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  1. I was going to suggest a Linux alterntative, Pine64 but they are not currently available due to Covi-19: https://store.pine64.org/product/pinetab-10-1-linux-tablet/
  2. I've had reverse problems with TT in respect that the wifi of their router's are fine but they cannot cope with MIMO Powerline adapters - they kill the Earth connection. In order for ethernet to work properly I have split the ethernet connections between a TP-Link Router, an old router to act as a 'relay' which in turn is connected to an 8 port-switch. No more ethernet issues.
  3. If you have Google Chromecast (Home) on smart phone you could try this solution: https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/05/how-to-stream-freeview-on-google-chromecast/
  4. Just thought I would update you as I have finally bottomed this one! You know the gist of the story about issues connecting to TT - they sent out a fast hub - great for wifi, not great for the powerline adapters as no destop or other device connected to powerlines would connect. They sent out a D-Link router - similar design to the old Huawei HG-633 model in terms of flashing LED's - couldn't even login connected directly by ethernet to the router "connection timed out". They advised I needed an engineer to visit as they could tell the problem was my side - free call out but £65 if issue "on my side of the wire." I'd had enough! Reset the Archer once more and added another older ADSL router as an Access Point and everything is now working!
  5. You need to make sure that the BIOS settings are set to support VM too. You should always run the latest version of Virtual Box from here: https://www.virtualbox.org/ and don't forget to download the extension pack which is needed for things such as USB 3.0 support. The downside to VB is that its maximum GPU allocation tends to be 128 Mb - this can cause issues when running some Linux distros - Zorin in VB suffers from a break up in the menu down to low graphics - at some point about to try and see if I can set up VB to pick up graphics from second graphics card that I haven't got round to installing yet. You can pretty well get away with 8 Gb - on Family member's PC Windows 7 64-bit Pro is running better as a VM inside Virtual Box than what it did on the physical drive it was installed to! Allocated it 4 Gb RAM and Graphics by default is set to a low 16 Mb - just whack that to the max (128 Mb) and I would allocate 2 cores (the machine has i7 kaby lake running FerenOS 2020.04 (looks like Windows 10 but better!)
  6. R.I.P. Peter. I think I was a teenager when Oh Well was released - great song. i always remember the version with Oh Well sung in it - chose this version as live audio and some memorable pics as tribute.
  7. Warning - lots of flashing imagery on this one - non-stop - so scroll down the page to just listen.
  8. Back to 'mind.in.a.box' broken legacies:
  9. Just grab yourself a live Linux distro, connect your phone to the notebook running live distro, save photos to desktop then transfer back again - look for .DCIM on your phone in file explorer - expand that and search for 'photos' then transfer from desktop back to your S6. Use file transfer not MTP.
  10. That was what put me off Windows - when I was a TU Rep at a previous place of work, the Branch Office had Windows 3 but to launch it you had to look at a blinking cursor and enter 'WIN' - that's when I decided my first 'proper' computer would be the Amiga 1500! 😄
  11. Yes Freeserve was the first ISP I was with, then Tiscali - who got taken over by TT - I've still got my Diamond Express 56k Modem - perhaps I should put it to good use and set it up as a FAX like you could in Windows 95! LOL!
  12. Well I received the latest album by The Midnight last week. What I like is their quirky use of sound, such as ejecting a cassette and reinserting. This brought back wonderful dial-up memories (not!) Remember those evenings wasted updating Norton Internet Security, only to find after spending 1 hour you got the dreaded message "You need to download again!" It precedes track 2 - America Online!
  13. Over to an Egyptian collection (well R.I.P Dave Greenfield, keyboardist of the Stranglers who died from Covid-19 in May, sad news I missed). Now for the real thing:
  14. Another track from 'Monsters' album:
  15. Its not just Adobe - when at work Braille Translation Software checks the machine that is using the software - it monitors the licence and the machine name. Scarier still, I installed Windows 10 on an off-network notebook for other staff members to use as there was a shortage of desktops - when I logged in with my Microsoft credentials it connected to the works network and then promptly informed me of all the discounted OS and Office software and which machines they were on at home! 😱
  16. From Monsters - The Midnight's latest album (which I received on Friday!)
  17. Ironically after posting, the FerenOS Dev updated the Web Browser Manager - in place of Cliqz is now WaterFox - another good browser, apart from it's default search engine is Bing bizarrely - changed this to DuckDuckGo in the settings, but just as quick as Cliqz. 😁 For those who don't have a Browser Manager/Chooser: https://www.waterfox.net/
  18. Hadn't spotted that as installed via Browser Chooser - still available to download - would be interesting to see how it fares without updates - wouldn't use it for purchases, just browsing.
  19. and it's European! I only discovered this using FerenOS Web Browser Manager. Get it from here: https://cliqz.com/en/desktop I was surprised how quick and responsive it is! 😃
  20. Finally got round to uploading a quicktour video here: Was pleasantly surprised to see it includes my favourite USB creation tool in Linux, MultiSystem. You may need to change default video settings to 1080p for a better view.
  21. Well discussion of OS's came up at yesterday's Linux User Group meeting and one I never heard of came up - emmabuntüs. Aimed at Education, a well thought out distro with nice welcome screens:
  22. It was more to do with privacy - opennic.org keeps no logs!
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