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  1. This is correct." You should only fail the windscreen if the view is significantly affected. If only the driver’s view of the sky or the bonnet is affected, it should not be rejected" pulled from the testers manual. I'm a class 4 MOT tester before someone accuses me of being some sort of armchair expert
  2. I'm leaving threads are childish. Just log out and stop posting. If you stopped going to a restaurant you had been going to for years would you announce it to everyone on your last visit? All the best but a leaving thread? No need.
  3. Get as much rest/sleep as you can, keep hydrated, keep warm, paracetamol on an empty stomach up to 4 times a day (Save one for bedtime) some nice hot baths (Sweat it out of you) Hot water bottle in bed, and some nice hot soups. Works for me.
  4. It's a pity normal law abiding electric bill payers have to pay extra to fund these scumbags nicking electric
  5. Agree. When selling a car, I also ready type up, and print 2 copies of a receipt for payment for the vehicle. It goes along the lines of- Receipt for payment of car x Registration x This vehicle is "sold as seen" and comes with no warranty or guarantee. I get them to sign both and keep one myself. It did come in handy one time when about 2 weeks after a sale, a buyer returned to my house to inform me one of the door handles had stopped working and would I be prepared to do anything about it. I reminded them the car was "sold as seen" and comes with no warranty or guarantee, showed them the receipt they had signed, and I never saw them again after that.
  6. WHSmith also own funky pigeon. That probably helps to keep profits up.
  7. I've just told you, there was a problem with the warning message. It was scare mongering that went drastically wrong.
  8. Civilians were not the intended target in that event, but there was a problem with the warning message.
  9. And why would you have needed to feel threatened during that campaign working in a sheffield city centre bar? I would bet my last quid that a place like that was way off the radar unless there was some fancy pant royal event or something taking place.
  10. No going back now, governments world wide are pushing for EV's and car manufactures have spend billions developing them. I once met a training guy who specialised in bike mechanic training, used to develop for Kawasaki. He told me there was a massive problem in Germany with house fires due to people charging their cars with dodgy extension cables etc.
  11. There is no long term data on this vaccine, who knows what might happen in 5,10 years time . The last time I looked, the tetanus vaccine was launched in 1967, its 100% effective and has killed 48 people in all that time. Correct, no flies on you fella. Cant' find any data because its all suppressed, wonder why.
  12. No comparison. If you needed a life or death operation, you have got nothing to lose by risking a general anaesthetic. People were coerced into having these vaccines by the threat of covid passports, limited travel and losing their jobs. I'll guess a fair % of these didn't really need it, and suffered consequences. Other posters on here have told you this till they are blue in the face
  13. Get some cameras up or camera door bell, best thing I ever did for home security along with other measures.
  14. I do find it bizarre that some of you die hard believers don't even smell the slightest rat with all of this, origins of the virus, excessive lockdowns and control, the vaccine. I don't like to go into the origins of the source of the virus because it just becomes a conspiracy to most, but I will say the Wuhan laboratory has been experimenting with bat viruses for years and people make mistakes at work, or maybe it wasn't a mistake 😉, nuff said . While I don't always agree with tops and Daddy's stance on stuff (Mainly wearing sneeze/cough guards in public areas) they do have some valid points, and I do get their scepticism on stuff. Maybe some people need to be a bit more open minded on things.
  15. The best thing car manufactures can do is ditch diesel only models as soon as possible, encourage people into petrol hybrids (This technology is well established and been around since the late 90's) and encourage people into full electric cars where possible. This then gives them 12 years to develop and fully refine electric car batteries to hopefully make them more affordable to the masses. This also gives the government more time to get a decent charging infrastructure in (Don't hold your breath with that sentiment though)
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