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  1. 20/2/4d after my first month working for Barclays Bank, Hillsborough in 1960.
  2. 'I Talk Too Much'. Francis Rossi's autobiography. Excellent.
  3. Barclays Bank 1960. Salary £295 per annum. After tax etc, came to £20-2-4d a month.
  4. Winifred Blenkinsop - wife of Ernie, Sportsman Inn, Crosspool. 1950's - mid 1960's I think.
  5. Charging points are on the increase. If, in 3 years, I want to part exchange my petrol vauxhall for an all electric, then I reckon they wont want it and I'll have to pay cash.
  6. The Manager of the Old Harrow used to pay in at the Bank I worked at in Sheffield way back in 1963/5. Tall guy, black hair. Looked as though he would have no trouble in chucking out troublemakers.
  7. Not a bad way to beat the West Indies. Four wickets in one over. Mission accomplished.
  8. Can't separate them. Both were great and as good as each other. Its a priviledge to have watched them both.
  9. 'Why Mummy Drinks' by Gill Sims. Hilarious.
  10. No, she's not diabetic - she just has regular low sugar level (below 4 I think). I'll make sure her teachers are fully aware that she needs regular snacks to maintain safe levels.
  11. My grandaughter has hypoglycemia and has to have regular sweet snacks to boost her sugar levels. This is not easy as she's at school and is only 4 and a half. I've heard that from the age of 5 they can grow out of it. Has anyone any experience of this?
  12. No I didn't. The sign says that you are allowed 2 hours for local shopping - not just Aldi.
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