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  1. Cannot see any further than a home win , and yes Joao will score. We are running out of games only won nine all season, Could we have made DM appointment earlier when Pulis exited, if that had been possible?. Owls to lose 3-0. and twelve left to play, get ready for League 1.
  2. Our strikers are about as handy as a damp Captain Webb.
  3. So sad to hear of the passing of Ian St John , Along with Big Jack and Maurice Setters the three of them got us out of the dark days of the seventies and back on the road to recovery. R.I.P Saint and condolences to family and friends.
  4. How,s about a bit of "new manager syndrome " for starters. 2-0 Owls.
  5. Done a decent job at Doncaster, harshly treat at West Brom and well respected in the game. Why couldn,t DC have moved earlier and we just may not have been in the predicament we are in now, He will get my support and i,m sure most fans, even if it has come as a surprise appointment. Now all DC has to do is let him do the job we have fourteen cup finals to play Good Luck Darren.
  6. After sixty three years my tools are down, and will stay down until DC see,s sense and gets the right people in to run the club or sells up, Either way i will not be watching what is being passed off as a game of football at this present time until it is sorted, What DC is doing to our club just does not make sense he has lost millions and is going to lose more the way he,s performing. One day i will be back to see the Owls compete in a game of football, as for now it,s time for me to take a rest from S6 and go and take a look at one of the local lower league clubs when they get back to some sort of normality. For now you make the most of what is being served up and stay safe. W.A.W.A.W
  7. Cannot see anything other than a Brentford win to nil.
  8. Whether it be a must win game against a team who are in the same predicament or just another league match , we still have to get three points on the board and Wycombe will be thinking no differently. Games are coming thick and fast and team selection must be a nightmare for NT who can only hope everyone is available and up for selection. I can only think of the Owls winning.
  9. Plus a case of Asda red, should seal a deal.
  10. You cannot ask for more than the team gave tonight, Against a team up there challenging for promotion, but who are are on a poor run by there standards. Let that be the benchmark for the rest of the season and our place in the league will be assured. Well done Owls.
  11. If we come away with anything it will be a bonus, althouth they have lost their last three games. So lets keep their run going with a smash and grab performance we need the points thats for sure.
  12. My mistake SP, it was previous to that. Stay safe over there.
  13. I was fully behind the Rhodes signing, going on his past record he could and should have been the final piece in the jigsaw, how wrong i was. The jigsaw is now in the bin has far as i,m concerned. As for the PNE game who know,s unbeaten in the last four games against them, which counts for nothing . We need wins, how we get them i don,t care lets just get this season over and regroup, whether it be in championship or league one. I,m totally one peed off Owl.
  14. Just had a look on oddschecker, Roy Keane,s turn to be favourite with the three leading bookmakers Evens, 6/5 and 5/4 you take your choice. Neil Thompson second fav at 2/1 , Ivic best price at 4/1 with Paul Cook still there at 7/1. So the saga goes on.
  15. As long as he his available for selection for all our games, the rest is up to the manager/coach.
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