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  1. Yes there would have to be unless we are in the customs union I believe, but for some strange reason, Brexiteers won't have any involvement in the EU what so ever, but as time goes by they will realise this is impossible. My take on Brexit if you are interested folks been meaning to post this forever but never got round to it, read on- You buy a house with a shared drive which serves multiple other houses. The shared drive cost's £100 per annum, but for this you get 100% unlimited access to your house 24/7 365. This also includes full free maintenance of the drive and a nice little flower box outside your front door. A few years on you decide you don't want to pay this £100 per annum anymore because you feel it isn't really worth it and you don't need it and can manage on your own. You decide to ring the drive owner and cancel the £100 premium, but still want access to your house. Drive owner say's "Fine" you can do that but you can only access the drive for half an hour in the morning 7.30 am to 8.00 am, then 5.00 pm to 5.30pm in the evening. But also there will be no maintenance or flower box on your section of drive. You think "great" I can live with that, I'm at work in the day anyway it wont matter. Three months on, with your section of drive going to rack and ruin and regularly missing your in and out slots and having to stay at mates houses, you think, maybe this isn't a good idea after all. Never mind you think, I will ring the drive owner and pay the £100 per annum again. You ring the drive owner, but as a new subscriber, it is £1000 per annum and it doesn't include the maintenance or flower box. Oh dear
  2. If it is eating batteries it could well be a charging fault but don't fall foul of the old school boy error and just replace the alternator on a whim. Dodgy engine earths can cause charging problems, seen it a thousand times at work no exaggeration. They can obviously cause other running faults too, so that would be the first thing I would check. Second would be fuses, Highly unlikely in this case but still an over looked fault. Next would be to check for a drain (Dodgy regulators on alternators can cause this amongst loads of other stuff) If this is all good, I would then check the charge rate, if all the other checks are ok then it has to be the alternator.
  3. So you Brexiteers would be quite happy for a post Brexit UK to be like the likes of NK or Iran?
  4. You do know a lot of homelessness is caused by mental health issues, also substance and alcohol abuse? is that the EU's fault?
  5. Won't make any difference how we leave, it is an agreed payable sum. And you still haven't explained to me why it is a good idea not to pay it.
  6. Come off the pot? what you need to do is get a grip with reality and stop believing everything you read.
  7. Long way to go to a proper answer, try again.
  8. Yes? is that it? poor response, explain how you come to that conclusion.
  9. I know exactly what the benefits of being an EU member are, do you know what the benefits of not being a member are? and you still haven't answered my two questions so I will remind you. Will the homeless be better off or worse off? and is it a good idea not to pay our dues and demands? Answer my questions and I will answer yours. I haven't got a clue so you should nail it, knock yourself out.
  10. How do you work that out? you do realise there is more to it than that yeah? Being an EU member isn't just about paying X in and getting Z out. The other benefits are staggering, yet another leave voter who doesn't understand how the EU works, what a surprise. Still not answered the questions.
  11. Not answered the question. You do also realise there wont be any extra money right? sorry to burst your bubble but the £350m is a myth. I'll ask again, do you think homelessness will improve or get worse after we leave the EU and is it a good idea not to pay our dues and demands?
  12. Do you think that homelessness will improve after we leave the EU, or do you think it will get worse? So you think it will be a good idea not to pay it? if so, why so?
  13. Wont happen mate, the Tories/DUP are in until at least 2022 and a heck of a lot of working class people don't like being taxed to the knackers by the good old tax and spend Labour party. Labour pledged about 4 trillion (only slightly exaggerated) of spending in the last election, and that's the only reason the Tories lost their majority. One for you here CarBoot---- Love Working, Love Not Being Taxed To Death By Labour. You like that pal? Have another think about it, you've not thought about it enough yet, Long hard think as I said.
  14. People do get preferential treatment, that is the way of the world. I have a completely different contract at work than 99.99% of the other worker's purely and simply because of my skills and experience, and the value I add to the company. This wasn't given out in a Christmas cracker, it was built up over years and years of trust and negotiating. Would you be happy if you worked with someone who was less experienced than you but they had more perks? and earned more money? and just to add insult to injury you were indirectly training them too. Now , i'll ask you a question, would you be daft enough to give that up and go on a "standard contract"? I'll give you a little time to think about it. Think about it long and hard for a while and quote this paragraph in your answer. I await in anticipation.

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