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  1. And if its in commercial premises, there are also legal issues to consider.
  2. Assuming there's a mixer and amp..or active speakers.
  3. I think they also want to hire either a laptop or cdg player and all the karaoke tracks as well.
  4. I doubt you will be able to dry hire a complete system which includes karaoke tracks and microphones etc. Due to the high value, and the recent number of fraudulent hirers who have stolen the equipment, I would insist on being present for the hire period. It would be cheaper to hire someone to actually run a karaoke night for you.
  5. And once again, it goes to people going on about someone else's grammar....
  6. As far as I'm aware, the only full time rock bars in Sheffield are the yorkshireman, and the dove & rainbow. I've also heard the rumours about the yorkshireman (all false) and they certainly didn't come from the dove..however the bar in question has been mentioned in this thread..
  7. I had a beer with Bri Shaughnessy a few months back, while I was in the Yorkshireman.
  8. The bar that was mentioned earlier isn't a rock bar. They just put rock bands on every now and again.
  9. As one of the yorkshireman dj's, I can tell you that this Is definitely wrong..it's open right now !
  10. I can promise you, the beer in the Yorkshireman is good. Always kept at the correct cellar temperature, and the lines are cleaned regularly And while I think about it, Resurrection are playing there this Friday at 9ish, followed by DJ Lez Usual weekend line up if no band : Friday 8-2am - DJ Lez Sat 4-8pm - DJ Ken 8-2am - DJ Lez 2-4.30am - DJ Muzz
  11. The only day its NOT open is Sunday. At weekends its open till 4.30am. In fact I have only just got home after leaving there :headbang:
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