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  1. Nice one wearysmith. Keeping it laid back: Some more laid back but a bit more upbeat:
  2. When I was installing it Microsoft popped up and said the hardware you are using was built for anewer OS and suggested I swapped to Windows 10 - no thanks! 😉 Don't remember having issues when it came to installing GNU/Linux on a different Hard Drive in the system.
  3. On the Linux User Group members have had issues with HP - not sure if they were talking inkjet or laser. One member has recently got a decent Samsung printer off e-bay and another all-in-one same model for £35 or spares.
  4. A while back I posted a Buggles then and 'now' - well 1980s and early 00s. Bit of a bigger gap in years between initial release and remake with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra:
  5. A nice album to chill to: https://newretrowave.bandcamp.com/album/just-drive-part-1?from=embed Didn't want to post the YouTube link as Flashing lights from the offset that could cause a seizure.
  6. No the app was only released at the start of the year and because it had been rewritten you had to re-register which is when I thought it was a bit 'fishy' - or should that be 'phishy'? 😉 Anyhoo, EDF finally pulled their finger out and sent an email to say they were taking over the contract and that is nearly 3 months after GNE went bellyup!
  7. If you have a Smart TV there is usually an option to install but you might need to subscribe. The only ones we have are Netflix and Disney+ - suits our needs.
  8. https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?p=1871735#p1871735 A cautionary tale about Brother Laser printers - we used to have one at work until 3 critical elements needed replacing after 12 months and the cost of repair was more than what the printer cost. You might do better seeing what is available on e-bay or Amazon for a second hand one in good condition. But check availability of spares and costs like Zach has said.
  9. Another issue might be that, as in my circumstance when I purchased an Asus Prime X470-PRO motherboard it would not accept a USB keyboard when trying to install Windows 7 64-bit Pro - they only produced Windows 10 drivers for it. So the old trusty Cherry keyboard with PS/2 connection came in very handy whilst installing the OS! 😉
  10. Hi achresearch, it is still there - screenshot from my phone using KDE Connect. https://ibb.co/WWKYcvJ
  11. Update - I have been contacted by Google to submit a complaint form - but it won't let me - states the App name 'Green Network Energy' is not a valid app name! Yet it is still there in the PlayStore! So could not submit complaint.
  12. Alternative free (archive) ones are 7-zip (used at work) or Peazip.
  13. On the old web site you could save messages as .csv files to be viewed in a spreadsheet. Not any more - only move or delete - if you need to keep any just highlight the contents then right-click, copy and paste into a Text Processor.
  14. Update - only try eOS if you have a spare phone - or its just that OnePlus are dodgy when it comes to bootloaders. Having put eOS successfully on the 1+ 3 I put it on the 1+ 3T - I was curious about apps rather than phone etc - Could make calls and receive calls but Contacts did not work and Call history (asked a family member to ring because of the contacts issue) and nothing stored. Managed to Soft Brick the 1+ 3T but got it back in Windows 7 64-bit by sideloading the April 2021 Oxygen OTA stable .zip file. My phone is now back to the way it was - I will look at eOS in the future if they can get the bugs sorted. Keeping it on the 1+ 3 as Magick Earth is so much better than Google maps and I can use things like Jitsi for meeting on it and proton mail.
  15. Some more retro wave: Bandcamp link (with lyrics): https://newretrowave.bandcamp.com/track/city-nights-feat-fatherdude-2
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