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  1. I opened the Barclays Bank sub-branch in 1964. Worked there for 3 months. It was opposite a pub I've forgotten the neme of.
  2. I last sank a few Wards in a pub near Crookes, near the bottom of Lydgate Lane. Great stuff. Certainly one of the best bitters I've ever drunk - and I've tried a few since 1960.
  3. 20/2/4d after my first month working for Barclays Bank, Hillsborough in 1960.
  4. 'I Talk Too Much'. Francis Rossi's autobiography. Excellent.
  5. Barclays Bank 1960. Salary £295 per annum. After tax etc, came to £20-2-4d a month.
  6. Winifred Blenkinsop - wife of Ernie, Sportsman Inn, Crosspool. 1950's - mid 1960's I think.
  7. Charging points are on the increase. If, in 3 years, I want to part exchange my petrol vauxhall for an all electric, then I reckon they wont want it and I'll have to pay cash.
  8. The Manager of the Old Harrow used to pay in at the Bank I worked at in Sheffield way back in 1963/5. Tall guy, black hair. Looked as though he would have no trouble in chucking out troublemakers.
  9. Not a bad way to beat the West Indies. Four wickets in one over. Mission accomplished.
  10. Can't separate them. Both were great and as good as each other. Its a priviledge to have watched them both.
  11. 'Why Mummy Drinks' by Gill Sims. Hilarious.
  12. No, she's not diabetic - she just has regular low sugar level (below 4 I think). I'll make sure her teachers are fully aware that she needs regular snacks to maintain safe levels.
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