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Derelict old Hallam Towers hotel in Broomhill

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Plans were presented years ago to knock it down and build new homes, but the residents around it protested that they would be over looked, quite amusing really, when the homes built would be two stories high as apposed to 16 or whatever it was as a hotel, with different people overlooking them through the year.

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Great shame. I stayed there in 1971 and it was a lovely hotel. What caused it's downfall - was it just lack of trade?


I worked at the hotel for 15yrs up to it closing.The hotel was owned by Forte then who where going to refurbish it inside and out,this was put on hold as Gerry Robinson of Granada put a take over bid in which was accepted by the shareholders.This is when it started to go down hill.It was then sold to Bass who then turned into Six Continents,None of these companies wanted to spend any money on it.It was then sold to Holiday Inn who had it a couple years.They were going to refurbish it but could not recoup the few million £ it was going to cost within two years so it was sold on to Hagues(plant hire people) The hotel was closed and everyone lost their jobs.

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