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  1. Just go about your business like everyone else has got it and you haven't, and you are doing everything possible to avoid it. That's what I do, might be psychological, but you do feel a little safer and happier about it all.
  2. Don't touch you're face. Wash your hands when you get home, and still avoid touching your face until you have had a shower/bath and got clean clothes/jimjams on, You'll be alight.
  3. If people want to be dragged off the streets in handcuffs with nets over their heads cable tied on by their necks, then leave them to it. These measures are very important, and if the softly softly approach doesn't work, the military will see that it is.
  4. Being immune doesn't mean they aren't carriers mate. Carriers harbour virus' in the nose, not just covid 19, but any virus. That's why they swab your nose when you are tested for it, to see if you are a carrier. Riding Apelike for some sort of proof is pointless, stuff like this is common knowledge. And as Apelike say's, touching stuff and moving it to somewhere else, or rubbing their nose then touching other stuff. The person who is immune would never know they were doing this, or contract the virus from doing this. And no, if you have had the virus and recovered, you will still be under lock down for the reasons I have just mentioned.
  5. But there is no point, if you are ill and isolated at home, you aren't going to spread it to the wider public, if you do have it and any members of the same household catch it too they also aren't going to spread it to the wider public. That's if people stick to the guidelines which some people in this country seem to be struggling with.
  6. Exactly, If you are working and out and about on unavoidable task's, are they going to test you everyday? the general public and Journalists seem obsessed with this.
  7. I don't get peoples obsession with testing. So someone has to "risk catching it" to test you? and waste resources that are better placed elsewhere? Just follow the guidance given by the government and if your symptoms don't improve or get worse, seek medical attention then, as also advised. It's not rocket science.
  8. That's going to be fun in September for the test stations. September is also a very busy time for test stations without doing the March ones too. Quick question for anyone out there, why do you leave your MOT's till the last minute? You do realise you can have it tested up to one Month early and not lose your original expiry date.
  9. All of it mate. It's an offence to drive a vehicle on a public highway if it is not in a roadworthy condition. That is whether the vehicle has a valid MOT or not.
  10. Garages will remain open until the government decide otherwise. Highly unlikely, as it is part of the service industry. The problem you could have, is this time of the year is a very busy time for test stations. When you say its due very soon, how soon? Have you tried to book it in at the test station you normally use? or tried to book it in somewhere else? Only heard rumours of MOT extensions, but while MOT stations are open this wont happen.
  11. It's another unknown symptom of coronavirus, as well as the squits, it turns you into an alcoholic.
  12. Correct. They were on about making photo ID driving licences compulsory a few years ago but moth balled the idea.
  13. Yet there was a guy interviewed (Via Video link) on GMB on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, who was one of the first people to get coronavirus. Piers Morgan asked him what it was like to get the virus. and he said it came in stages starting with a cold, then sore throat, headache, fever and cough. Eventually he got pneumonia and that was when he sort medical attention. I believe a past sufferer more than your fake news.
  14. The biggest problem here, is when people buy a car they don't realise it has to be taxed by them, the new owner. I still see plenty of car adverts with the age old "taxed and tested" chess nut. There will always be an evasion issue, but this is the biggy If you ever move house, you wont have any option.
  15. I don't know, do you? were you there? I don't need to prove anything, you posted it, you prove it's true.
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