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  1. I think beginning a club would be brilliant maybe we could contact a mutual community centre and if we got enough people could meet up there ?
  2. Hi I am after a baby female ferret must be tamed and young if anyone knows any near sheffield a or close
  3. Hi I am wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me and would like to buddy up at the gym? I go to better gym Sheffield penistone road and am looking for a buddy to go with.
  4. Hi my name is shoana and I am 25 years old 4 weeks ago I had significant hearing loss in my right ear and it has knocked my social life and confidence for six , since ethos happened I have not ventures out of my home and it is a real scary thing to go through. I was wondering if there was anyone going through the same thing that would like to meet or any social clubs close to s6 of Sheffield I could join . Many thanks.
  5. thank you I will pop down today as ordering online delivery is dearer than plant
  6. hi I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a live plant store for plants or a carnivorous nature. or if anyone is getting rid of any ?
  7. hi, my name is shoana. I'm not sure if I am in the right place, forgive me If I am not. I have suffered with bad ears from a very young age, recently my right ear has got worse and all muffled. I am afraid that I will eventually go deaf. I was wondering if there is any others who are deaf, partially deaf and how did you adapt. I would like to make friends with people going through the same thing and educate myself. thank you very much and I hope to hear from people.
  8. hi, could I please have more information on this please? I would be really interested in helping out I am free most of the time.
  9. Hi, i am new to running and i am currently on the couch to 5k and was wondering if there is any other people out there in the same situation? Who would like to meet up and go running a few times a week? I live in foxhill but could go to grenoside or Hillsborough to run.
  10. Thank you I look forward to it just need to print my barcode off . Is there a link anywhere to route for Hillsborough one? Thanks again.
  11. Thank you for replying to my post i appreciate it. That sound great , is there a link to the route at all? Happy to hear there isn't much of an hill to haha.
  12. Hi, i am new to running and currently doing the couch to 5k . I am thinking of going to parkrun every weekend class it as an extra day of training also track my progress with been timed . My closest one is Hillsborough, has anyone on here been to that one, what's the turn out like? Many thanks in advance
  13. Thank you very much i have registered with parkrun . My closest one is Hillsborough have you been there before if so what's it like? I like that you can have your time sent to you specially going every weekend i can see if I'm improving in time
  14. Hi i am a new runner , and currently training for a few 5k events , i run around 12 Min miles with odd stop and walk, does anyone know of any up and coming 5k events in Sheffield i could have something to aim for thank you
  15. Hi I am looking for a gecko in the Sheffield area does anyone know own a trusted breeder or shop ? I already have a set up
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