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  1. Cheers Altus - it used to be my Linux OS of Choice before Ultimate Edition, then Zorin (and MX Linux!). Having thought it through I suspect that M$ will have a patent out on that keyboard 'release' feature!
  2. According to the official spec sheet the Notebook has a welded module to the motherboard with 1 SO-DIMM slot for expansion up to 16 Gb: https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ASUS-ZenBook-UX310UA/specifications/ It would just need to ensure that the additional module is of the same clock speed. On a separate note I tried the Crucial Memory application on a different rig once (MSI-2400 mobo) which only can take 2Gb RAM - Crucial reported it could be expanded to 8 Gb - so I don't trust it. To check existing RAM clock speed: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-can-i-check-the-clock-rate-speed-of-my-ram
  3. I asked the question because a user of Zorin states that the Super key activates the menu on press not release - how can you detect this? Documentation?
  4. Hi, I always thought that the Windows menu appeared on 'pressing' but someone has posted on another forum I fequent, that it appears on 'release' of the Windows or 'Super' button. Can anyone confirm one way or the other? I can't find any documentation or posts anywhere else about this being on 'release' that the menu appears. Cheers and a prosperous 2020 to all Sheffield Forum members.
  5. Seems it also happened on different rigs back in 2015: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings/kernel-power-event-id-41-task-category-63/addd3bb3-9c6d-48e1-bd6b-0c1fc8f73c64
  6. Well just installed MX Linux 19 on the cover of the current Linux Format Magazine and it is phenomenal! It even installed on a D600 even though it is a pae based distro and never baulked at live mode or installing. What I liked about this distro is that: 1. You can use the customised partitions you setup on a different distro! 2. Any changes you make in the live desktop have the option of being saved at point of install. My only concern is that during installation the CPU was maxing out at 100%. On reboot it seemed to shoot up to 100% activity when looking at installing updates but then hovered around 2-5% being idle. Will have to test some more but it is looking far superior to even AntiX (MX Linux is actually a combination of Mepis and AntiX combined. Outstanding distribution. 🆒
  7. And now off the beaten track (no pun intended!): http://tylerlyle.bandcamp.com/track/ditchdigger-2
  8. You've stated in previous posts that you tend to use a tablet. If your with BT it could be that you might have been connected to BT Fon which allows you to connect to another BT Customers Wifi connection - but that is pure speculation on my part. And whether other BT users are happy to share their BT Fon signal in the first place. https://bigtechquestion.com/2019/03/22/broadband/what-is-my-bt-fon-login/
  9. That was my train of thought also - hence the posting. 😉
  10. When you go to money supermarket the form you fill in asks you for what you want cover for, National (cf European), car (cf. individual), home start, misfuelling and it brings back all the quotes. Home Start is covered within 1 mile and cover also includes forward travel.
  11. Just been looking again and AXA insurance offering unlimited callouts for £30.25 and no excess! They have a 'defaqto' rating of 5 stars - but how reliable is 'defaqto'? Green Flag limit callouts to 5 a year, ranging from cheapest at £28.49 (£40 excess) to its most expensive at £93.97!
  12. I was looking at Money Supermarket and was surprised to find breakdown cover around £30+ with unlimited callouts - has anyone here taken out such a policy or should you stick to AA/RAC/Green Flag?
  13. A couple regularly go out for the evening throughout the year. They do the same on Christmas Eve and one year a burglar observed them leave the house. He promptly breaks in and finds the Christmas tree with bundles of presents underneath. As he opens his swag bag to put the presents in he hears a voice say "I can see you and so can Jesus!" The burglar begins to think his mind is playing tricks on him and he continues to plunder the presents when he hears the words spoken a second time. He turns on his flashlight and points to where the voice in the dark came from ... it was a parrot! He then shines the torch to the floor where he sees a ginormous Rottweiler. The last words he heard from the parrot were "Jesus, get him!"
  14. OK, running Antix 19 in Live Mode on D830 i'm getting correct resolution of 1600 x 1200 (Intel Centrino with 2 Gb RAM and Intel Graphics.)
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