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  1. Some great harmonica playing by Bruce!
  2. If you did manage to get the drive working: https://www.diskdigger.org/ https://recoverit.wondershare.com/file-recovery/testdisk-recover-files.html
  3. Have you ever used the equivalent of one of these?: https://www.allsop.com/product/cd-dvd-lens-cleaner-56500/ I wanted to post a link to Farnells but their site is down at the moment! Recently had to buy a new DVD-RW for old Dell Latitude from Hells Dells in Germany - problem sorted.
  4. The TP-Link 500's are probably the issue. TP-Link 2000s are the ones in use here. They also provide a Windows tweaking tool. You may need to check for firmware updates too as sometimes they can go to sleep. https://www.tp-link.com/uk/support/faq/1086/
  5. OK, perhaps once you have used the Google docs procedure I pointed out earlier, you can then edit same with this? https://www.veed.io/learn/how-to-edit-subtitles
  6. In terms of ISP I can highly recommend Zen - an internet company best in the North they are slightly more expensive for a lower speed connection but it is rocksolid - would never go anywhere else. Unlike major ISPs that give you a non-static IP address, Zen provides you with a Static IP address. And unlike other ISP's, if there is any issues you get to speak to real engineers, not script kiddies in a call centre who just follow the script they are given. I'm on the slightly slower fast package, which costs us £29.99 a month, plus just over £6 on top for unlimited land line calls - no need to hang up after an hour - unlimited means unlimited. Downloads of say an .iso of GNU/Linux works out at 4 Mb/s - = about 15 to 20 minutes for a 4 Gb iso. I will never leave Zen as their service is faultless. Use this page to see if it is available in your area: https://www.zen.co.uk/ 169.254.xxx.xxx is the ip address that Windows sometimes throws up when networks go wrong - what this is is a private IP network - which means you can access other computers on the network but you will never reach the outside world. This article by Netgear, although for Windows 8, the same procedure applies for 7 and 10: https://kb.netgear.com/24804/Finding-the-IP-Address-and-MAC-Address-of-a-Network-Card-on-Windows-8
  7. Read this post in its entirety: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-10-error-code-38/d1f205e0-b990-4834-a50e-83fdd637407d Especially the reply below the official response about how to power down to flush the culprit. I also wonder if you go to Power Settings and change the Advanced hidden power settings to turn off the sleep function of the hard drive (it never gets shut down to speed up boot times). If there are not specific applications you depend upon, might be worth looking at GNU/Linux. I used nothing but GNU/Linux during lockdown up until my retirement - did everything I had to do at work without Windows 10!
  8. I bought an Asus BluRay years ago - not sure if it was from Maplins or Ebuyer. Works well. Model number is BW-16D1HT
  9. No internet with ethernet - have you checked the IP address? is it the infamous 169.254.xxx.xxx?
  10. You didn't mention translation! https://www.kapwing.com/tools/translate-video
  11. The replacement battery for the first one finally died and I went looking where I thought I had purchased the last one. Doing a general search for the battery I came across this small company and the battery cost me half of what I had paid for the first replacement! Only cost me £5.99 for an ML2032 https://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/sbc_ml2032.htm Came within 3-4 days - no delivery charges.
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