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  1. They were created in the 1960s by a prolonged advertising campaign for cat food,so the habit is about 50 years old.Is this the time frame you had in mind?
  2. I think you are replying to your own post?
  3. Look at Robert Reagan,he was a poor actor and yet was a successful president,serving two terms. ---------- Post added 08-04-2013 at 16:46 ---------- It does not take much to govern large states like Wyoming as they are empty.
  4. Is she related to Michael Payling of Python fame?
  5. I think a female would be even more conciliatory than LBJ in deal-breaking/making.I would like to see Merril Streap have a crack-she made a great PM in that film recently.
  6. I don't believe a female president would have sat in a school classroom forten minutes when some rapid response was called for.A female president would have left the room making a dignified exit.Have you watched the footage where Bush is stubborn and indecisive-a female would have been flexible and analytical.I hope we get a female in the White House soon,like Eleanor Rosebelt
  7. Buy online but don't waste the time of shops unless you are a cad!
  8. If you post a list of words you dislike I will avoid using them.It is a rather juvenile form of censorship.
  9. I have no idea as I neither own a cat nor a dog.If I did I would attempt to minimise their impact on others.
  10. Hardly a very constructive way to engage in debate.Do you mean PMs of European states or presidents-the two roles are not equivalent? ---------- Post added 08-04-2013 at 16:05 ---------- Excellent summary from the authentic voice of the USA.And Johnson even outshone Kennedy when in office.
  11. Bush was an idiot.When informed of the 9/11 disaster he froze.He was in a meeting with some school children and refused to leave the room.He has no grasp of detail and beat Al Gore by cheating in Florida.Members of families advance in politics due to patronage,nepotism and finance,not ability.
  12. It is nice to see a well balanced assessment of a city,and good to see an underlying sense of humour.Quaint means attractively old-fashioned so its hardly the insult you feel it is,and as you implied Sheffield is not at the cutting edge which I think is rather healthy.
  13. Crampton and Moore,but please do not waste their time if you are browsing for an internet purchase.They will probably price match within reason.Shop local. ---------- Post added 08-04-2013 at 15:49 ---------- Except morality?
  14. The attractions of Sheffield are too subtle to detect on a quick visit.Sheffield is a place for residents,whereas York is a place for visitors but I would not wish to live there.I can say the same for Oxford,Bath,Stratford and Towcester. ---------- Post added 08-04-2013 at 08:45 ---------- Leicester is the most diverse city in UK and is a must visit.Loads visit Bradford on Delius pilgrimages.Northampton once shod 200 million members of the empire and is home to the world's deepest municipal swimming pool.
  15. Cats should be walked on leads like dogs or kept indoors,and taught to use litter trays.What do cat-owners other than put down food?It is a lazy person's pet.
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