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  1. https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/product/MNHF2ZM/A/earpods-with-35mm-headphone-plug?fnode=3e150b19941ae3d65791fa1dda782ba4d3d96db2774b8cb69b915634ba3fb9b92ca5b885049d722e564c4003cb42af19b7ee25e2c1fa3bdc7dbd46747a881e6cd7ed3b286db0d3ee8e64c39c9b5a3294bbe8b302fde80c1e150093c4bf74cdfe1b7076047a78cd3a54ae0b8d004ecd97c74b4162032ebe53c8decdf22f61e39b&fs=f%3Dapple%26fh%3D47cf%252B3214
  2. http://www.bangood.com e.g. 150*105*55mm Aluminum Instrument Box PCB Enclosure DIY Electronic Case
  3. So did you get any. 4 of us on all devices and not a sniff
  4. I think overall the main routes done are a complete pigs ear!
  5. HDMI would go to the TV other boxes would connect to the back of the Humax. I'd have a look at the back of your tv, if it has an optical out for the lindy box I'd connect it there.
  6. This would do it https://www.lindy.co.uk/audio-video-c2/converters-scalers-c105/spdif-dac-pro-with-headphone-amp-p7010 as would this https://www.amazon.co.uk/kenable-Headphone-Amplifier-Control-without/dp/B019ZUCC4M/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_23_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=G3DQ1MYB6K2MXHPWCZ7C
  7. I've used these since the early 90s http://www.mensaprinters.com/Default.html always helpful.
  8. Really sad, a very complicated intelligent and creative person. R.I.P my drunken lift buddy.
  9. used these for my saggy dfs sofa and they did a top job http://talbots-upholstery.co.uk/
  10. Have a look at these https://www.corgihomeplan.co.uk/our-products we have the £19 one and have been with them 4 years and had a few call outs and in the end a new boiler, brilliant service BTW its your money not theirs, every year they try to put ours up even though we're always in credit, i just tell them to put it as it was as i'd rather i owe them than they me.
  11. FF 57 looks good and seems faster. After many years I thought I'd revisit Safari but its still bad!
  12. ye gods, if thats whats being served over there I'd better take a box of Yorkshire Tea with me when I'm working there next month
  13. doubt i'd find one, was more thinking it would have to be 3D scanned or is that another world of pain?
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