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  1. I was fortumate enough to see Albert play, but for Man Utd.He left the Owls just as i started watching them, My friends elder brother was at Meynell Road school with him. R.I.P Albert
  2. Sorry Sol the number five shirt has been taken, we will put you on the list for any future vacancies that may arise and we think you are capable of undertaking.
  3. Agree Padders, its the market we are in .
  4. You got it Mel, Europe here we come.
  5. If RS is to believed it,s between Pulis, Cooke, and Johnson.
  6. I Eddie Howe or Ryan Lowe would be a good call, with a CEO or DoF who knows the club and think i Chris Turner would fit the that role, don,t see it happening though. Cook looks to be bookies odd on favourite with the usual merry go rounders Pulis, Cowleys, Johnson, Lets just hope DC gets it right and gives us someone who we has fans can get behind.
  7. I have to agree with what you say Hotty, I keep trying to stay positive with Monk at the helm, although not my choice, a different kettle of fish with DC, not affraid to put his hand in his pocket but totally clueless with regards to the game of football. The next two games are must wins or change is inevitable i.m.o
  8. It is a long journey for a midweek game in the present climate, but i think you will find its at home Steve.
  9. More than ever, this season is all about getting points on the board, Performances come second i.m.o whether i enjoy it or not is irrelevant we need wins, i,ll take as many 1-0 victories as we can get. If we are out of the bottom three after the christmas hols would be an achievement in itself and helpful to the cause, then we can start to chase the pack and who knows what can happen. lets start off today with a win is all i want.
  10. Thats about as good as it gets, is it good enough? I,ll be happy with a point.
  11. R.I.P Johnny , always gave what he had for the team and the fans would respomd with the song " THE MIGHTY QUINN" Condolences to family and friends. Not forgetting his ALLSTARS.
  12. A good performance and got the result it deserved, now lets keep it going, and to think if we had not got the points deduction we would be joint top of the league tonight.😁
  13. R.I.P . Gerry Young, saw both of his hat-tricks he scored for the club. Always gave 100%.
  14. Very true Ridgewalk, i should imagine they all started in the boozer
  15. Like yourself Jeff ,i have never found the reason and can only summize it,s because we are from Sheffield. Just to add to the debate who named Port Vale ( from Burslem) and Grimsby Town ( Cleethorpes) and even Man U was founded under the name of Newton Heath.
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