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  1. I stopped responding to the type of post you have responded to. Not very helpfull, no make or model, no petrol or diesel. For some strange reason people think every car is the same. Has it got a concentric release bearing? Has it got a dual mass flywheel? no information = no help = no response.
  2. You do realise you can wear a face covering anytime you want? it's not illegal to wear one before the implemented date. I have been wearing one in public places for ages and haven't been jailed yet.
  3. All that area was open cast mined in the late eighties/early nineties by a company called Budge. I remember a sign being up at the time when this work was being carried out for a few years. I suspect the area you have highlighted was the staff car park. Rumour had it at the time, that when Beighton colliery was mined, some sort of cutting error took place and loads of usable coal ended up on the slag heap. Hence why it was open cast mined. As for the car park, I don't believe it was ever meant for Rother Valley use.
  4. Well I will tell you. No it wasn't acceptable driving 250 miles for child care he didn't know for definite he needed at that stage, and no it wasn't acceptable to go to work when a family member was showing covid -19 symptoms. I'll leave it there.
  5. You think it's a non story and we should all move on, rest assured it isn't. I'll ask you another question as a Mr. Cummings expert. Do you think it was acceptable to carry on working when a member of his household were showing symptoms of covid-19? When everyone else were told to self isolate? do you think they weren't busy at work and needed to go so as to not let the boss down?
  6. What is weird is people thinking government officials breaking lockdown rules is ok. You seem to be endorsing it, that is why you are getting asked these questions.
  7. You come across as one, so I will ask you again, why didn't he self isolate when his wife was showing covid symptoms? he went home to see his wife and then back to work the very same day. Why? His own guidance didn't allow this. Educate us all please.
  8. There is no maybe-maybe not about it mate, he should have stayed where he was like we were told to do. Seeing as you seem to be an expert on Mr. Cummings, why didn't he self isolate like we had to do, if us or a family member was showing covid symptoms? enlighten us?
  9. He should have stayed where he was mate, with his wife and his son. That is what the guidance said. You can dude it up all you want, but that is what he should have done.
  10. I'm surprised non of the reporters pushed him on why he didn't self isolate when his wife originally had symptoms of covid-19. This was the back bone of the guidance at the time, and still is. I have said on a previous post on this thread that people weren't following this guidance, and in my opinion, it is a major contributor as to why covid got out of control the way it did.
  11. Do you think he followed the guidance?
  12. Never in a million years did he follow the guidance, but for some strange reason, this has become a right or wrong issue based on which side of the fence you sit on with Brexit. Honestly, I have lost the will to live. The people on the leave side do actually know we have left right? Mr Cummings didn't follow the guidance, but don't worry you leavers, we have left, it's fine you don't have to worship your leaders anymore. Sorry if this sounds like fake news, but trust me when I say, we have left the EU its fine, you can relax. You can put the banners down down, take a deep breath, we've left.
  13. But it doesn't say that in your link, it says a minimum period of three weeks, then it can be extended for any length of time. While the scheme still exists of course. I think you are confusing it with people who have been took off furlough then put back on it. They would then have to do a minimum of three weeks again. Just to add, furlough doesn't come in three week blocks, it's just a minimum of three weeks from the date you were furloughed.
  14. Have you read this part in your link? "A period of furlough can last more than three weeks. The HMRC guidance confirms that a period of furlough can be extended for any amount of time (up to the scheme end date) while the employee is on furlough." https://www.xperthr.co.uk/faq/must-employees-be-placed-on-periods-of-furlough-in-three-week-blocks/165229/ I'm reading that as a minimum of three weeks, then any amount of time after that, three weeks and a day even?
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