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  1. ALAN 58

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

    Speaking hypothetically if the prize was to be promotion, then lets make the pot bottomless.
  2. ALAN 58

    Tommy Spurr to retire.

    Always gave 100%. Good luck for the future Tommy. You can always get a drink from an Owl that,s for sure.
  3. ALAN 58

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

    Hope this is a new start for JR. If anyone can get the best out of him it, s SB,
  4. ALAN 58

    BLADES - season tickets etc

    I saw that myself , AB did say that no more tickets would be on sale till further notice. Although did not say why. Good luck to those who are lucky enough to get one.
  5. ALAN 58

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

    Rather see Geno Washington in Sheffield.
  6. ALAN 58

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    So was William Shakespeare
  7. ALAN 58

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    I await with bated breath., but nothing here sends the heart racing.
  8. Looks like another loophole exposed. Eventually the EFL are going to say, Do what you want with your income and forget P and S, which i agree with, CLUBS SHOULD DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH THERE MONEY, BUT KEEP THERE HOUSE IN ORDER, if it goes belly up don,t come running to us to bail you out. There are a lot of clubs out there who are living on the edge of the cliff, eventually one will go over and more will follow. This is only my opinion.
  9. Has the Prince got legal aid. 😂
  10. ALAN 58

    Westwood worth a 2 year contract?

    Whether he stays or leaves, and i would like to see him stay. SB will have all the bases covered, i ,m sure.
  11. ALAN 58

    BLADES memories

    David Ford came of Park Hill , did a bit of work for him when he had his business. One of the boys was David.
  12. ALAN 58


    I have to be honest i only went because it was the last game of the season. For me I am old school and football kicks of at 3-00 pm on a saturday with the odd game midweek, that is why i gave up my season ticket. I even went to a game on a thursday, can you believe it. *I just decide if i,m going to a game and get a ticket, i accept the consequences and have to be satisfied with my concession. It,s like our neighbours now they have to buy a season ticket on the basis that sometime between friday night and monday night they will attend a game, and that is before Sky have done there programme schedule. Sorry but it,s no longer for me. I am the master of my own destiny.
  13. ALAN 58


    Like yourself my philosophy is , as long as i was there is all that matters.
  14. ALAN 58


    Take time out it doesn,t happen everyday.
  15. ALAN 58


    If a man cannot give a few minutes of his time to show respect for their chairmans wishes he is not much of a man in my eyes. I also stayed at the end to show appreciation to the players and staff for there efforts over the season. Take it you will be at the Town Hall tonight.

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