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  1. Useful pdf tools: pdf arranger - move pages, delete pages, save as a new pdf. Corrupt pdf: Use a command line tool - pdftk available via Synaptic Package Manager; >pdftk <name of file> output fixed.pdf (fixed.pdf is useful for quickly finding the file. Now you have fixed your pdf, you can view it in Okular and copy and paste text using the selection tool in Okular into a new pdf. If you created images for the pdf using Inkscape, no need to redo the images - open the fixed pdf in LibreOffice Draw, select the image and copy and paste into new pdf without dragging the diagram labels across so you can create new text boxes. I use pdf Studio Pro 2020 which does everything Adobe Acrobat does with a one-off payment - no rental or having to pay for additional utilities that are all present in the program - is Cross Platform Software.
  2. Updated pdf here: https://ecloud.global/s/JXeM682da9MxDA2 Note I have not bothered to update the cover page date!
  3. OK, spotted some errors in the manual, and updated some out-of-date elements, i.e., rescuezilla instead of redobackup to backup your entire system, plus a few typos/sentence errors. https://ecloud.global/s/JXeM682da9MxDA2 I haven't bothered to amend the ODT version - you could do that yourself using the online pdf above against your ODT file and edit accordingly.
  4. It's not a question of managing with Systemd it's a security issue.
  5. Well, finally got round to purchasing a Fairphone 3+ recently that comes with eOS - very pleased with it. Has a removable battery and the whole phone is modular so if something should break (e.g., Camera) you just replace that with a new module (mini screwdriver provided). I also have an at e dot email address and 1 Gb of cloud storage. And free from Google at last!
  6. LibreOffice was setup by the Document Foundation and is contributed by all those who left OpenOffice when Oracle took over Sun Microsystems. I've now found an even better free version of Office for Android, Collabora Office and it is free (they are the Business arm or LibreOffice).
  7. The same goes for Linux - if you use one of the major OS's it has the awful SystemD boot process - for a more secure Linux OS choose one without SystemD and choose one that has SysVInit, runit, OpenRC, s6, or Upstasrt. To breathe fresh life into an old machine consider Devuan xfce (and choose SysVinit as bootloader - super light, Antix, or MX Linux. I also received an email from M$ about changes to their Policies that you will not be allowed access to any of their services unless you have a M$ account. And the way I view it is that if you want to access their service there will be a cost such as using their search engine, Maps and so on. I would also advise using SoftMaker Office while it is still available for one-off payment - plus you get to install on 5 machines which can be a combination of Windows, Mac or Linux. The only downside to the Linux version is you don't get access to the fully customisable Equation Editor that is present in the Windows version of TextMaker - it's exactly like Math Type and better than the Equation Editor that comes with M$ Office.
  8. Or install Qalculate! - Free all-in-one calculator for Linux, Apple and Windows - not sure about iPads. https://qalculate.github.io/
  9. Anyone in need of the Unofficial Manual to Zorin 15, I have closed my pCloud account. The pdf is now located here: https://ecloud.global/s/nzbtN2CzJQzfD5G and the ODT (LibreOffice version) here: https://ecloud.global/s/pqgHxDf6WgcSTJf
  10. Somebody started that before me: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/04/bill-sardi/who-runs-the-world-blackrock-and-vanguard/
  11. Well there's worse to come: https://usawatchdog.com/big-alien-lie-revealed-steve-quayle/
  12. This is well worth reading: https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/FormerPfizerVP.pdf
  13. Well just to look at things from a different angle on News reporting - staged events: Agent provocateurs:
  14. Without a doubt LibreOffice has it's Plus Points, even over SoftMaker Office and M$ Office. Let's face it, anything is better than Office365. The issue for me with the way LibreOffice is at present is there is an awful lot of background options. SoftMaker Office full version (the 2018 iteration is free for students and Teachers and comes (in the Windows version) with a fully working Equation Editor based on MathType 2000 - you do get the nag to upgrade to Math Type but you don't need to as SoftMaker Office Equation Editor is far superior to the one in Word. At the end of the day, Open Source wins hands down. Recently I was working on my Linux box to produce an Exam paper in MLP as the Exam Board did not have one available. I had my pdf Studio Pro crash on me (later turned out that the hard drive was failing as all directories weren't pointing to where they should be. So new hard drive arrived, set everything up again and did some research. Out of curiosity I tried the demo of SysInternals pdf recovery tool (Virtual Machine of Windows 8 required to login to specific mailbox for work) - failed. Found out Linux has an excellent utility called pdftk - available via Synaptic Package Manager. I was able to 'fix' the pdf into readable format and used Okular (also available for Windows users now) to extract the text into a new modified pdf and then used LibreOffice Draw to also view the pdf to extract the modified Inkscape images I had made without copying the text labels across. Problem solved! Forgot to add you can view MS Publisher files in LibreOffice Draw too!
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