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  1. Buckley, North Wales.
  2. Thanks. Will have a look at the pipes.
  3. The cold water tap in the bathroom keeps getting a black deposit attached on the inside. If you wipe it off, it gradually reappears. Some sort of chemical in the water? Anyone else had this or is it just us?
  4. 'The Way You Look Tonight' by Richard Madeley. Great story.
  5. Reach for the Ground by Jeffrey Bernard.
  6. Knew a chap called John Robson who was at Brown Bayleys in the 60's. He was known as Dog Robson but don't know why.
  7. Someone could have stepped in to help but the police would probably have shot them.
  8. Learnt to drive in one of those. Lovely car. Hillsborough School of Motoring, 1960.
  9. You can't create matter so God must have been created by a nobody with no raw materials. Similarly , the universe cannot have been created with no raw materials.
  10. 'The Night Book' by Richard Madeley. He's a good author.
  11. The Essential Dave Allen. Edited by Graham McCann. Very good. I haven't got him on DVD but will start looking for some.
  12. Mr Curtis used to live on Marsh Lane, Crosspool and sold my parents our first TV. a KB 14" Console in 1952..
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