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  1. Would be nice if i could , don,t get to many nowadays , away that is.
  2. Deepdale was one of the first away grounds i visited and we came away with a 4-3 win. I seam,t to be owls lucky mascot at that time whenever i went they never lost away scoring seven at Old Trafford, (cup) three at Turf Moor and three at St. James. and eventual runners up to Spurs. Back to the present, Preston are a team who you never know what you,re going to get, started of with two wins and two defeats. We surely go there full of confidence with the start we have had, Not a clue what team LB will put out , with strength in depth and freshening it up from tuesday i see us coming home with a hard fought 2-1 win . W.A.W.A.W
  3. R. I. P Junior, condolences to family and friends.
  4. If that is the case i would think that LB would have had a say in who it was.
  5. We cannot say we were not warned what Millwalls strengths were. A goalkeeping error and for me poor marking, ( Iorfa should have been glued to Smith although he got a nudge, that was the all point in bringing him back in my view) . So lets move on , I,m sure LB will have had words. as for tonight i think there will be three changes with Lee , Murphy and Fletcher on the bench for Luongo , Reach and Forestieri and the Owls to win 3-1.
  6. We have all seen it time after time, ten men hold out, great when opposing team is down to ten disappointing when it,s our team down to ten. It, s only two weeks ago it benefited us at Reading. Some you win some you lose. We lost bring on Luton.
  7. Never easy playing against ten men.
  8. You, re forgetting, Lyon Olymique, Cologne, Roma, Barcelona, Moscow Torpedo, Werder Bremen, all in European competition.
  9. Who mentioned money, We have the money ask DC.
  10. Forty six out of sixty nine you have a long way to go.
  11. They have a long way to catch up in my time.
  12. This is a game that will put us to the test. Like ourselves Millwall have made a good start to the season and to come away with anything we are going to have to be at on our game. I,m led to believe they, re a big side who like to make full use of the tall striker s. If that is the case then I would recall Iorfa and play three centre half, s in a 3 - 4 - 3 formation. We now have cover for every position and having three games in eight days there is no doubt LB will make use of them. My team would be. Westwood Lees Iorfa Borner Odubayo Hutch Bannon.Palmer Murphy. Fletcher. Kadeem Dawson Fox Bates Luongo Reach Forestieri Rhodes Owls to win 1-0
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