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  1. Not to say the ref should be demoted, 23,000 can't be wrong.
  2. Back home, less said the better.
  3. See no reason to not go same again. With no midweek game the players have had time to recover and as they say why change a winning team if circumstances allow it, other than tactical. We should have enough to beat an inconsistent Blackburn, but we,ve all heard that one before. Three points is the priority, i,m going to say we will get at least three. 3+ -0. would be nice.
  4. It looks like we are looking to the future, think i,ll get a ten year season ticket ? ttps://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/argentina-winger-signs-for-wednesday/
  5. They certainly did Jim, 38,082, but there opponents were worthy of the support at that time. 😂
  6. I don,t think much is going to happen in this transfer window so lets look towards end of season and who we can let go. We have twelve players out of contract, Rhodes , Fletcher, Hutchinson, Forestieri, Bates , Pelupessy , Winnall, Fox, Lee, Nuhiu, Dawson and Baker . Out of them in my opinion there is only Dawson who i would be trying to keep, the rest for whatever reason could go, I think we have a decent manager who now knows what his players are capable of or is prepared to put a shift in. I,m sure there is better out there who would love to pull on a blue and white striped shirt on, and for less money. I don,t blame players for getting the best they can but somewhere along the line our chairman has been badly advised. I hold my hand up and say yes i did want Rhodes at the club, but he just has not performed to the levels that we expected. Forestieri would have gone the day he refused to get on that coach, no matter how good a player he was, but has not shown it since. Hutchinson, Lee, Fletcher, Winnall, would have to take substantial drops in wages to get new contracts . The rest have just not done enough. Who will come in is anyone,s guess , and who knows whats going to happen between now and the end of the season , we may need to be bringing in PL players you never know, it,s a funny old game.
  7. Always been a big fan of the FA cup, now let's get back on course in the league. U T O.
  8. Guaranteed promotion uuumh !, don, think so.
  9. To say, A bad day at the office would be an under statement.
  10. Fox is fit to play , it was an eye injury. Fletcher training today, Forestieri not available till new year.
  11. I,ve see us play a lot better and come away with nothing so i think we,ll take the three points , even if it was a soft penalty that decided it. Be nice to see some teams dropping out of the race but as we say anyone can beat anyone on the day in this league, although i would expect us to come away with all three points from Stoke. So whether you support red or blue may it be a Merry Christmas to you all and your families.
  12. It,s like everyone says , anyone can beat anyone in this league. Lets just hope we get an early christmas present, Iike you point out it will be a good scalp, I think we will get a win the team seem to be up for it and i,m sure the fans will be behind them. Owls 3-1
  13. I always had faith in him, he's just a slow starter. 😀
  14. An opportunity missed is all I, m going to say Grrrrrrr.
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