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  1. shane39

    Ghosts of Foxhill

    When i lived up Foxhill back in the late 70s people used to say..If you stand on the back-edge on a certain night of the year,you may see car headlights,then a loud bang.Apparently someone crashed and died.??? The other ghost was on the back-edge at night.He was the headless horseman. We used to crap our pants..Never saw him of course...
  2. shane39

    Facebook is it a good or bad thing

    On the radio this morning.Facebook admit around 60-90 million FB accounts are a mix of fake,and duplicate.
  3. You could have left 'this is not a racist' out of the topic title,and still have a interesting debate.
  4. shane39

    Holiday Resorts in the UK

    A lot of people with Alcohol/drug problems are shipped out to coastal towns to live. For example Ayr where i live is a beautiful place. But, a lot of the B n Bs/hotels down the sea front are occupied by said people. I guess struggling B n Bs see it as income all year round. Glasgow ships them out to places like Irvine,Troon,Ayr and other West coast towns. To be honest..They cause very few problems where i live.
  5. shane39

    What's your most impressive skill?

    Try charcoal insoles...
  6. shane39

    What's your most impressive skill?

    Am off to the ozzie this month to have it checked out. I think i have a large amount of the Med sea in my ear (after my holiday) I shall take a fish bowl,as i am expecting all species of fish to come gushing out. I reckon i would be a good drug mule.Definately be able to cram a lot of powder stuff in it. (maybe even 200 fags)
  7. shane39

    What's your most impressive skill?

    Plenty of room in my head Melthebell!
  8. shane39

    What's your most impressive skill?

    Had an operation as a kid.Part of it was to widen my lug-hole. It's a great party trick (mecks everyone vomit)
  9. shane39

    Lowedges Families 60s/70s.

    I was born 7 lupton drive........1968
  10. shane39

    What's your most impressive skill?

    I can insert my little finger about 3 inches inside my right ear.
  11. shane39

    At what age do most women look their best?

    Maybe a mans todger show grow in length and girth every time his missus has a baby.
  12. shane39

    The Olympic Games MEGATHREAD

    I don't think football has a place in the olympics to be honest. Unless all footballers are amateur.
  13. shane39

    At what age do most women look their best?

    You are right! In my 40s and never had it so good.(not that i throw myself around like ) But, definately never left wanting.And i'm not just talking about the physical side.
  14. shane39

    At what age do most women look their best?

    They probably just find you a wee bit creepy.
  15. There's a back-log of grads going back 3-4 years without jobs. It's all about getting those foreign students signed up for mega-bucks.

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