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  1. Make sure you pay even if they don't send you a demand, its your responsibility to pay when it's due. They can charge interest and even foreclose on you. Don't ignore it.
  2. This is next door to the White Lion?
  3. Nuns wear burqas? Since when? They've not even worn habits for forty years at least. I went to a convent prep school, the nuns wore black dresses or a business suit, with a short veil on a band over their heads. I think some of you are living in the past, tbh.
  4. Her indoors just asked, are these all men pontificating on here? Then she rolled her eyes at me like it's my fault you lot insist on commenting on women's stuff. Like this just passing it on.
  5. This is the one with the half naked blokes chanting and hitting themselves? I've seen it in London, if its the one I'm thinking of. Not a pretty sight, if so.
  6. It's just a return to the old status quo. Before the Strong Leader cabinet model was enforced by the then Labour government in 2000. As I understand it, it was more democratic in that councillors sat on specific committees and had more influence on decisions than now, when it's basically Julie Dore calling the shots.
  7. Woodseats S8 was in Derbyshire until early years of 20thc. County border was the Meers Brook in Victorian times. Before that it was Heeley Bridge. Hence Heeley Duff 'em. Sheffield's been pushing south for a couple of centuries.
  8. Like the old beerhouses in someone's front room, a lot of them are in small shops. Got to be cheaper to run than a big old pub with no one in it all week.
  9. Just out of idle interest, what would be the correct way to address a letter to a non-binary being? Just in case it ever arises in my world.
  10. Sorry to read it, mate. Hope you get them back. Hard to believe there's so many blatant crooks around that area and so many of them are just kids.
  11. Any hardware store. Or try somewhere like b&m, home bargains, or a supermarket in the cleaning sections.
  12. According to FB comnents from his sister, his uncle put him in a taxi at Crystal, paid the fare up front and yet the cabbie put him down at Arundel Gate. He then went down Howard Street to the station, was seen on camera on Shude Hill and then heading to the Wicker. Trying to make his way home on foot? At this point he appears to have lost his shirt, so the post says. All a bit worrying when he's not a young lad that goes out much. Also, he's not the lad in A&E, he's been identified. Just have to hope he turns up soon.
  13. I sometimes wonder how often the sarcasm and pedantry encountered on here deters people from acting on their concerns.? But if it is happening around lunchtime, it's pretty unlikely to be an organised dogfight. If in the early hours, could be. If it's the police kennels, why would it only happen intermittently? Looks like you might have to go sleuthing.to find out for certain.
  14. you can never just criticise anything Islamic, can you mate? Always have to add in a bit of whataboutery. Tommy Robinson isn't a hate preacher, where you get that from? Neither is Maajid Nawaz. Although he's also been accused. This radio station must either be idiots or they did it deliberately. I'm not a Muslim and even I know who he is. The height of irresponsibility, they need a massive fine at least. And during Ramadan too, tut, tut!
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