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  1. Someone on the Zorin forum contacted me with this interesting link about shortage of computer components:
  2. Oh, yes - Thermaltake have got double the warranty period of CoolerMastr PSU's - 10 years - that was a big surprise too!
  3. And I thought he was referring to the fruit and veg scales in the store! Good find on the 'unexpected item in the bagging area' - still brings tears to my eyes!
  4. I was trying to find the clip of Griff Rhys-Jones sketch of "Unexpected item in the bagging area" but I could only find this!: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00n4k4r
  5. Well there is always... oops! not any more! Was going to say cash back at the till but cash is now frowned upon due to COVID 19. Whilst on the subject of screens the CO-OP have the best self-service checkouts as you can use the edge of a card to tap the screen. Not so with Sainsbury's or Tesco self checkout!
  6. OK fitted the new Power supply. Decided to put the old Power Switch back in... Very pretty looking PSU but no fans working including cpu fan, and a brief murmur from the optical drive. No CMOS beep on boot either! Solved it.!That ATX connection on the PSU has a reet b****er of an extra piece. Thought I'd attach the RGBA header bu waste of time as the Mobo has 4 pins and the cable supplied has one socket filled in!
  7. OK fitted the new Power supply. Decided to put the old Power Switch back in... Very pretty looking PSU but no fans working including cpu fan, and a brief murmur from the optical drive. No CMOS beep on boot either!
  8. While you can't share your desktop using the above method, the alternative is to use Vivaldi Browser which uses Chrome extensions - now view desktop works!
  9. This guide mentions 'Consolidaton' which might be what you want? Not sure - also a while since I used Concatenation in Excel - another possibility. https://hiverhq.com/blog/definitive-guide-google-sheets
  10. Hi Zach, Using the command dmidecode in a terminal in Linux I see I am up to date: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZHciqkZz89w7tj46p8wqyPBkIqyjLCuHgxk However I somehow stumbled across an AMD Chipset update for Ryzen Processors for Windows 7 and 10 64-bit processor chipset updates? Dated 07.04.2020 (American Date format) which surprised me in view of Windows 7 no longer being supported! https://www.amd.com/en/support/chipsets/amd-socket-am4/x470 - but I am guessing that is not for Ryzen - the dangers of different companies using the same product code!
  11. Using Windows and only using Pro isn't being a snob - it is being sensible - but not everyone can afford it! (And no that is not why I am not using Windows 10!) ;-)
  12. Thanks for the responses. I've gone with Zach's recommendation. Yes I updated the BIOS about a couple of months ago. The 550 PSU is well out of warranty. Pity I shan't benefit from the colourful display which I am not bothered about. I always think such trappings are a bit of a waste of time! Update at 14:56 26.05.2020 - just checked the EZUpdate wizard, I have the most up-to-date BIOS)
  13. Recently I discovered that my CoolerMaster 750W Gold was having issues - it decided when it was going to boot or otherwise. I originally thought it might have been a failed power-switch but when the behaviour remained the same after replacing the PowerSwitch cable with a new one, I ended up putting back the original CoolerMaster 550W Bronze unit. I have put in a warranty claim which has been acknowledged but due to Covid-19 staff are working from home. Yesterday I had an issue where the computer shut-down randomly whilst in a browser and re-booted - if this is another potential PSU failure I won't be able to use the PC which I rely on for work at home. CoolerMaster PSU's appear to be in limited supply, especially modular ones. The ones currently available/pre-order units are labelled White and aren't modular. Has there been a move away from modular in recent years? Has there been problems? What brand would others recommend? Ideally I am looking at a 'silent' 650 W unit that has proven longevity. (I only bought the 750 W because I couldn't get hold of a 650 W at the time I upgraded this rig to a Ryzen 7 Mobo). Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. Wasn't/Isn't RDP reliant on Pro versions of Windows? If Home it's not going to be available is it?
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