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  1. If you have had the bead seat part of the wheel cleaned/sealed it is highly unlikely it is the wheel that's leaking (still possible though). Check the valve seat part of the wheel is not crusty/corroded inside the wheel (the base part of the valve that sits on the inside of the wheel). Valve could be leaking itself. If I was a gambling man, I would put my money on the tyre being porous (Not uncommon). How old is the tyre? If you look on the sidewall there is a manufacture date, it will look like this example (2813) this would be week 28 of 2013. worth a check.
  2. Do this with caution, it makes the tyre speed rating null and void. It is also classed as a modification, which you would have to declare to your insurance company. A tubeless tyre is designed to be run tubeless.
  3. Pretty straight forward really. If they were told not to drive by their doctor for X amount of weeks or whatever, but didn't have to surrender their licence, then they can continue to drive as soon as the doctor says so (Provided the licence hasn't expired by natural means) If they did have to surrender their licence, they will have to apply for another one. This would have to be done by forms via post. This could take a while as there is a massive backlog at the DVLA for postal applications, Possibly months. Licence validity can be checked here https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence
  4. Correct, everything has an explanation, it's finding it that is the problem. Seems to be a bit tricky nowadays. The truth will out in the end. Which one?
  5. Are they unexplained though? Or just covered up?
  6. Yep sure do, family members. hospital treatment, we have no "explanation" as to what caused it, medication for life. Well I will tell them here. Dodgy, not properly tested vaccine, and a shushy shusy approach to any serious side effects. Healthy, fit people. That do you? Because you haven't witnessed anything like that it doesn't exist obviously.
  7. What you struggling with fella? Maybe I can explain better?
  8. You do know what corporation wine is yeah? We call it council pop. About 78% of your body is made of it, Unlike the other stuff that causes "unexplained" strokes two weeks later.
  9. Coming into contact with 20 people in a working environment is nothing, think shop workers. You say between 5 and 20, how many times are there actually 20? I'll bet few and far between. It's you who doesn't actually know what you are on about. You keep proving that on this thread well done .
  10. Ahh the easy stuff, that makes sense for you. Never had you down for the trench work up to DPC etc. 5 to 20 people is nothing, thank you for more or less confirming what I said/thought.
  11. Outside, small gangs of maybe 3 or 4, 6 at a push. Proper chance of catching covid there. You my friend are a hero.
  12. As you have been told a thousand times, face coverings are little more than sneeze and cough guards. Sneeze and cough guards cut down on viral load in the air hence less to breath in. A 5 year old could tell you that. You, The_Babby and shekoff have some (IMO) valid points on this thread, but throw it all away on your mask stance.
  13. The key reader is usually a ring fastened to the key side of the ignition barrel. As Mr Bloke says get it as close as possible to that area. Hold it at the side of the new one when starting.
  14. Have a check in the old case and make sure you haven't left the transponder chip in it, that activates the immobiliser. it could be in a little slot in the old case.
  15. If motorists are paying the same or less than they already do, wont there still be a £35bn black hole still? The gullible and brain washable on here will love this latest scam, I love it.
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