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  1. I always had faith in him, he's just a slow starter. 😀
  2. An opportunity missed is all I, m going to say Grrrrrrr.
  3. Learn,t my lesson years ago. I never place a bet on local six clubs. If i ever have a bet nowadays it,s a tenner on three draws..
  4. When it comes to our bogey teams Derby are up there, two wins in our last twenty games against them says it all. This is a chance to improve on our record, They have been inconsistent this season and at present have an injury list similar to what we are renowned for, so why shouldn,t we come away with three points.Lets keep it positive a win by two goals puts us into third place , i,ll take that Owls to win 2-0.
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  6. Lets get back to the days when the referee was in charge of the game, o.k you win some you lose some. We have not needed VAR for all these years why do we need it now. I fully agree with what CW says , and while i,m on this rant lets get back to three o,clock kick off,s on a saturday afternoon with the occassional game in midweek. It,s really p.....g me off.
  7. Cheers Padders, It,s when i stake the money the problems start.😁
  8. Firstly lets put things in perspective. We are a far better team than Luton, but i have to admit Brentford are a decent team, and so are we at times. . Last week both teams got results that gives them optimism for todays game. It will be close and either team could scrape a victory. I,ll stay loyal with the Owls winning 2-1.
  9. Why not, we have a full strength squad to pick from. My forecast for the last two games is still on track and although mathematically you are better winning one and losing one i personally think most would have taken draws against our last two opponents, 1-1 for me.
  10. Would be in a relegation battle if i was,,Although i am one of the twenty thousand plus supporters who attend on a regular basis and think they can manage the team and have done for sixty years.
  11. There is no doubt our next two games will both be tough, Swansea home and WBA away. We are hanging in there just and who knows what the outcome is going to be. Six points, let's get real. Four would be an achievement. Three possible, Two you could say, will take that against top two. One likely. None, then making it tough for ourselves. At least whatever the result of the first game we have two weeks to regroup before our trip to the Midlands.
  12. A tough game and a win would be welcome. I, ll go for 1-0 Owls and Fletcher to score.
  13. After the Lord Mayor,s show, bad day at the office, call it what you like that was totally unacceptable. That was surely a chance to get more points on the board against a team who have not won in their last six games, and for the near three thousand fans to watch that display must have been like pulling your nails out with a pair of pliers. (torture) . GM (like the fans) obviously knows he needs players in and for some , i think they can forget contract renewals For a player to take ten corners and not one leads to a goalscoring chance is unbeleivable then somehow we manage to score an d within minutes were losing to a goal that KW would never have let in ninety nine times out of one hundred. Even though he stopped everything Blackburn threw at him. As previous poster says, A day to forget, Lets move on.
  14. To say i think we will field a full strenght side is only of ones opinion. I expect us to field a side capable of beating Blackburn is more of a way of putting it these days. Owls to win 2-0
  15. I like your last sentence, we will have to get you over for our next meaningful game. Enjoy your sport.
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