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  1. I couldn't have put it better myself.
  2. mikeG


    Ah. Google says its back to normal. 2.10 on channel 4.
  3. Anyone know which channel Countdown's on today and at what time.
  4. I live in North Wales Linda and I've had regular phone calls from my dentist to cancel my appointment and re-arrange it for the following month. They are trying their best but are restricted in what they can do. The jab is ok. I was in and out of the surgery in 5 minutes and didn't feel a thing. No side effects.
  5. If you google Tony Hicks or Bobby Elliott who still play with the band, I'm sure they could point you in the right direction.
  6. We had a neighbour in Fulwood. Surname Reynolds. Rumour had it that he had connections with Sutherlands. Thats going back to 1965.
  7. Crosspool. Junction of Lydgate Lane and Manchester Road. Outside Wallers paper shop - both shop and telephone box long gone I suspect.
  8. 'Farewell my Lovely' by Raymond Chandler. Up to page 40. So far so good.
  9. Anyone recommend a good electric razor. My latest (£50 reduced from £100) from a well known High St. shop is useless and I regularly resort to a wet shave. My granddad had a rotary Phillishave which lasted him for years but I cannot seem to find one that gives me a decent shave.
  10. It was 1989 when the tram got him. How time flies.
  11. In the 1950's, in Crosspool, we had a chap - Mr Musk who did decorating for my parents. He probably lived in Crosspool or nearby.
  12. I was at Lydgate 1948-54 and enjoyed every day. Mr Saville was our teacher for the last 2 years and he was great. All the class sailed through the 11 plus - but King Teds wasn't as enjoyable as Lydgate. Over the years, I've bumped into a few old classmates, but not many. If I knew Joe Cocker was to become famous, I'd have got his autograph in 1954 - or when he was on stage at St. Columbas in 1961/2.
  13. I wonder if we have the capacity (nuclear I presume), to produce the electricity needed to charge millions of cars a day.
  14. I used to catch the number 2 from Malin Bridge through Rivelin and got off at Coldwell Lane, near Crosspool. I think the number 2 took us to Norton to see Joe Cocker at the local dance on a Saturday night.
  15. You're right. The emphasis was on the death of British airmen and 1000+ drownings and how the dams were allowed to be repaired - probably quite quickly. So the phrase 'turning point' doesn't apply.
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