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  1. I'd do what Chelle said and while you're at it, you can engage them in conversation about 'other' neighbours and what's it like around here...anyone to avoid, what day the bins are done...Is there a local window cleaner...just general stuff like that...Nothing too intrusive though.
  2. Maximum, minimum wage (does that make sense?...I know what I mean) doesn't kick in until you're 25.... Not that I agree with that, but that's how it is.
  3. Crikey. That's one hell of a lot of work....To cone off 3 junctions
  4. Last Saturday 27th January 2018, I had occasion to take my OH to work. I got on the motorway at something like 8:00am, and noted they were coning off the 4th (hard shoulder) lane, all the way down from J36 to J34. I assumed it was something to do with adding a couple more 'refuge' areas (as I'd read something about it). I remember commenting that it would be a nightmare, come Monday morning. Later that morning around 11:00am I travelled back (North), and noted they'd also coned off the same lane Northbound. All in the same morning. However, at around 4:30 that day, I went to fetch my OH from work, and all of them, on both sides were gone...Not a sign of any worker, or cones. Was this just a screw-up by someone? Or someone getting some overtime in?
  5. Oh?...My apologies. I figured as nobody seemed to have come up with the answer, it may have been a different serial number or something. That PDF you've linked to doesn't (as you say) show, or make any mention of a filter, or a drain plug.... I can only assume that, if there is something stuck in there, you'd have to upend it and undo one of the drain hoses underneath. How very odd?....Maybe it's one of those design things that keeps Joe Public out of the machine, so you have to call a service engineer. ---------- Post added 11-12-2017 at 14:27 ---------- Ah....I looked through spare parts for this machine and came up with a 'drain pump' Which has an access plug which it says needs cleaning on a regular basis. i can only assume it's tucked inside the machine somewhere, but the picture on the parts list (linked) should help to identify it. https://www.partmaster.co.uk/candy/cdb-854d-80-31800115/drain-pump/product.pl?pid=5005835&path=66991,111516:79158&model_ref=2537824
  6. Can you find the product code, as requested on this page? It should provide you with a proper user manual for your washer dryer. http://www.candy-domestic.co.uk/en_GB/user-manual
  7. Mod Note: Alch...Do you want to start a new thread about the 2018 route?...As this thread is pretty much redundant....So I'm closing it.
  8. Injections?..Yikes...As I remember mine I had some blood thinning tablets but that was all...And of course the sexy stockings....
  9. Surely if the supreme court ruled them 'illegal'...Right from day one of their introduction, and the fact the gov are having to reimburse those who paid 'fees'....They are going to have a hard time reintroducing them?
  10. By fluke I discovered this morning that since July this year (2017), and as a result of a supreme court ruling, it is now (and has been since it's inception) deemed illegal to make people pay for one of these tribunals. This ruling completely slipped under my radar. I didn't hear any reporting of it. I know that once upon a time, people could take their employers to a tribunal and claim wrongful dismissal or whatever, and it was free. Then in 2013, all that changed, and 'charges' were introduced, which had the obvious effect of pretty much stopping people from claiming, as it was pretty expensive. Especially if you had lost your job. So since July this year, it's back to a free service. Not only that, if you were unlucky enough to have to take an employer to a tribunal, and had to pay, you can reclaim the fees you were charged at the time. This applies also to employers, who may have made a counter-claim. https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunals/make-a-claim
  11. Thank you Pete. Incidentally, the 'lights' haven't skipped a beat since you 'had a look'...Thank you!
  12. Well I'm hoping I won't have to have another one done. As I can remember the exact day and circumstances where I damaged the first one. The other won't kind of automatically follow suit. Gulp...Hopefully. I particularly liked the video I took of the nurse removing the staples...I know it made some people cringe. ---------- Post added 06-11-2017 at 13:56 ---------- To be honest, I can't remember my last entry. It was a while ago. But I have to say, it has improved with time. However it still hurts somewhat, and I don't have full flexibility with it (bending)...But it's manageable, and definitely not as troublesome as before the procedure. If I'm honest, I'm not sure whether your mind and body just 'works around' it, if you know what I mean. I tend to move a little more steadily...No sudden movements or changes of direction...That sort of thing. Oh and it's still swollen....According to the consultant, it's just 'fatty tissue'...Which I'm not sure I believe. But hey, it's there and I just get on with it these days.
  13. Hahaha...Well I did say it was a bit 'raw'.... A gruesome hour you'll never get back...
  14. I had mine done a few years ago, and kept a chronicle of my day-to-day progress, or not. It's pretty raw and tells how I was feeling at the time. http://www.petemorris.com.mx
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