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Why do razor blades go blunt?

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They certainly will not go bust with the price they charge.

What a rip-off!..£10 for 4 blades.


But they would if those four blades lasted forever, and could be passed down to your children and their children...



....but that's impossible anyway. You could have diamond-edged blades if you wanted, but they'd cost a fortune and still wouldn't last forever.

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My daughters used to occasional 'borrow' my razor without telling me, and the next day I would use it and cut my face to ribbons!!!!!!


If only I use it, I can make a new blade last me 6 months! Yes easily 6 months!!! So the price of the blades isn't really a concern for me, although they are flippin expensive! Oh and I do have to shave daily! (does this make me tight? :hihi:)

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It's because you haven't kept them in a pyramid.


Only those who were around in the 70s will understand this though.


You can keep a razor as sharp as an eagles



Completely forgot about The Alan Parsons Project ... as soon as you mentioned keeping a razor under a pyramid I knew what you meant though! (The line is at about 1:20) :D

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