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  1. Pretty much answered it to be fair in my post. People not abiding by the lockdown rules. Only takes a small percentage and bingo, when everything opens up again it all kicks off, which is exactly what has happened.
  2. Token lockdown to be "Seen" to be doing something. Universities, colleges and secondary schools should also have closed. These people are more understanding of the situation and can continue their studies online. Keep nurseries and junior schools open with their little class bubbles etc. 100% of the training and technical data I need to do my job is online at the moment due to covid , and 95% of it was like this before covid. If modern teaching of the more mature section of the population can't be done online, then they have lied to us about the benefit of the internet for years. It won't be policed (The lockdown that is), it will be abused, waste of time. I still want to know who was still spreading it about during the the first lockdown. Don't answer that as I already know, and it wasn't that kind nurse who sorted your broken arm, or the kid behind the screen at the local supermarket checkout mmmm. What a mess.
  3. We keep banging on about it because you haven't yet come out with any valid reason as to why we are going to be better off out than in. If you do, we will stop banging on about it. The bendy banana, and other fake debunked rhetoric you posted a day or two ago doesn't count. Please try again. What are the real benefits of leaving? You seem to know what you are doing, educate us. Just a little tip on metric if you are struggling, Think of it as £'s and pence, it is exactly the same 1 pence 5 pence 10 pence £1 (100) pence, now equate that to millimetres and centimetres. You do understand Pounds and pence right? As you seem to be stuck in the 50's do you still work on pre decimalisation? Little tip on nostalgia, we all love a bit of nostalgia.I was born in the sixties, went through my infant, junior and teenage years in the 70's and 80's, funnily enough as part of the European union and EEC in the early days of that. Now where were we? oh yeah nostalgia, go visit them places you used to love as a kid and see how much they have changed.
  4. Unfortunately, I will continue to believe leave voters are "dumb" were sold up the river and can't think for themselves. Why do I think that? Because not one of you in the four years or so of these consequence threads running have you posted what the true benefits of leaving the EU really are, and how we are going to be better off. Is being better off what Brexit was all about? Feel free to start posting these benefits, the floor is all yours, Until. then I will remain on this section of my post- "Unfortunately, I will continue to believe leave voters are "dumb" were sold up the river and can't think for themselves" You will be waiting forever and a day.
  5. Where is the roflcopter emoji when you need it. 🤣
  6. You have answered your own question there. If you have a device that can receive live TV broadcasts then you have to have a licence by law. If you don't want to buy a licence then you don't have a device that can receive live TV broadcasts. Are you saying that people are forced to have devices that can receive live TV broadcasts? I don't get your stance on being "Forced" you need to explain it to me.
  7. Who is forcing these people? I don't drive on 99.99% of the vehicle roads I subsidise with my vehicle excise duty. Do I get a discount? Can I prove that?
  8. Who is forcing you fund the BBC?
  9. I would have taken some photos as proof just in case there was any comeback, then proceeded with caution, out of the "in" bit, and attended my appointment. Calling the medic "brain dead" is unforgivable. You lived to tell the tale, the person they were seeing to, might not have.
  10. Correct, and I never said you couldn't, the point I was making is you are more likely to catch it round your mates house with no face covering or social distancing.
  11. You do realise the majority of infections occur in private dwellings right? I've never heard of someone catching it in their local supermarket where social distancing and face covering (should) take place. As far as I'm aware, wearing a face covering at home, or someone else's home is not compulsory, so your "very modest if there is indeed any benefit at all" regarding face coverings is a little flawed if you don't mind me saying so.
  12. Fake news alert. A TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring system) will (Should) only fail an MOT if it is indicating a fault. Pulled from the testers manual- I suggest you familiarise yourself with this manual before posting fake news. "You must only reject vehicles if it’s clear that the lamp indicates a system malfunction and not simply indicating that one or more of the tyre pressures is low." https://www.gov.uk/guidance/mot-inspection-manual-for-private-passenger-and-light-commercial-vehicles/5-axles-wheels-tyres-and-suspension
  13. If you are charging overnight why would you need a DC charger? Why not just charge it on your AC supply and get an economy 7 tariff.
  14. Go out, spread it about, nothing stopping you. If you want to act like a 3 year old do it. There are plenty of adults around to pick up the pieces for you.
  15. No my friend, that is a scene from your fantasy no restrictions world.
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