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  1. potlegs. There you go , i said email plus phone could be used no need to pm . I DID NOT SAY PM WAS NOT TO BE USED. So stop misconstruing what l said . :)Owl.
  2. Excuse me , but take a look at what i said , so no need to use pm if one they don't want to . Didn't say anyone can't. Owl.
  3. Hang on a minute potlegs , you're making a false , untrue allegation against me. Lets get it right , i never, ever said it isn't right to use pm . What i did say people have the choice and can use email or phone their prerogative . So go back and re-read for youself what i did actually say, and stop the false accusations if you don't mind. Owl.
  4. There's nothing wrong with that dobby at all, as you say there's other means email plus phone , no need to pm, whatever goes. Owl.
  5. Its great news coming out of Hillsborough in that both Will Keane and Sergio Bus are both back in full training today.With also Caolan Lavery back and in goalscoring form together with Atdhe Nuhiu and Scottish international Stevie " REVELATION" MAY we have a full complement of strikers .According to Stuart both Keane and Bus are in contention for the Huddersfield game.Against the general consensus that the Owls are safe and are playing out the season , i firmly believe there will not be any let up. Owl.
  6. Completely agree Corks although some fans will not admit , and yes play - off's are not a foregone conclusion. Owl.
  7. Excellent explanation alison "laymans terms". :o. Owl.
  8. What did you say alison ? Could you please say again ?... ooh err . :o. Owl.
  9. Oh mister Cloughie what yer gunna do Yer lost to Fleetwood --------now yuv gone an lost to Crewe. . Owl.
  10. That's right 66. , and the BOGEYMAN returns in the shape of Ryan Colclough. Bring on Barnsley. .. Owl.
  11. Thats right cuttsie and whilst playing in his England days you'll remember who supplied the crosses for him from the wings !!! Stanley Matthews on the right wing and Tom Finney left wing. Owl. ---------- Post added 28-03-2015 at 23:41 ---------- Bed time,night .Owl.
  12. Jackie Sewell , now thats a famous name , Now you cuttsie had the privelege of seeing a Wednesday legend. When he was transferred from Notts County to Wednesday in 1951 for £34,500 he was accorded the literal title " Worth weight in gold". At the time the price of gold was fixed at $ 35 an ounce. Owl.
  13. The Blades lose to Crewe (another BOGEY team )with a stunning late goal from Ryan Colclough , well worth seeing on the Football League show. A derby defeat next week against Barnsley will put the Tykes within 2 points of the Blades. All teams other than Peterborough right down to 10th Bradford all closed on the Blades. Barnsley are unbeaten in their last 9 matches , and you wouldn't bet against Lee Johnson making it 10. Owl.
  14. The Scarlet Pimpernel = castleboy We seek him here , we seek him there Those cliques seek him everywhere Is he in heaven ? --- Is he in hell ? That damn elusive castleboy . ( Sir Percy Blakeney , Baronet ( ch 12 ) The Scarlet Pimpernel === " castleboy WILL RETURN ". Owl.
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