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  1. Nice one wearysmith - I can hear the Roy Wood sound. And now for something completely different. From my Ministry of Sounds I❤️80s triple CD collection (1979): and 25 years later live still as good in 2004!
  2. Well I have made a full transition to Devuan 3.0 now and have stopped using the inferior Virtual Box from Oracle for Aqemu and Virt-manager - this is the first time I can now see decent graphics output for my Windows 7 Pro VM and don't have to keep pressing Right Ctrl key to release the mouse from the VM - I can just glide from VM to real desktop with ease. https://ibb.co/mtZ6L08
  3. Why not take a look at nitroshare? https://itsfoss.com/easily-share-files-linux-windows-mac-nitroshare/
  4. You don't have to use Zoom - just create your own meeting room at https:meet.jit.si - give it an obscure name and an obscure password. Warning if you use the Lobby function, other users won't be able to attend the meeting unless they contact you to be let in so you may not want to use the lobby function but it is available. Once you have created your meeting room just notify others - and it's free! (And unlike Teams I can share both my monitors!)
  5. Yes one of the first things I do with any Browser is remove everything but DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia and Chambers. Currently using Firefox ESR (Extended Service Release - the only version that can be 'locked down') on Devuan 3.0.
  6. I'm just guessing here, but every now and then they decide to change the rules and you have to accept the new ones in order to "carry on as you were." I have noticed that on the smartphone that I get notifications rather than emails these days - I think it is the way they have moved (the goalposts!).
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What forgeman said - that said we still have a bed waiting to be collected that had to be cancelled during the first lock-down.
  8. Just looked at that third photo down from the headlines captioned "The cause is not yet known" - You only have to look at the condition of the upright rolling stock to see that they are all probably due to be replaced (but profit margins would probably drop by too much!) You can clearly see a rusty spring at the front that appears to have sheared from the stanchion lying on the track to the right of the wheel nearest the ground.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Best way to do it if possible. (allowable by other parties in the household! 😉 ) Actually your post might help me out. I've piggybacked before doing it via ethernet but not wirelessly. I think if I bring out the old Asus ADSL router I might be able to sort out the attic Powerlines. Thanks for sharing your solution.
  10. I didn't think the OP was trying to 'tether'. If out of range it's a case of using 4G. I'm with GiffGaff and for a while I was using there unlimited data with all the TT issues I was having at the time, that said I was using USB tethering and it worked faster than the router. If it was just me I would have preferred to stick with that than ISP!
  11. Searching for *.chk files is just a case of making sure that hidden files are shown (I think) - been such a long time since I used Windows! https://www.reviversoft.com/file-extensions/chk
  12. To check if it is potential mechanical HD failure do a search for .chk files - the more there are the more it is a sign of potential hard drive failure.
  13. Well, I've finally moved on from Zorin OS - I would still recommend it to anyone thinking of giving it a try, to migrate from Windows. I am no longer a moderator for the forum, only occasionally dropping by. I have now found a new home in Devuan 3.0 (codename "Beowulf") and enjoying every moment of it. 😉
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