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  1. I saw Dave Berry on stage many times in the 60's. Saw him at Warners, Gunton Hall last Saturday and he was brilliant.
  2. Stephen Hill Road, Crosspool. Some great cycle rides round Rivelin and through Lodgemoor and the woods to come out at the swingboats on the A57. Ladybower, Bamford, Hathersage not far away. Don't think I'd get far today - the number of cars on the road would put me off for a start.
  3. I'm reading Rod's autobiography. Written about 10 years ago, its an interesting read. His life in music from about 1962 is quite remarkable. We're about the same age, but my lifestyle has been on a different planet.
  4. My dentist has gone private and I'm seeking recommendations for plans to help spread the cost of future treatment. I've heard of Denplan and Bupa. If anyone could suggest any others, I'd appreciate it. By PM if possible. TIA.
  5. Young children should never be left unattended in the company of any dog, especially pit bulls and staffies.
  6. Firth and Vickers aren't in my family tree.
  7. Hi Brian. I sent emails to the above address on 6th and 16th of this month. Sent them both again today (26th). Sent you an email from my aol address today and also sent a PM today from this Sheffield Forum site but invisible sources seem to be preventing all messages reaching you. My home phone is 01244 297274,. Cheers.
  8. 'Never Go Back' by Robert Goddard. I'm only a quarter of the way through but I'm certainly going to finish it.
  9. email on its way from backflashmg@hotmail.com
  10. Hi Brian, Tried to send pm but computer being silly.. Will try again and condense 60 years of history into a page or two. Great to hear from you. Am still in touch with Barry Holmes who was with Pat Leslie and the Greycats for quite a while. Will try to send pm soon.
  11. In 1962, she was dating a telephone engineer. Don't know if they married as I haven't seen her from 1963 onwards.
  12. I worked with a Carol Inglis 1960-62. She lived on Fitzhubert I think.
  13. A sad example of selfishness and self importance.
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