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Why do razor blades go blunt?

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It's not the hair that blunts them usually, it's more to do with the blade's edge being continually blunted by the skin that the blade is being dragged along. The blade is so fine that at that level the skin is as rough as sandpaper.


This is one of the major reasons that shaving your legs blunts a blade much faster than shaving a face- there's a lot more skin covered.

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:huh: I was around in the 70's but I have no recollection of a 'pyramid'







According to Flanagan, pyramids with the exact relative dimensions of Egyptian pyramids act as "an effective resonator of randomly polarized microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy." Flanagan's claims range from enhancing the nutritional value of foods to sharpening knives by placing them under such a pyramid (aka the "Pat Flanagan Experimental Sensor") overnight.
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