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  1. This is why people switch off. All the hard done by rescues trying to tug at heartstrings in an effort to gain support. It doesn’t work that way. For years you’ve been bleating on about how bad it is in this neck of Yorkshire for cruelty and abuse and it’s grown steadily worse. Credit crunch or not, a small minority treat animals like crap and you’re left to pick up the pieces. Yes it’s sad, yes it’s heartbreaking and yes you’re all hard done by but the days when that rhetoric actually paid dividends are long gone. It’s a different world now, people have changed and they are more aware than you care to give credit for. You’re a business wanting money yet all you do is repeatedly tell us how bad things are or you play the flip side and fill us with fur baby stories, If you want to make change, get off your self important backsides and attract the money that will enable you to do it because your average Joe doesn’t have it anymore. Organise a talk group for schools and for god sake treat people like adults. If this forum is an example of how you behave in the real world then it’s no wonder you’re struggling. When there are no rescues left, the council will kill dogs that’s a fact, it has nothing to do with cheap options, it makes sense. Not enough people want or can afford to have dogs/pets so why would a council waste money on housing them?
  2. You could do away with them altogether and so force the authorities to solve the problem. Only when they foot the higher end of the cost will they begin to understand and deal with the root cause.
  3. I to regard the no kill policy an unhelpful one regardless of temperament. Rescues are stuck in a time warp and need to think seriously about changing and I'm with Evie on much of what she says. It is too easy to hand a dog over; unfortunately it is breed/type dependant as well which to me detracts from rescue/sanctuary and focuses on resale.
  4. ...................................................................
  5. You're being sardonic aren't you otherwise it's in very bad taste.
  6. That's as maybe but things are what they are. You can attach any label you want but it stands to reason, if we have words to describe these actions then those are the ones we'll use.
  7. One can only surmise Chem1st that if you cannot be certain of walking into something then you did in fact do just that and are suffering from amnesia.
  8. Of course you can and the same goes for dogs.
  9. Au contraire. Us being the intelligent species can identify it as exactly that, compassion. The African hunting dog (predator) feeds and protects it's sick and old pack members when other species leave them to die. If we recognise these simple acts as compassionate in ourselves then we obviously attach the label to another species because our intelligence allows us to recognise compassion. People are willing to call a dog vicious when it attacks someone but your argument would suggest that it isn't based on the fact that we cannot ask why it did it.
  10. Nope I can't but neither can I find proof that commpassion doesn't exist. They've witnessed acts of compassion with elephants and its well known that where two dogs have lived in the same household for a number of years that the loss of one is revealed in the other so who's to say. Acts of compassion from one species to another may be rare but even this has been witnessed with our friend the elephant. I suppose it would also depend on what a persons interpretation of compassion is. If they can show a sense of loss and 'mourn' one of their own that convinces me.
  11. Come on Retep a simple search will find you the evidence you refute.
  12. All it takes are a few incidents for it to be blown out of proportion, any excuse to kill something.
  13. Out of control by our standards yes and the reason we cull is mainly (if not wholly in the case of the deer) down to the fact that we've removed its natural predator and reduced its habitat.
  14. That is why they put them down! Stop eating foods with E numbers Bedrock.
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