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  1. Thanks for sharing. Not seen this young lad busking and not the one I saw today, as he is much much older.
  2. Was he singing outside H&M this afternoon? If so, his name is Neill Ryan.
  3. I do an occasional on-line scan. All show clean.
  4. K-Meleon is my default browser. I also use Chrome, so have voted for Chrome in the poll.
  5. I do not have antivirus. Virus free for the past 18 months.
  6. If you are migrating then it will be a couple of hours downtime at the most. When I migrated to Plusnet it was 10 minutes downtime.
  7. Better using MSE then. If you are considering Panda then download and see what you think of it. Best way to test any software.
  8. Not that I know of. If you are using Windows 7 I'm lost to why you would prefer to use Windows Classic Theme. It is so 95
  9. Cheers! I have an image of Windows 7 and a repair disk (as this will be needed in this case). I will probably dual boot for now.
  10. Thanks. Just I thought I had made a mistake, and if I had I would have removed 'genuine copy of Windows required' from my post.
  11. Download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
  12. Another vote for MSE. Free (genuine copy of Windows required), easy to use and uses little resources.
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