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  1. You have them both plugged in at a wall socket and not on an extension lead? Also apparently if near to a high voltage device in adjacent socket this can interfere apparently, A solution that someone had similar issues to you using Netgear resolved it thus: "I believe I've solved my own "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration" error. My new Netgear Powerline system consists of four XAV5201 units and two XWN5001 units. When initially setting up the network I attempted to sync the entire network simultaneously, i.e., I first pressed the security button on the XAV5201 unit attached to my router and then within 2 minutes pressed the security buttons on the other five units. That appears to have resulted in the above error message on some of the units. When I went through the process of syncing one unit at a time to the network, the error messages ceased, and now I am able to connect to the internet from each of the units." [Source: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Powerline-Networking/Ethernet-Does-Not-Have-Valid-IP-Configuration/m-p/1195240#M4349]
  2. OK, so got it running sluggishly as only 512 Mb RAM. As for graphics it is only an XGA screen on checking elsewhere so it is showing its maximum correct resolution of 1024 x 768. My 94 Mb of RAM was over optimistic as it is 32 Mb ATi/AMD Radeon 9000!
  3. If everyone is honest, the system is broke. On Brexit - less than a third of the population voting for Brexit. If this were a strike ballot it would never happen. In the meantime ... George Carlin "Why I don't vote" - but be warned, the F-bomb is used quite a few times, a bit more than Boris's adviser!
  4. I've downloaded the AntiX 19 iso and run it in Virtual Box and I think it does a default low res but once in the desktop you can access the higher res settings - not tested this yet on the old D600 yet. But on this 16 Gb Rig, allocating the same RAM as the Dell (512 Mb) and allocating 94 Mb for Graphics, the VM of it launched in under 3 seconds - like you click on launch VM and the Desktop is pretty instant - how it will fair in real life is a different kettle of fish - also made the Hard drive only 8 Gb in the VM. The drive in the D600 is 30 Gb. The only downside as such is the wallpaper choice is not brilliant but there are plenty out there that you can download. The theming available is really cool.
  5. Hi Kidorry, sorry been busy. It is very straightforward to install. I've installed it once on an old Dell D600 which does not have P.A.E. (Physical Address Extension) and that only has 512 Mb of RAM in it. If you like I could put Antix back on it and you could give it a try. Happy to drop off but busy this weekend. (It's currently got a really old distro on it (Epidemic 3.1.2 Beta) complete with spinning cube effects. Here are some shots of standard AntiX desktop - the first is the default one that I'm used to - It does have 'normal' menu similar to Win2K and if you don't like the 'Conky' to the right of screen you can turn it off (the menu's shown appear if you right-click on the desktop - context menus). This is AntiX 17: Good video on most recent release, AntiX 19:
  6. Another vote for Antix here too! 😀
  7. The TalkTalk ones that came provided when they upped out package to YouView had cables that were far too short. You would also be best to check the speed of what the TalkTalk ones offer. On the network here I have a paired passthrough (that means the socket can be used by another appliance) Netgear ones and 2 pairs of TP-Link ones from Curry's plus a TP-Link ethernet port expander from Curry's to facilitate connections to the router. It does mean buying the odd extra Cat-5 cable.
  8. Not tried this - looks like it even has an extension for Firefox (which I am currently using - browser not the add-on to be clear): https://smallseotools.com/website-link-analyzer-tool/ alternatively: https://sitechecker.pro/internal-links/
  9. McAfee is actually no longer McAfee - but Intel don't want to admit that they messed it up big time when they took it over. For Windows 98 and NT McAfee was great because Intel had not owned it back then. I personally prefer Comodo Internet Security Essentials which is free but they only tout the AV one that is free - to get the full suite that they no longer offer, download it from Softpedia. I would also install anti-malware software, both Malwarebytes (free one) and SUPERAntiSpyware (also the free one) - get these last two from https://ninite.com. As you have Windows Applications they would not work under Linux and I wouldn't advise anyone to use WINE due to Microshaft's Patent Traps.
  10. Hi zach, no it's just been full name, no hotmail or outlook logins. No account lockouts etc. What I found confusing is that the backupsets were accessible through the Windows Imaging Application as Acronis also used its own way of doing things separate to Windows - whether it was down to an update causing autobackups I don't know. Anyhoo, it appears to be OK and I can check from time to time it is behaving itself. Acronis updated itself to 2019 which surprised me, but then perhaps not because soon after it was offering Black Friday discounts for their 2020 release! LOL! Was interested to note though that in 2019 release it now also includes ransomware protection. I think where I went wrong in one respect was I didn't check how the image was labelled on the backup 1 TB portable Buffalo drive that was used to create the first Acronis image - that might have given me the definitive answer! Thanks for the suggestions though.
  11. OK, managed to hack the BIOS and boot Makulu Linux in live mode. What was interesting was that Makulu read what was in the Data drive (in Windows it was the name of the Serial tag of the machine that held all folders files but little else information). I had installed Acronis True Image Home 2018 when new. Makulu reported 'backupset[dd.mm.yyyy] - so what was happening was I thought some auto backup procedure set by Acronis. However if that were the case I could not have seen the backupsets in Windows after I had set the BIOS back to normal to boot Windows 10 Home 64-bit when on right-clicking the hash tag folder it asked if I wanted to delete Windows Image backup files! Which I did apart from the first one and then about 5 from July of this year I left intact so the hard drive has 500 Gb of space. I noticed something else peculiar. D:\ is supposed to be Data which it is but there was some strange (to me) recursive links to users Documents and Settings back to C then back to D again when following the trail! Bizarre!
  12. It is quite laughable! There was a snippet of BBC coverage on an Extinction Rebellion event and a lady in the crowd suggested that Joe Public should get some government handouts to change form diesel to electric. It's a bit like the scenario where a person was once asked where they thought meat came from that lived on Supermarket shelves - the answer? A factory! They were not aware that meat was from a living animal - they thought it was manufactured (Matrix de ja vu!). OK, so let's take a look at Electric Vehicles. What is the crucial component for any rechargeable battery ... Carbon. Where does Carbon come from? Well, 60% of the World's Carbon is extracted in mines in Central Africa, reportedly in the past using up to as many 12,000 children as slave labour to extract it with no protection gear; similarly men who are employed to extract Carbon only receive $2 for 12 hours work. What happens to the Carbon once it has been extracted? It gets shipped (all that diesel being pumped into the atmosphere and sea by Goods Tankers) to Japan and China for processing before being shipped once again to where it is needed. I wonder if it has been lost on anybody that Tesla's factory (in China!) is having difficulty keeping up with demand. So Tesla Cars get shipped (more pollution) to where the electric cars are in demand. http://www.easywebdesignsolutions.com/phellyer/aboutus.html
  13. What about some hardware defence? Someone at work uses one of these attached to his router: https://firewalla.com/
  14. From a data recovery position I hope you aren't suggesting an SSD for the whole system Zach. SSD makes space by permanently removing anything deleted. That's why the best setup is for SSD for the OS and a platter drive for data retention. The obvious option is to actually just disable all network drivers and use a different OS for internet use. But in view of M$'s patent traps being built into Linux I won't be moving to Windows 10 ever. I was talking to a colleague about the issue my youngest was having with the 'wonderful' Windows 10 - the work colleague had exactly the same experience where 10 created another username instead of her correct one and had to retrieve here user data from the new account. I think I will pass. As someone once wrote on a GNU/Linux forum, 'At least with GNU/Linux you know what is going on underneath the hood' .., because it is open source.
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