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  1. You clicked "OK" to track my location on an app on your mobile device and now it is tracking your location? what the hell? I would sleep with both eyes wide open tonight just in case.
  2. That's because "project fear" is finally sinking in as project reality. They will be practising their "I voted remain" body language in the mirror as we speak. Bring it on, no deal the noobs, I've been good to go for ages now. Even Labour government proofed myself.
  3. You're going to get a general election, revoke, or a further extension before the end of October. You die hard Brexiteers need to get over it seriously. Leaving without a deal is not an option, people didn't vote for it and the country cannot afford it. Little message to the Prime Minister, that little dividend from the RBS created by tax payers money? its owed back to the community in services that they have missed out on for the last eleven years, not rassed up the wall on Brexit crap. Thank you. Just in case you conveniently forgot about that Tax payer owned company, here is a little reminder RBS hands Treasury £1bn in dividends as profits surge
  4. A phone call or two to sort a twelve month extension, jobs a good un. Then we'll sort another referendum or general election when we get back, sod it
  5. Every single vote in the recent European Election was a vote to remain in the European Union, Even if you voted for the Bull**** party. Why? if you want out of the EU, why vote MEP's in? No brainer, voting for MEP's = Wanting in.
  6. There will be another general election before we even come close to leaving without a deal. As much as you are brainwashed into the misconceptions and lies about the EU, there is a hell of a lot of leave voters who believed all the lies, deceit and mistruths during the referendum and voted leave because of it. Now the main one was the fact that we would be better off. If we do end up worse off, then two things will happen. 1- There will be some serious unrest. 2- The people who do finally realise they were duped, will just deny they ever voted leave in the first place, there is evidence of that in the threads on SF and another poster on here will know where i'm coming from on that. I'd go with option two.
  7. Then what? get the good old tax and spend Labour party? Maybe the Bull**** party with no manifesto. The working class of this country have never had it so good (on a tax point of view) take your pick, maybe Lib Dems at a push?
  8. Iv'e been using WD 40 and other water displacement/penetrating oils for 40 years and I haven't dropped dead yet, if I do, I will let you know. Yes I know it's a ten year old thread before anybody say's. You know who you are.
  9. Highly likely this is the coil pack, that's assuming it is cranking. Then start looking at fuel delivery ie pump and circuit opening relay etc. If it is a coil pack issue, I would strongly recommend you replace the spark plugs too. Worn spark plugs over work the coil packs due to the increased gap, seen loads of destroyed coil pack due to this. This is also assuming it is a petrol. Get it code read first though.
  10. The irony of your post is off the scale. You want out of the EU at any cost, are you going to stump up for the people who will suffer financially for this? I guess not. Back on topic, I believe the licence fee should be means tested for the over 75's, I know millionaires who get winter fuel allowance (or used too, dunno if that has changed). Who would have thought that Mr. Boot, that will put hairs on your tits.
  11. There aren't any. I've said this before on this thread, the hardcore leavers are so brainwashed, they want to leave at any cost.
  12. Lib Dems become most popular party. Leave supporters still in a majority? "Link"
  13. If it was the Rotor/Reluctor ring, on start up the ABS light would go out. It would only come on when the vehicle was driven. This is because the ABS ECU wouldn't like the signals it was getting from the Rotor/Reluctor ring then assume there was a fault and ping the light up. It would happen like this every time you set of. This is also assuming it is an analogue ABS system. A digital system has the pick up built into the wheel bearing, this is known as a "Hall effect" system. As geared has said it is more likely to be a sensor itself and there is four of them. Could also be a faulty wire/connector, and worst case scenario the ABS modulator itself. First things to check though would be fuses and earths.
  14. You couldn't make it up, there was someone earlier on the radio claiming that not all "Green" votes should be classed as a vote to remain, as they also have other policies. So it's ok for them to be all "Leave" votes if it is the Tory party. This thread stinks of desperation, its astonishing.
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