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  1. What you have to remember is any oil is better than no oil. The ones we service at work get 5/40 as this is recommended by the fiat dealer in our network. As a top up 5/30 won't hurt, but I would always recommend using the right stuff where possible.
  2. It wont be anything to do with Brexit though, the government now have the ultimate tool in Covid. You're going to see some serious tax rises in the coming years. Wages are rising rapidly , PAYE is the ultimate target in this situation as it is easy. People feared for their jobs during furlough, easy peasy. Get the next general election out of the way then bingo. They are even planning on raising state pension to 73 years old. How many fully paid up members are never going to see a bean of that?
  3. Rest assured that isn't the case. The 2 bit "Freedom Fighters" on here won't even know of this because they're too busy picking their toys up outside the local convenience store when they find out they have to wear a face covering for five minutes. Last post on this thread, ever.
  4. I'll answer these when you answer post #10
  5. Second side note, I never said A/C was the cause of heat, I said it was a cause of the fan kicking in.
  6. Ever heard of climate control? Ever seen cars with the A/C button permanently on without the driver even knowing on cars without climate control? You know, when you was on the shop floor carrying out diagnostics as to why fuel consumption was low or the engine sounded more noisy than last week and the heater doesn't seem as hot? Come on fools, educate this spanner monkey. Just as a side note, Hans-solo asks every now and then for advise and I always try to keep it as basic as possible, mainly giving them things they can try themselves before paying a garage. Is that a bad thing?
  7. And I'm sure your grammar is perfect. Are you a grammar expert too? Wow
  8. And you need to come back on these threads when you know what you are on about, instead of thinking you know it all because you once changed your oil and filter. People post on these threads for genuine advise which could save them money in the long run. If you want to post misinformation find your way to the Covid thread, I'm pretty sure they will welcome you there.
  9. You don't know anything about me or what I do. What I do know about you is you know very little about cars. What mechanic qualifications do you have and to what level? How much shop floor experience do you have? Are you time served? What duties were you expected to do during your time on the shop floor? Are you fully skilled? Master mechanic? MOT tester? Auto electrician trained, qualified, time served? High voltage trained/qualified time served? If not, wind your neck in and go and insult other peoples intelligence.
  10. Knock yourself out, Anything you are struggling with ill try and explain it better. As I Said "Nothing to do with aircon." This statement shows you are lacking knowledge/experience on how car's work. Or trolling. Slightly altered to reflect your response.
  11. This is 100% spot on, however, during colder months the assisted cooling side of the engine is less prominent than in warmer months. The assisted cooling system on a car is shared with the air-conditioning system. My advice to Hans-solo was to eliminate the A/C from the equation because this is the most likely trigger of the assisted cooling system. This is due to the condenser (The hot part of the A/C system) being smack bang in front of the engine cooling radiator. "Nothing to do with aircon." This statement shows you are lacking knowledge/experience on how car cooling systems work. Or trolling.
  12. The cooling fan will kick in when the air-conditioning kicks in. Does the cooling fan kick in and stay on when in traffic? Try it with the air-conditioning turned off and see if it does it. If the air-conditioning and hence the fan are permanently running and not kicking in and out is a sign there is insufficient gas in the air-conditioning system as it is struggling to cool the cabin. It knows this because there is a little temperature probe in the evaporator (The cold bit of an A/C system) called a thermistor.
  13. Vaccine passports have never been about reducing spread/infections, they have always been about punishing the unvaccinated lepers. People need to get it into their system they can still catch/spread it when vaccinated, what really disturbs me is they can't see that.
  14. What other people wear or don't wear in a supermarket is not any of your concern. I bet you had to go and have a lay down when you saw all them members of the public exercising their own personal choice. You're like a dog with a bone.
  15. He didn't ask if they worked or not, he asked for recommendations on comfortable masks. As you have proven yourself to know nothing about nowt, and nowt about nothing on these types of threads I'll ask you a question. If someone was to sneeze or cough in your face would you prefer them to be wearing a face covering or not wearing one? Janus, I use these "THESE" very comfortable, wash and reusable and because they give good top to bottom coverage they don't ride down when talking.
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