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  1. Around 1964/5, I opened and ran Barclays sub-branches at Banner Cross and Meadowhead. I don't know if they've survived but I rather doubt it.
  2. I think Dave Berry used to frequent the coffee bar on a Saturday early 60's. Jo Cocker preferred the pub opposite the town hall (forgotten the name).
  3. Saw the program on TV. The early investigation was riddled with mistakes but justice was done when the quick thinking Sheffield policeman found the all important hammer.
  4. Dear me. I worked there 1960-62. Ernie Farmer was my first manager then Ken Kaye after Ernie retired.
  5. Used to go in the Chez Brion in Broomhill early 60's. I think it was run by a chap called Mooney.
  6. Strength of will, courage - this program had the lot.
  7. 'The Dinner' by Herman Koch. Dutch author but fortunately translated into English. I'm up to page 67 and its a good read.
  8. 'Reach for the Ground'. The downhill struggle of Jeffrey Bernard.
  9. Saw them on stage in Scarborough in the mid 80's. Excellent.
  10. Received email recently supposedly from DVLA telling me my car was untaxed and I would be fined £290 if I drove it before paying for tax. I was invited to 'click here to pay'. Clicked the delete button as car is taxed till end of year and the email address was dodgy.
  11. Wards it was, of course Excellent ale. Although I did sample Sam Smiths in a pub in Tadcaster, just over the road from the brewery. That, too, was very good.
  12. Was the Hermitage opposite Barclays Bank and near to the Locarno? When I worked in the Bank, I used to nip in for a swift half of Sam Smiths Tadcaster ales. Proper beer.
  13. One of the Broom employees who paid in at the Bank where I worked was A E Blackwell (I think).
  14. Hi John. I remember Dad mentioning Jimmy Moore many times. Dad retired in 1972 and moved to Hawarden which is where he married in 1940. He started a picture framing business in the village. In his 80's he kept in touch with Jeff Edwards (Shepcote Lane) and they often went to Madeira for 2/3 months to escape the Welsh winter. Jeff died last year aged 100.
  15. I knew John Littler well when he lived in Crosspool, then Fulwood. He retired to Norfolk. I last saw him in 1990 at my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary.
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