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  1. If you have an emissions printout post the results for the first and second fast idle test and the idle test on here. HC (Hydrocarbons) CO (Carbon Monoxide) Lambda No need to post the tolerances just the actual values. A High HC reading could be a misfire. A high CO reading could be an issue with the catalytic converter. A high Lambda reading could be a blowing exhaust.
  2. I don't recall you mentioning covid testing pre vaccine on here but I do recall you mentioning anti-body testing which is a waste of time and money. Could you please link me to the covid test posts please.
  3. Ahh that makes sense. The outside temp sensor is also a common fault on Vauxhalls. You can pick genuine Vauxhall ones up on ebay, they are not expensive.
  4. It's not just about you though Mel, It's also that you might spread it about if you do get it, even if it is mild for you. Look at covid for that example.
  5. If the expansion tank is between max and min then there could be a fault with the level sensor, If my memory serves well. Some Astras did also need a sensor and expansion tank for this fault, but not sure on the era of this, maybe 2009/10? could be later. Also the the temperature gauge would not show 3 to 4 degrees, it would kick in at 30 degrees maybe. What temperature does it run at when it is up to temperature? Vauxhall's usually run at about 90 degrees when fully warmed up.
  6. All over 50's are now eligible for a free flu jab. Have been since last year.
  7. Give Rob a call at dent-tech. Known him for years and has done loads of work for us in the past at various places I have worked. Top bloke. Website Here
  8. I can't believe I missed this thread until today. This is really sad news. My condolences to all her friends and relatives. Hopefully she has gone to a better place. Thank you Mort for keeping us all in check.
  9. I can't believe the leavers are still trying to convince remainers that leaving the EU was a good idea. I don't post on the consequence threads anymore as such, but reading them does make me realise that they are desperately still trying to convince themselves. Well at least the fish in UK waters will be happy. The only problem facing the French wine industry at the moment is US tariffs.
  10. Pretty straightforward mate, more places are open that were shut in march. Covid secure places like ours don't need to close. I work in the motor industry before you ask.
  11. The only workers who have been added to the "key workers" list are Brexit transition workers. As for the seemingly high traffic volume compared to the March lock down will be down to workers who can't work from home. I have to travel too and from work and I use my car.
  12. You don't fully understand "Democracy" I would strongly recommend you do a little self training in some capacity. Happy new year.
  13. Thank you, we will lie through our back teeth just like the leave campaign did in 2015/16. Or will we need to actually lie about the benefits of being in the EU Mmmm?
  14. This has been going on for years. Stella Artois in the 90's was 5.2%, possibly in the noughties too, Cant remember exactly, it is 4.8% now. I suspect they pay less tax on it if it is lower strength, other than pressure from governments also, maybe?
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