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  1. Hi Does anyone know if any sandwich or food outlets are still doing a delivery service in S3/4/5? I work at a GP surgery and we are all missing our "treat days" as we like to call them?
  2. Looking for a kitten to join our family, please inbox me if anyone an help Katie
  3. They are Russian hamsters, seem very happy at the moment
  4. I have just adopted 3 sister hamsters that were born in a shop and can't be sold. I have bought a large cage and have adopted them together at the advice of the assistant. I have been told that Hamsters will fight as they get older, is this the case for sisters???
  5. Anyone know what happened to the outpatient outside canopy this morning. Looks like it collapsed and glass all over car park?
  6. I live in Clegg's constituency, I would love to see his reaction if they all come here!
  7. I've been known to enjoy one or two myself, but that is wrong, turning a bike shelter into a smokers zone, don't tell me they haven't got enough money to erect a simple smokers shelter
  8. You should know better than to post on here, I have never had a serious answer to any questions.....says a lot about Sheffield folk.....NOT
  9. Why do people write such rubbish to a perfectly sensible question??
  10. It is, but then again, there isn't a lot of choice ---------- Post added 06-02-2014 at 19:47 ---------- "large lamb pieces", that sounds like what I am on about, but to far away from me....damn!
  11. They maybe, but have you any idea what they put in the processed crap? ---------- Post added 06-02-2014 at 19:40 ---------- Sooner have fat than cow's eyelids.....
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