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  1. Did you read Hera's latest links?
  2. Very true - latest MS Vulnerability (even Windows 10 affected but now patched) and likely to face more RDP attacks according to this article: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/08/13/windows_rdp_patch_tuesday/
  3. Hi Hera, Thanks for sharing. I saw a YouTube video awhile back that stated that 5G transmits on the same level as that used by blood cell production! Also the fact that people who have made comments already is that whilst they may not be " hypersensitivity (EHS)" the effects are cumulative over time. So whilst we might be 'fine for now' - how will we be in x years time?
  4. @Dromedary You have clearly watched the video but did you really listen?
  5. I don't use wine for good reason either ( ) As for viruses, the term is incorrect, malware or rather malicious script is what can affect GNU/Linux - even GNU/Linux community make this mistake. Cup of Linux reported on such "Virus" recently and it was pointed out that the leaky code had been patched before it had been reported on. I read an article some time ago that had studied which OS base had the quickest fix and it was proven that patches were produced more quickly for GNU/Linux than Ms Windows.
  6. No, just taking care of themselves:
  7. Better still, use something that defends you from using 'rcp' or '.exe' files - GNU/Linux!
  8. Donald Trump is intending to appoint the man who tried to break the Internet, Ajit Pai to Police free speech. Please sign the petition to add your voice to this not being a good idea. https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/censor-the-internet?source=direct_link&
  9. Hi, please sign and share: "Hi there, I know you’ll agree it’s outrageous Ivory Coast farmers growing the cocoa that goes in to our chocolate get only 73p a day on average, less than half of what experts say is a living income in the country. Please can you sign this Fairtrade petition to the Prime Minister asking her to commit to making living incomes a priority for UK overseas aid deals? Here is the link you need: https://bit.ly/2WPdpgQ Thanks"
  10. Ctrl+ Z will only work while the document errored and is still open!
  11. A lot of play has been made about the future of GNU/Linux being more secure since M$ had purchased Github. I never believed this for one minute and found more proof of their real intent: http://techrights.org/2019/07/11/microsoft-putting-patent-traps-inside-linux/
  12. Have you tried the Ctrl+ Z to undo? I've just discovered a nice new Office Suite from Latvia! ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors. https://www.onlyoffice.com/download-desktop.aspx
  13. Wonder if this might work? https://superuser.com/questions/313024/how-to-get-into-bios-when-usb-keyboard-is-not-powered-and-have-no-ps-2-ports#313025
  14. Back in April I sent a sound card back that I could not get to work with Zorin 15 as the onboard one did not work at all. I know it can take time to process returns, but I have been dilatory in using the tracking ticket. I returned the parcel and advised that I should use First and Signed for. At no point was I informed that there was an 80 day limit to claim for lost items and even if I had claimed within the 80 days I would not have got a full refund only £50 (the card was invoiced at £68). So don't learn the hard way. Though in future I might look at sending returns via DPD or other courier. Never had an issue with Royal Mail until now.
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