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  1. A lot of people have been extolling Windows 10 as to how good it is - well if Councils facing large bills from M$ which it can't get out of because it is tied in to what it thinks it can't get out of, this will surely lead to cuts in services and jobs. Computer Active in April/May edition this year ran an article on this. Under a freedom of information request made in 2018, 83% of councils had not made any decision to migrate. Bath and North East Somerset council is facing a bill of £1.47 m; West Sussex County Council, for example has to replace 5,700 computers, many of which have been in use since 2012. Councils sticking with Windows 7 will have to pay Microsoft $50 per machine per year, doubling every year for the next three years. The company (M$) has also more than doubled the price it charges organisations and businesses to run a copy of Windows 10, from £214,000 to £450,000. It's time to follow the Public Services of Vicenza in Italy that has rolled out Zorin on all it's 890 desktops.
  2. What are you backing up? Just data or machine images?
  3. Did you read the thread in it's entirety? " was informed by 3rd year student" Affinity Photo still works out cheaper!
  4. Do you have a computer? Download from camcorder to computer, Open a Box Account with 10Gb of free storage, upload to Box then download to phone.
  5. My youngest whilst attending interview for course at Staffordshire Uni was informed by 3rd year student she could not afford the rental in final year which would have racked up a rental fee of £1,300+ University is only permitted to install on Uni IT kit which may be available to loan. A much better product is Affinity Photo from Serif and files can be exported to Adobe format. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/ and only costs £54.99 as a one off payment. All updates are free until next major release. A better product all round with helpful YouTube tutorials.
  6. "The bill is called the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act, and the supporters of the bill want it passed by the end of this year. The CASE Act would create an unaccountable, industry-friendly kangaroo court with the power to hand out $15,000 fines for: Sharing a photo on Facebook that you didn't take. Retweeting a meme you didn't create. Downloading a photo you don't own. Copyright trolls and powerful corporations would be able to bankrupt everyday Americans for just going online and doing regular stuff on the Internet. Worse yet, the bill would give politicians, corporations, and government officials the power to censor speech by filing frivolous takedown notices in this newly empowered “small claims” court.2 If this law passes, videos comparing political candidates could be shut down for months and kept offline until after the election. The bill is intended to ensure that artists and photographers can be fairly compensated for their work. But the law is drafted so poorly that it would have drastic unintended consequences. Unfortunately, because the bill is flying through Congress so fast, we need to make major noise right now to stop it. The CASE Act is backed by some of the most powerful corporate lobbyists in Washington, D.C., and the bill has passed out of committee in the Democratic-led House and the Republican-led Senate. By this time next year, you could be hit with $15,000 in fines for sharing a meme you didn't create, sharing a screenshot, or downloading a photo from Facebook." Wonder if Brits will get extradited for non-payment of $15,000 fine? LOL!
  7. The free AV software you can install is clamav/clamtk (tk is the front end or GUI - Graphical User Interface - this scans for Windows viruses. You should also install a rootkit hunter as no OS is safe from rootkits. Follow the advice here: https://www.maketecheasier.com/scan-linux-for-viruses-and-rootkits/ And also follow my advice on checking tarballs before extracting them (courtesy of Blackwolf, former moderator of the now (sadly) defunct Ultimate Edition Oz community which I included in both unofficial manuals for Zorin 12 and 15. You should also ensure that GUFW is enabled and set to 'Home' (as opposed to office). And for browsing piece of mind install Tor browser for secure private browsing. Zorin is also in the process of designing parental control to be built into Zorin. Also bear in mind that as systems become more secure, other vectors of attack are used, like browsers - hence the suggestion of Tor. Also remove any reference to 'flash' as this is one vector that is insecure on all platforms - that is why Apple prevented Flash from being used quite a while back.
  8. Hearing this track on Radio 4 helped me decide to purchase Jenny sings Lenny on Vinyl when it was first released:
  9. Hi, Please sign the petition to save the homes of people from being demolished and made homeless: http://chng.it/Xm6wckzZTD See this article for more information: http://westendextra.com/article/walden-house-tenants-win-right-to-return-if-dukes-demolition-goes-ahead?sp=1&sq=liza%20begum
  10. Not so - you need to read my last post. I don't knock BSD either as it tends to be more stable than GNU/Linux. I have yet to give GNU Hurd a try to see if it has improved any. There are other OS's too apart from Windows, Apple and GNU/Linux. Where I stand can best be summed up by the video Stephen Fry created for GNU/Linux: http://www.gnu.org/fry/ Plus: https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/feature/2410729/tech-pioneers-outline-dangers-of-proprietary-software-and-surveillance and: http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/richard-stallman-one-of-my-favorites-gnulinux
  11. OK, the first one was obviously a 'hackintosh' comment - the users comments stand by their own merits. And no Ghozer, Core is Free - there is no cost - it is all I am running at the moment - anything I need extra is easily installed using Synaptic Package Manager and for that to be accessible, I never boot into 'Zorin on Wayland' - Wayland is as bad as the software written by the guy who wrote systemd and pulseaudio - these two can't be extracted from Zorin. I will make criticisms of OS's wherever they deserve it, as you will note by my 'Unofficial Manual' stances when it comes to things like Synaptic Package Manager not being present. That aside, the fact that a GNU/Linux distro can run better than others on a Mac is quite an achievement in itself. (2nd comment above). Just to add that the next releases of Mac Hardware won't be allowed to run anything other than Apple's OS.
  12. "Thanks Zorin, loaded up OS 15 to a Panasonic CF-54 and it loaded easier then Mac OS 10.6.8 used to and Zorin OS 15 is better then the Mac OS! Lighted keyboard works and even the function keys work! Took me awhile to figure out that I had to scroll down through the printer drivers before I found one that works, but once I did that, printing is great. Scribus is a fantastic InDesign and GIMP is good and Darktable is good where I used to use Aperture. Zorin OS is more simple and clean then the Mac OS, but the Mac OS did have expanding folders though, where you could just hover over a folder and a drop down menu would show the contents... so that was beyond delicious. I can't believe the powers that be let you guys make something this good... it's kind of like a start up jet organization, all the sudden, making a better jet then the F-22, and just asking for a donation if you like it! Also, I did the terminal command to opt out of the census... just because." (https://zoringroup.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=14845#p65696) "Hey, I read the forbes article, and I thought what the hell, put it on the old macbook pro and put it to use. I put zorin os on a macbook pro mid 2015 ( fully loaded). My shock was this. 1. Everything worked out of the box. Fedora 30 does not work out of the box. OpenSuse TW, Manjaro, and so on had problems with keyboard, battery, network card. It just worked, and more importantly. It worked correctly, SMOOTH, I only changed the appearance ! 2. Speed. It was fast. Then I found out why. They backported Gnome Shell 3.30 with their own tweaks. It works better than the default ubuntu 18.04.3 installs. Kernel is 5.x, they may have helped. 3. Nearly all the apps installed are cleaned up and built with integration in mind. Some are newer, backports. So, I looked at my beast of a desktop, the one I do all my heavy work on. I been running OpenSuse TW for a good 3-4 years. I put it on a new drive to test it out. so far its smooth. Nothing particular stands out." (https://zoringroup.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=14845#p65868)
  13. I don't want to go either! And sorry I missed your Birthday Elvis - guess Accidents will happen!
  14. Lost and found (with shades of M83) and Los Angeles We move forward
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