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Why do razor blades go blunt?

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i knew a bloke who was board with shaving so had his beard waxed:loopy:

yes it was painful and his face was really brused and swollen for ages.


I wouldn't recommend facial waxing for a bloke, but I know a number of men who suffer such bad razor rash or ingrown hairs that they use depilatory cream rather than shave at all.

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One of the best 'life hacks' I learnt from the internet was to shave your jeans.


Before and after you shave get a pair of jeans and run your razor 10-20 times down your jeans in one direction then in the opposite direction.


Also make sure that your razor is dry after shaving.


I've been using one pack of blades for ages now. Saves a ton of money and gives you a great shave.

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They certainly will not go bust with the price they charge.

What a rip-off!..£10 for 4 blades.

Anyone know how much they actually cost to produce?


No idea. Probably not very much. How much does a kitchen knife cost to make and what's the mark-up?


You could always buy a re-sharpenable razor (A cut-throat or a Rolls) but you might end up spending a fair bit on sticky plasters.


How often do you buy razorblades? Do you buy razorblades as often as you buy a loaf of bread? I wonder how long razorblades sit around in warehouses and on shelves in shops before they sell? The owner of the goods while they are sitting around in a warehouse or in a shop isn't making any money by keeping them on the shelf.


If space wasn't a problem, then given that the effort in ordering one item is probably the same as the effort in ordering another, then if you could sell 500 loaves of bread at 50% mark-up per day or one pack of razorblades at 200% mark-up every 5 days, would you even bother to stock razorblades?


There are a number of shops which only sell bread. I haven't found one which only sells razorblades.



If I was a bloke I'd have laser treatment so I wouldn't ever have to shave again


I think that you'd find that after you had had the required amount of laser treatment to destroy the follicles permanently, you might want a beard to hide the scars.

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