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  1. We are popping down to Barlow Brewery tonight. They have several bands playing, farm shop barbecue and a great range of beers. After a couple of glasses of Anastasia I go giddy.
  2. Just round the corner from here they hire bikes for use on the Monsal Trail. They charge £17/day to hire a normal pedal bike and £25/day to hire an electric. There's not really much place to go on them other than Bakewell to Buxton and back but there's never a shortage of takers. They don't seem to need sponsorship for their bikes, just the vision to try an idea and invest in it. I've not heard that bike theft is an issue. Perhaps Sheffield folk become honest when they come out into Derbyshire.
  3. But that would be 6 cars parked in the street on a busy road junction and restricting access instead of 12 cars parked off the street in a car park. ---------- Post added 17-07-2014 at 09:51 ---------- I'm not surprised. I had a meal there a few months ago. Food average but service non existant.
  4. Yes but it still comes as a surprise to find it is the council who are doing the dumping. Perhaps it was them that did the rest of the fly tipping. It must be galling for the folk who got an on the stop fine for dropping a cigarette but.
  5. Well that's the thing isn't it. I really wouldn't invest my money in Sheffield city centre. As folk like Hammerson's clearly thought the same it seems that I'm not alone. It's not my city. I don't intend to live here. There are places that offer far greater opportunities in the UK and around the world. So once I have my certificates you won't see me for dust. But all is not doom and gloom. Sheffield is a great place for students. I'm not sure that we contribute that much to the economy, but seeing as how you turned the city centre over to us it would be rude to say no.
  6. I went into town today for the TdF big screen. I noticed on Chapel Walk alone there were 8 shops up for rent. The city centre seems to be dying on its feet.
  7. It certainly will. When the HS3 gets off the ground it will be possible to get to Manchester quicker from Rotherham than Sheffield.
  8. But on the plus side Meadowhall will get HS2 which will means in 30 years time you will be able to get to London 15 minutes quicker from there than you currently can from Sheffield Station. Although it will probably take you 15 minutes to get to Meadowhall if you are in the city centre.
  9. Wasn't it mororcyclists passing cars at speed on a blind bend?
  10. You can park in Waitrose for free. Just a 20 yard walk from your car to the store. How easy is that?
  11. I've fallen foul of the reusing of bags. There is nothing worse than walking along with 2 bottles of scotch in a carrier bag only to find the straps come off.
  12. You would be amazed how much you can actually achieve with just a joint bank account.
  13. Is there a taste like Stones any more. I was always told that Sheffield brewed Stones was Sheffield Gold, a very plale beer, but now it is brewed where ever they have spare capacity and varies in colour & strength. So rather than there being a beer called Stones it is just a generic name that the marketing men attach to a series of nondesript drinks.
  14. I tried it on my way home last night. I let go the wheel and ended up in the ditch. So I'm not sure that it is a great idea.
  15. http://www.justanswer.com/intellectual-property-law/75msl-purchased-rolex-watch.html I purchased a Rolex watch from goodwill and put it up for sale on ebay - within 2-3 days ebay notified me that it was a fake to cease and decease - I did - and I threw the watch away - weeks later I get an email from and attorneys office who represents Rolex asking for $350 in damages - see enclosed Account Options>XXX@XXXXXX.XXX Account–PrivacyViewXXX@XXXXXX.XXX All your Google+ pages ›Add account Sign out Settings 9-18-12.short, lucy.demand.pdfSave in Google DocsEdit onlineDownload originalShareFileViewHelp This is general counsel to Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. (“R0leX”), the owners of the federally registered Rolex Trademarks: ROLEX, PRESIDENT, SUBMARINER, YACHT-MASTER, DAYTONA, GMT-MASTER, DATEJUST and (Crown Device) (among others) (the “Rolex Trademarks”). lt has come to RoleX’s attention that you are illegally offering for sale and selling merchandise bearing counterfeit copies of the Rolex Trademarks (the “Illegal Merchandise”) on eBay.com. Your actions are likely to cause confusion and constitute trademark counterfeiting and infringement and dilution of RoleX’s intellectual property rights in violation of both federal and state laws. The penalties for such conduct are severe and may include injunctive relief, actual damages, statutory damages of up to $2,000,000 for each trademark that has been counterfeited, costs and attorneys’ fees (See l5 U.S.C. § lll7 et On behalf of Rolex, we demand that you immediately cease and desist from any and all offering for sale, sale, distribution, importation, manufacture, advertisement, promotion and display of the Illegal Merchandise. We also demand that you do the following: 1. Surrender all Illegal Merchandise in your possession, custody or control. 2. Provide the identity ofthe source ofthe Illegal Merchandise. San Francisco Office:XXXXX Suite 2200, San Francisco, CA 94105 tel XXX-XXX-XXXX Associated Offices: Gros & Waltenspuhl, Rue Beauregard 9, CH-1204 Geneva, Switzerland tel +XXXXXXXX Magrath LLP, XXXXXX, XXXXXX United Kingdom tel +44 XXX-XXX-XXXX E GIBNEY ANTHONY & FLAHERTYUP 3. Make payment to “Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc.” by Cashier’s Check, Certiñed Check or Money Order for all damages and costs incurred by Rolex in connection with your illegal conduct, in the amount of $350 USD. 4. Provide a full accounting of all sales and proñts earned from the sale of counterfeit Rolex merchandise; and 5. Provide a written guarantee that your illegal activities have been discontinued and will not resume any time in the future. Do not destroy nor discard the Illegal Merchandise. We strongly urge you not to contact the supplier of the Illegal Merchandise or to take any other action which would interfere With our client’s ability to eliminate Illegal Merchandise from the marketplace and will hold you responsible for your complicity in any such actions to the maximum extent provided by law. Please be advised that your failure to respond in Writing or to comply with these demands before September 25, 2012, may result in Rolex taking legal action to enforce its rights. Please send all information, along With your payment, to the attention of: Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLPXXXXXNew York, NY 10022 Attention: Rolex Enforcement If you have any questions, please call (XXX) XXX-XXXX. This letter does not constitute an exhaustive list of R0leX’s claims or rights, all of which are hereby expressly reserved. We await a response from you or your counsel. Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX
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