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  1. Hahahaha I didn't think of that...... I already have and there is no apparent reason, just wondered if anyone else has been in the same situation before I spend my life savings on a tooth
  2. Already had half of it done (the actual screw-in implant), just need other half doing. It was caused by trauma when I was 6, I'm now 21. Why are they charging me full price when half of it has been done?
  3. EYE STRAIN. It's been the bane of my life too recently. Sooooooo fed up of it. I spent £70 on glasses and they made it worse haha ARGGHHHHHH
  4. Thanks for the responses everyone, I will get ringing round
  5. I have a one bedroom flat that I share with my partner, sorry
  6. I've seen the other thread about homeless shelters but nobody has mentioned anything, so... I have made a new friend called Neil who sits in the tunnell on the end of Ecclesall Rd during the day and he was saying that at the weekends he has to go to the general cemetery or up near Crosspool woods if he wants to go to sleep without getting beaten up. Are there actually no shelters/ hostels/ centres that people can go to at the weekends rather than having to either stay awake all weekend or sleep in the cemetery? I've googled it etc but I'm so surprised that there isn't anywhere open at the weekend, it's very dangerous.
  7. Hello, I have a form to fill in to be a volunteer for SWWOP (a Sheffield based charity for working women). My concern for these ladies has arisen from moving down near Riverside near Derek Dooley Way and there are a lot of them around that area. It is very upsetting as they always look cold and hungry and sad. I am wondering if anyone on here volunteers for them and can tell me a bit more about what they do and how emotionally hard it is, as I am slightly worried I won't be able to help as much as I'd like to. What is it like volunteering for them? Do you think their work is effective? Also, is there anyone out there that wants to help out too? (please no nasty comments such as 'their on drugs.. its their fault.. they choose to do it' etc as this is very common and ignorant). Thanks
  8. hahahaha well at this rate they probably would..
  9. We know she's got gold, we know its fabulous what she's done we have praised her and supported her.. but maybe everyone is overdoing it just a little tinsy winsy bit? There are other people in the world that have inspired and helped people and blah blah blah, but really.. is it all a bit too much do we think? After all, and this is just my opinion, but there is a lot more to life than athletic ability.
  10. This is getting silly now. Well done Jess and all that but come on, it really is ridic.
  11. I am thinking of starting a small 'kawaii' costume jewellery/ accessories business and wondering where I can get stuff like plain hair clips, brooch pins, head bands etc? Preferably durable plastic/ vinyl. These will be decorated ornately with decoden- a popular fashion niche from Japan. Any info at all I would be very grateful
  12. Typical of someone that chooses to ignore the fact that mental health problems can be JUST as debilitating as physical problems. And just the same as a physical problem, we cannot choose whether or not we have one. People die from mental health issues
  13. I have already posted about anxiety in the past, but recently it has worsened to the point where i daren't go out other than to work or with my boyfriend- A few weeks ago I had severe anxiety and was suicidal for a week. I have never felt so insane/sad/hollow in my entire life. It was hard for my boyfriend as he doesn't understand depression or anxiety, he is always happy and doesn't (and rightly so) have any confidence issues etc. He just kept saying 'youve just got to pull yourself together and stop crying... if you do that again i'll leave you cos this is ridiculous'. My mum eventually had to take me to the doctors as a first step, and they put me on tramazadone (tranq). Now I'm like a zombie. I can't drink- especially if I am out with work, as I panic about what I have said/ done the night before to the point where it is literally all weekend and I am unable to sleep relax. All my friends drink regularly, particularly at the weekend, or do uppers like coke, pills, mkat, mdma etc so if anyone else is in a similar situation I'd love some advice from someone thats not going to put me on tranqs. Argh.
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