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  1. In respece of One Drive be sure to sync with other devices so that you have a 'backup'. A user at work changed roles, IT overwrote the old One Drive account with new one and everything gone because user had stored directly to one drive and had not synced with other devices - lot of personal material lost.
  2. Just did a search online but bit concerned not https - http://sstonline.co.uk/ This video might be the solution:
  3. Well it's not blistering but the machine my good lady uses is 14 years old (Home built MSI Athlon 64+ Maxed out with 2 Gb RAM and 256 Mb AGP card - Put FerenOS and enabled 'familiar layout' (Win10 Start Menu clone closer than any other Linux Win10 wannabe). Her favourite Win7 theme installed, including login sounds that went with the theme. Just had to tweak the Compositor in Advanced settings. Better than Win 7 overall for appearance and responsiveness. On a family member's PC installed FerenOS on that and running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit as a VM inside of FerenOS is running better under 4Gb VM than on full 8Gb! Now all that is needed is to backup the totally updated Windows 7 VM should anything untoward happen then just drag back the VM virtual hard disk image from external storage - lot simpler to install than starting from even a backup image of the 'real thing'. 😉 FerenOS picked up the Solar Powered Logitech K750 and also reports on status of keyboard battery. Same on wireless keyboard and mouse on family member's PC.
  4. Hi DeZeus, Well you have lots to go at on the Linux front. If 64-bit then I would go for Feren OS (not Classic) or Zorin Core - both free. For 32-bit/low-end I would go for Antix 19, MX Linux 19, Sparky Linux, Voyager 18.04.3 LTS, SolydX 32-bit Community Stable Edition - but last time I visited I think they were updating the distros. FerenOS does 32-bit but can only guarantee until 2023 when Canonical (Ubuntu) is pulling the plug on supporting 32-bit OS. On Family member rig I put FerenOS 64-bit and isntalled their Windows 7 64-bit as a VM - works better than actual install as it kept losing 'Home Network' on PowerLIne adapter - plus, having a backup of the VM machine should it go west with a Virus, VM can be deleted and just drag and drop the backup. Plus VM of 7 can be powered off in current state so no need to wait for the boot logo or login. 😉
  5. Hi DeZeus, Your clearly not a Windows 10 user (like me) - as soon as I read the OP I knew what it was. It's just M$ asking for useless feedback on it's wallpapers. I suspect images based on the fact that you live in the UK so they will be mainly UK related vistas (no reference to that earlier M$ OS!)
  6. That's just reminded me that perhaps it could be a firewall or other issue related?
  7. Not weird at all, some of the old rigs at work have Windows 10 x86 (32-bit) installed.
  8. Have you tried running it in Compatibility mode? I remember version 6 didn't work with Windows 7 after migrating from XP at work. The oldest version that is compatible with Windows 10 is version 7 (Abbyy FineReader Pro). Have you tried using Office Lens? It's free and in the Windows store.
  9. Some artists are still providing Cassettes! https://ukmerch.ambientinks.com/collections/themidnight/products/days-of-thunder-cassette-tape#
  10. Hi, in view of the low RAM I can recommend two lightweight distributions for you - Antix 19 or MX Linux 19 - the latter I even managed to install on a D600 with only 512 Mb RAM (now got rid of). You could also try xfce based distributions - one that requires a min of 1 Gb of RAM is Sparky Linux, the other is Voyager 18.04 (xfce).
  11. Hi davecop, Thanks for this information too. 😎
  12. Seems it was a similar issue when 3 was released but user reset his Windows 10 to solve the issue (Win 10 issue?): https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/196986-blocking-firefox-from-starting/
  13. Hi, I tried ensoftonic (normally avoid this as has virus in past) and it takes you to Apple Store to buy again! Try this site instead but be careful what you click on - downloading dmg now: https://isoriver.com/mac-os-x-mountain-lion-10-8-iso/ Looking like a 10 hour download!
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