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  1. Yes it is very scary stuff from Microsoft! When I was working, I was asked to upgrade some off-network computers to Windows 10 to be in line with the Schools Network. What was scary when I logged in it notified me of the computers at Home, with the name of the user. That's why my main goto has shifted to GNU/Linux. (GNU is the OS, Linux is the kernel for the OS to run.)
  2. Whilst this is an old thread, anyone else who can't remember if they upgraded or not, look for the CoA sticker which is either underneath the base of the notebook, or can be seen in the chassis once the battery is removed. On a netbook you have to remove the clamshell to view the CoA (Certificate of Authenticity).
  3. I can remember, but a long time ago! Had come back from a trip to London when I slipped on wet pavement at split my head open - must have had a bit of concussion. We had guineapigs in need of a new hutch. I mistakenly entered in teh search engine: "Blueprints for Guineapig Hutch" - clicked on the result and got a virus. Was using Panda Internet Security that quarantined it but would not let me delete it - I was dual-booting with GNU/Linux at the time and deleted the nasty from quarantine that way! I only get the Windows 7 64-bit Pro drive out for hotswap bay to update my website, but on there I have Comodo Internet Security (free), Malwarebytes (free), SUPERAnti-Spyware (free).
  4. Would be interesting to know: What version of Windows you are using? Name and model of Wifi card in Desktop? As stated above, it could well have been an issue with the card's drivers (or a Windows Update?)
  5. Just an update that I have posted elsewhere. Solution/s: External aerial connected to Humax Box. One-for-All Internal 5G blocking aerial attached to TV. No more lost channels.
  6. Well, I am wondering if Electric Car Batteries have a short-life span. Was recently in hospital with a kidney infection and we got talking about EV's (Electric Vehicles). He stated that to replace an EV Battery costs 40,000 pounds. A year or so ago, out of curiosity I looked to see how much a new Tesla S cost to buy - 120,000 pounds (can't type pound sign as currently backing up my drive with rescuezilla that is defaulted to US Keyboard!) A 12 month old Tesla S was also looked at for cost, 80,000 pounds, which suggests at that rate, your Tesla S EV will be worth nothing after 3 years!
  7. @HeHasRisen You have to remember that Woolyhead has been using computers for a long period of time. A close neighbour is 87 years old and they don't store any numbers in their landline handset. They consider that to be 'new technology' and don't want to learn anything technological.
  8. We have had issues with LG Smart TV, primarily caused by the Humax Box. When disconnecting the TV Aerial (external) from Humax box to TV, no channels lost (initially) but then it happened again. So what I have done, and it works so far is to leave the external aerial in the Humax Box and fitted a 5G blocking One-For-All TV aerial to the TV. Not had to retune the channels since.
  9. Does this article help? https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-reactivate-yahoo-account-4584516
  10. I got an email about the transfer on 14th August about being transferred to the new system. British Gas don't usually provide their numbers in an e-mail, the only information they provided were web links to other sites, "... customer help hub", "Live Chat" and "financial assistance". If you are dubious about any email, select the option to 'show headers' - this will show where the message originated from.
  11. Thanks Pyrotequila, I am suspecting Wallace was referring to issues with Humax. I will also try One-for-All 5G blocker indoor aerial to see if it resolves the issue. Hi RollingJ, if it was down to me I would ditch the Humax completely and have a Western Digital "My Passport" drive attached to USB port on TV, which I might do anyway and face someone's wrath!
  12. No, tuning is done via all settings on TV. I am suspecting it could be Humax compatibility issue. Will see what happens if I bypass Humax.
  13. Tried searching for Freeview past month and still 0.
  14. A link to Wallace's post would be helpful as search resulted in 0. In respect of all channels, no, it is only ITV only channels.
  15. Hi, Been having to keep retuning but today still not working after 3 retunes. Aerial signal comes in via Humax box, and TV Aerial is standard, not a digital one. Any chance it might be down to 5G rollout as about 12 months ago we acquired a telegraph pole outside our house. Or is this an LG issue as WebOS got updated last week.
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