circumstances a draw would be a satisfactory result if we were not in such a dire situation. I,ll sit on the fence and wait for the inevitable to happen.
  11. Sorry to hear of your health problem Hotty, Get yourself back to full fitness and come back when you feel the time is right, you play a big part on this site and will be missed. In the mean time take it easy and stay safe.
  12. After the last game who would have thought we would be on the end of a result like this. Always in the game but very poor defending.
  13. The fat lady is just tuning up, but i feel we ,ll take something out of this game.
  14. Down to twenty one points on the table, I predicted we would get fourteen of the twenty seven earlier in the thread at that point, now can we get eleven from seven. Performances like the last two and we have a chance, but it,s points we need not performances and winning ugly has a part to play when you,re in our position. Every game is a cup final, not over till the fat lady sings, up to our necks in it, say whatever you like, we are running out of games. I,ll stick my neck out and say like the Madness record it,s " One step beyond" and it,s division One football next season.
  15. Fluke goal goes to the team at the top and three points, team at the bottom get nothing. It is what happens , then looking at the Brum game they get a penalty in the last minute. Lets get on with it it,s football.
  16. Twenty seven points on the table, i think we will take fourteen and that is if we come away with nothing from Watford which on saturdays form we could get something. Hopeful Owl.
  17. Even if we play as well as Saturday for the rest of the season, a loss at Watford and picking up 14 pts from the rest of the games, would be touch and go . I.M.O. Hopeful Owl.
  18. Same as last time out and we have a chance.
  19. What can you say. That has to be the performance of the season for us. I certainly didn,t expect that coming and when Westwood went off during the warm up i thought someone up there does not like Sheffield Wednesday, how wrong i was everyone gave what they had and Urhoghide stood out with Lees and Borner keeping the Reds at bay. We did what the fans have wanted for a long time, attack and supply Rhodes and he will do the rest, and he did. I still don,t think we can avoid the drop but a few results like that and it brings others into the equation. Well done Owls.
  20. Sad to hear of another one of the good players i have had the privilege to see. R.I.P Peter, condolences to family and friends.
  21. Not once in all the time i have watched the Owls have i not thought we would not come home with three points from Oakwell., even if we have been beaten on the day. Today i don,t even fancy us to take one point, even though it would hardly help our situation. Reds to win 3-1.
  22. Father Christmas is bringing me a new bike, what are you having.😁.
  23. Have to agree Echo, lets hope the White Rose can give us something to smile about and we can all be happy. Stay safe to everyone.
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