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  1. I am not convinced by the validity of his theories.
  2. An old friend of mine, Max Cooke was there until about 1961 I think. Probably 3 years older than you so you may not have known him.
  3. In 1961, I'd go out on a Friday night with 10 bob. Buy 10 Park Drive, 4 pints of Mansfield and enough left for fish and chips on the way home.
  4. Had many trips to Totley Cutting 1958/9. Saw the occasional Beyer-Garratt.
  5. In Buckley, all 4 Banks have shut for good. One is now a cafe, the other 3 lie empty. We have plenty of charity shops although Claire House has gone as has its shop in nearby Mold. In Buckley, Costa Coffee has shut and for a town with a population of 18000, apart from Supermarkets, Hairdressers, nail bars, betting shops and tattoo parlours, there's not much joy in shopping.
  6. Saw Lonnie Donegan there in 1957.
  7. A Ticket to Oblivion by Edward Marston. Set in Victorian times - an excellent read.
  8. The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. Obviously popular but also very good.
  9. The Confession by Jo Spain. Great read. Just finished it.
  10. Went train spotting at the cutting 1957-9. Also the Fleur to see Joe Cocker. And drink Stones.
  11. The Chain by Adrian McKinty. A good read/plot.
  12. Had a few in the Grindstone, Crookes many years back and thought it was a cracking pint.
  13. I lived in Preston when Bobby managed North End and Jack was in charge of Middlesborough. I went to watch the teams meet at Deepdale. I think Middlesborough won 4-1 or 4-2. I think Jack did a pretty good job at Middlesborough but this didn't get a mention in the program.
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