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  1. Old friend of mine used to manage The Mindreaders. Don't think they made much of an impact. About 1962/3.
  2. I had one today from HMRC - so they claimed, telling me they owe me £650 so could I give them my credit card details so they can credit it. Any refunds from HMRC are delivered by the postman.
  3. I worked at Barclays Bank in Hillsborough 1960-1962 and I can't remember if the cinema was there then or not. I walked past the end of Proctor Place hundreds of times.
  4. I played in The Raiders - early 60's. We did Saturday dances at St Columbas, Crosspool. Alternate Saturdays with Joe Cocker who was then Vance Arnold and the Avengers. He was better than we were.
  5. Several boys from the homes were in my year at Lydgate Lane School 1948-54. I contacted one of them on this site about 10 years ago. Melville Deakin. He ran a wine exporting business in America.
  6. Hi Karen. When you next see Dave, please give him regards from Mick George. Haven't seen him since 1962 but I was one of several in the Crosspool 1960's gang.
  7. Lydgate Lane, Crosspool, 1947-1954. Had a great time there. Mr Savile taught us for the last 2 years and got me through to King Teds.
  8. Saw Pat Leslie about 5 years ago in a pub in Lodgemoor - near the top of Crimicar Lane. She sang well. Barry Holmes on organ. He's been with the Greycats a while. He used to play piano with 'my' group, The Raiders at St. Columbas , Crosspool on a Saturday Night. We did alternate Saturdays with Vance Arnold and the Avengers alias Joe Cocker. His group were a lot better than ours.
  9. At a well known bookies, they have Conservative majority the 10/11 favourite with no overall majority a close 11/10 2cnd favourite. My money's on the 11/10 option.
  10. I used to live on Slayleigh Avenue and walked/drove past the sweet shop many times. I went in a few times, but not since 1965. Went in the cafe/shop a few times en cycling route to Wyming Brook then through the woods to Rivelin Dams.
  11. They have it in my local Home Bargains in North Wales which is fine by me.
  12. I opened the Barclays Bank sub-branch in 1964. Worked there for 3 months. It was opposite a pub I've forgotten the neme of.
  13. I last sank a few Wards in a pub near Crookes, near the bottom of Lydgate Lane. Great stuff. Certainly one of the best bitters I've ever drunk - and I've tried a few since 1960.
  14. 20/2/4d after my first month working for Barclays Bank, Hillsborough in 1960.
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