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  1. Do you not have caller display? If you haven't got around to it, most DECT phones have a phone book - once you have all your contacts in the phone book the phone will come up with their name - if it is someone you don't know then you will just get a phone number unless it comes up with 'caller withheld' then just don't answer - jot down what is on screen and use the websites that iansheff posted earlier. For mobile phones I can highly recommend using Calls Blacklist Pro - I've had the free one for ages and decided to pay for the full one - I received a call I didn't answer - found it was a nuisance caller on 'whocalledme' and added it to the block list - they may still keep ringing but it goes straight to the block list.
  2. I'd recommend 30 seconds rather than 10-15 seconds. 😉 https://www.dell.com/community/Laptops-General-Read-Only/Draining-static-charge-procedure/td-p/1740772 Oops - didn't see the second page - Yes! Nice result!
  3. You might want to invest in one of these: https://www.ecrater.com/p/24794923/allsop-23321-dvd-cd-laser-lens
  4. In addition to what Ghozer has said, remove hyphenation if needs be (if it has such an option) and the only way to truly edit a document is to have the 'show/hide paragraph marks' set to 'show'
  5. Any good?: https://www.amazon.com/DEMCiflex-Filter-Cooler-Master-Filters/dp/B008UM5DXY
  6. Well towards the end of last year I took up the offer of paying for 5 licence of SoftMaker Office for only £23 (Mac, Linux, Windows). It's what I have been using on Linux since the start of lockdown (and still working from home). I find the workflow a lot more easier in SoftMaker Office. I upgraded to 2021 version for £55. The layout is almost identical to MS Office and you can change this to the pre-2007 look if you prefer. At the moment I am using the Ribbon. Don't know about Mac but the Windows version has an early version of MathType included in Text Maker - the other applications are Presentations, and Plan Maker (spreadsheet). An alternative to Publisher which is free is Scribus: https://www.scribus.net/ Another alternative to take a look at that is for the Windows and Mac platform and reasonably priced, Affinity Publisher: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/ I would still also look at installing LibreOffice as Presentations 2021 still can't handle MS prepared PowerPoints correctly in some instances. I haven't had any issues with subject prepared PowerPoints, only my own where I had used snipping tool images at work to prepare Word training PowerPoint from document settings to use of Styles - only LibreOffice showed the images correctly. SoftMaker Office uses % for font spacing and as I sometimes have to prepare work with different pt kerning (font spacing) I had to create a LibreOffice Writer document with spacing then import that into Text Maker to find out what the equivalent % was. LIbreOffice is good but I find it harder to get to grips with with its latest iteration where it hides the main menu bar and a poor layout of it's Ribbon equivalent - no such issues with SoftMaker.
  7. Recently had to save a failing Linux Hard Drive and managed to copy everything just using GParted on a Live Linux OS: https://forum.zorin.com/t/rescuing-a-failing-drive-to-a-new-one-using-gparted/1361?u=swarfendor437
  8. Didn't realise TOTO wrote theme music to DUNE until today!
  9. Security update for anyone using Linux and snap packages. It has been brought to my attention that 'snap' packages that use snap.d are as big a security risk as 'telnet' or 'finger'. I have posted the link on how to get rid of it here: https://forum.zorin.com/t/latest-security-news/838/3?u=swarfendor437 The apps that it removed I reinstalled using Synaptic Package Manager. Most 'Software' channels don't indicate whether a package uses 'snap' to install. You have been advised!
  10. Just been playing with linuxfx 10.06 free (64-bit) and one of the wallpapers had this address on the bottom right: http://wallpaperswide.com/ These are free 4K/HD wallpapers and what is nice about this site it highlights the resolution of the graphic of your monitor - you click on that and a bigger thumbnail comes up with a flashing chevron down arrow for you to download. Nice walls. Enjoy!
  11. Just get a free proton mail account - no more spam! (Unless you give-it to all and sundry) Use a Gmail or Outlook address for general stuff.
  12. Perhaps this article might help?: https://www.whathifi.com/us/advice/mp3-aac-wav-flac-all-the-audio-file-formats-explained
  13. I am really enjoying Zen over TT - their help lines are open on weekends and Bank Holidays if needed. What you have to remember speed wise is that there will be some latency drop-off down the copper wire from the fibre cabinet unless you've got FTTH (Fibre To The Home). Also pleased to see that the firmware can be updated - now have WPA-2/-3 security on the router and Mesh Wi-fi updates. Zen contracts are for 12 months and they promise not to put the prices up at end of contract or during it.
  14. Perhaps removing the link might help?
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