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  1. There is a massive shortage in this country of car mechanics and MOT testers, yet I bet you still manage to get your car fixed, serviced and tested. Brexit consequence denier alert much.
  2. Just remember one thing, no tails of woe in this country will ever be anything to do with Brexit. Us remainers are not allowed to think for ourselves and have to be shushed. As our previous membership, as the way it was, is irretrievable, this is what we are left with. You got what you wanted. As the saying goes, play silly games win silly prizes. Well, you won them, enjoy.
  3. I just hope the panic buyers haven't caused to much (Unnecessary) disruption to the supply, BP closed a few stations and all hell breaks loose. Remember the fuel blockades in the year 2000? Don't put me through that again I beg of you. I did get really bored at work fitting new fuel tanks that had been drilled. Honestly don't do it there's plenty of stocks.
  4. No, not if people had stuck to the rules. Any covid outbreaks should have been confined to individual households. Any potential asymptomatic or slightly symptomatic transmission elsewhere could have been drastically reduced had the government mandated masks earlier in the first lockdown for shops and public transport etc.
  5. So because they are lorry drivers they have to do that for a living? You don't know what they do. How do you know they don't do other jobs instead, maybe lorry driving in Poland is not as lucrative as other jobs. I'm a qualified HGV mechanic but I don't do that for a living because I prefer the lighter stuff, nearly did a stint on the wind tunnel at Handsworth back in the day (That's the nick name for the HGV testing station) or used to be at that time when it was open.
  6. You have been told this a million times. Most transmissions will occur in private dwellings where masks and distancing doesn't take place. Watch the video.
  7. Turn a few lights off, stick a fleece on, you can only get billed for what you are using. Be alight.
  8. Yes they do, unfortunately not everyone stuck to the rules.
  9. An estimated 19.000 according to news reports, but its nothing to do with Brexit apparently. That old chestnut, wearing a bit thin now you leavers, you need to quit it.
  10. Tip of the iceberg. They will be mandated again soon, late 2021, early 2022 along with a short lockdown. I was surprised they were ditched in the first place to be honest in shops, public transport etc.
  11. Unlikely. The fluid in the Honda DPS system is prone for absorbing moisture, which causes the drag/judder effect through the DPS system. I am not familiar with the drive train on Foresters, but it is more likely to be a suspension noise, maybe even the lock stops being dry. Not 100% sure, but have got it in my head they are external on them (Don't hold me to that) but if that is the case a little grease on them will cure that. If they are external they are just part of the front hubs.
  12. So they do work then? Make your mind up.
  13. Where do these transmissions take place though? You got any evidence/links? You slate mask wearing, but you do realise you are more likely to catch kung flu round your mates house, than walking round a supermarket where everyone is fully masked. You do realise that right?
  14. If it is a knock/drag/judder effect from the rear when turning, it will need the rear differential fluid changing. It is a common fault on Cr-v's and depending how bad it is, it can sometimes need changing 2 or 3 times to fully rectify, although it does improve on the first go. Depending on the year of the car make sure you use the correct fluid. Early ones (Like late 90's) are ATF and the later ones are DPS (Dual pump system) fluid.
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