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  1. A Ticket to Oblivion by Edward Marston. Set in Victorian times - an excellent read.
  2. The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. Obviously popular but also very good.
  3. The Confession by Jo Spain. Great read. Just finished it.
  4. Went train spotting at the cutting 1957-9. Also the Fleur to see Joe Cocker. And drink Stones.
  5. The Chain by Adrian McKinty. A good read/plot.
  6. Had a few in the Grindstone, Crookes many years back and thought it was a cracking pint.
  7. I lived in Preston when Bobby managed North End and Jack was in charge of Middlesborough. I went to watch the teams meet at Deepdale. I think Middlesborough won 4-1 or 4-2. I think Jack did a pretty good job at Middlesborough but this didn't get a mention in the program.
  8. I remember the closed curtain routine from Crosspool in the 1950's. If I were walking to/from school I'd have to take my cap off and stand to attention while the hearse passed.
  9. I recorded the program about Jack but haven't watched it yet. Probably not much mention of his time as Wednesday's manager either. Shame as there's a lot more to the bloke other than managing Ireland.
  10. My father tried to join the RAF but failed the medical owing to being colour blind. He was advised to go back to his steel making job in a factory in Huddersfield. I believe they produced engine/body parts for the RAF to help keep the planes flying. If Hitler had known of this, I'm sure he would have had the factory well and truly bombed.
  11. My Uncle was a rear gunner in a Sunderland Flying Boat protecting Atlantic convoys. He managed 3 years without any mishaps.
  12. After the last year, I feel grateful to be old and retired. Our family are doing ok but Covid took one of our friends who was just 48. The place where I used to work is closing down putting 2100 jobs at risk. If I were 30 years younger and still working there with mortgage and family, I would be very worried to put it mildly. The pandemic has changed our way of life, not necessarily for the better. I shopped in a nearby town today and was saddened by the number of shops and businesses shut down. Shops, cafes, a betting shop and 3 charity shops to name but four.
  13. Pathetic and dangerous, mindless louts.
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