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  1. swarfendor437

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    Hi Ghozer, You can disable the onboard hdmi in the BIOS but not the one on a Graphics Card - that's why I had to follow that procedure I gave a link to. The xonar is working through the headphones and I'm beginning to wonder if my issue in respect of the Audigy card was me thinking I was plugging audio cable into line in on the TV when it is on closer inspection YpBr! LOL! Time to get me a View Sonic screen and some external speakers!
  2. swarfendor437

    Some USB ports not working correctly

    Have you ever updated the BIOS since you purchased it? https://www.acer.com/ac/en/ID/content/support-product/6915;-;
  3. swarfendor437

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    I'm not a fan of the term 'blacklisting' - perhaps it should be changed to 'blocklisting' but it is what you have to do to disable a device that is grabbing priority in GNU/Linux by editing the appropriate file in /etc with Nano and then saving the output. I successfully did this with the SoundBlaster installation. But since installing a GNU/Linux friendly sound card (and just to add the X470-PRO onboard chipset does not work with Ubuntu 18.04 or forks of same which I have discovered on askubuntu hence the purchasing of sound cards! I like to tinker and see what is possible. I may have to ditch Zorin and go for Debian stable - if the sound is going to work! You can't simply disable HDMI on the graphics Card in GNU/Linux - you have to block it by using a technique named 'blacklisting': https://www.techtimejourney.net/how-to-blacklist-a-sound-card-in-linux/
  4. swarfendor437

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and not have to faf blacklisting Intel HD Audio which is what the HDMI connection uses.
  5. swarfendor437

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    Hi, Yes the TV is full 1080/1080i - no issue in HDMI mode but would have been nice to get resolution in VGA mode - sure in old Zorin 12 I got that resolution as I had Monitor and separate speakers prior to this set up which is what I want to get back to at some stage.
  6. swarfendor437

    Zorin 15 Beta is now out!

    Updated Manual a little further tonight so the new link is this one: https://app.box.com/s/sp7uzb7r2o731g7jkn6tcb8gxvtz6gvy
  7. swarfendor437

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    It came but disappointed that in VGA mode it does not support 1920 x 1080 like the GT620 did - it will only show (in GNU/Linux) under VGA something like 1240 x 720. But principally I wanted it for the next release of Zorin which requires minimum VGA drivers (for nvidia) of 410 which is built into the .iso to bring the 410 drivers - I have installed 418.xx on Feren OS and it appears to be OK. Thanks for the find. I'm now waiting on a C-media PCIe card from ThinkPenguin: https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/51-channels-24-bit-96khz-pci-express-audio-sound-card-w-full-low-profile-bracket-tpe-pcies
  8. swarfendor437

    Tiscali email address

    He just needs to go to https://apps.talktalk.co.uk/appsuite/ and sign in with Tiscali credentials.
  9. swarfendor437

    Can you make an .iso out of a complete install?

    I was mainly thinking of doing this sooner rather than later as once support ends there will be no access to updates if installed with original disc which I have done with a 32-bit edition on FerenOS. It would just make life so easier to have everything as is without installing all the apps etc. Will take a look in time. Thanks for all the responses. Looks like you can convert img to vdi: https://www.ostechnix.com/how-to-convert-img-file-to-vdi-file-using-oracle-virtualbox/
  10. swarfendor437

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    Like ordering a sound card with the correct chipset for GNU/Linux - but forgot to look at the form factor!!!
  11. swarfendor437

    Illegal Microsoft Office?

    You can always run Office 2010 in GNU/Linux under WINE.
  12. swarfendor437

    Illegal Microsoft Office?

    LibreOffice is now at 6.2 and the interface can be made to look similar to the latest M$ offering - and when I couldn't access a Text Maker document for editing, LibreOffice 6.2 saved the day. Get LibreOffice from here (LibreOffice has more to offer than OpenOffice): https://ninite.com
  13. swarfendor437

    Any charities that take old PCs ?

    This might be of use: https://www.itforcharities.co.uk/donorinf.htm
  14. https://www.washingtonpost.com/gdpr-consent/?destination=%2fgraphics%2fbusiness%2fbatteries%2fcongo-cobalt-mining-for-lithium-ion-battery%2f%3f&utm_term=.7dac8166c287 It appears that 60% of all the world's Cobalt supplies comes from the Congo, which is then shipped for processing in the far East and then the batteries produced shipped once more to where they are needed. So effectively buying a phone, a notebook and electric car effectively increases the world's carbon footprint and reinforces child slave labour. Quite disturbing reading.
  15. swarfendor437

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    You'll be lucky to get Linux working on the Mac unless it's a few years old. The latest Macs are designed to run on nothing but MacOS!

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