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  1. It's Brexit at any cost to these people mate, if you haven't worked that out by now you are as daft as me. Wouldn't matter if there were 14 trillion lorry's queuing at Kent or supermarkets were empty and it cost 14k for a loaf of bread. Absolutely any cost.
  2. Electrical items with heater elements that can gather fluff, are always going to be risky. Having worked in the motor industry all my life, I have witnessed numerous heat guns in bodyshops literally burst into flames for this reason. What makes you think it would be any different if these items sported a kite mark? You are just assuming, because of your hatred for the EU.
  3. Probably the picture of the fake power tool on the floor in flames.
  4. I think you are missing my point, and that is one of the reasons I don't post on here very often because it is like pulling teeth. I know full well what asymptomatic means . My point is, as there is no way of knowing who is or isn't asymptomatic, every citizen who is not showing covid symptoms would have to be classed as asymptomatic. My debate was aimed at Longcol because he /she displayed disgust at the fact that asymptomatic people weren't eligible for a covid test. At 200k test capacity a day that would be impossible.
  5. One last thing because this is getting boring, sorry. Asymptomatic is exactly that, people without symptoms, they may have it, they may not. At 200k capacity lets leave it to the the people with symptoms. If they up testing capacity we will talk about it again. Good night.
  6. Still digging "sigh" Why would you need to? were you in close contact for more than 15 minutes? did you/they follow the Covid secure guidance? Sanitise in store? Wash hands when you got home? Wear a face cover? Give it up Col you have lost.
  7. 66.65 million then, there you go, less the symptomatic people (who need to be tested) and some asymptomatic people tested routinely and found to be positive. Test 80% of the population per day (which would be needed to pick up on a large majority of asymptomatic people) @200k tests per day, sorted, no one will have to drive 150 miles to have their young children tested who are showing symptoms. Your posts now make perfect sense thank you for clearing that up for me and apologies in advance.
  8. Made up population figures mate so I do apologise. If you don't get the gist of what I am saying then so be it. As you are a well educated, very clever person, please explain to me how a 200k per day testing capacity can equate to testing (Insert UK population here) to catch asymptomatic carriers when symptomatic people who do genuinely need a test can't get one?
  9. I fully understand what asymptomatic means thank you, I would stop digging that hole, come back to me when testing capacity is at least 10m a day, then we will talk about it again.
  10. Well no actually. There are about 83 million asymptomatic people in this country, is there capacity to test them? you're response to testing, or lack of it, on you're last few posts on this thread is embarrassing. 200k capacity, 83 million asymptomatic people, I don't think you have thought that through.
  11. Little true anecdote for you that happened to us about 4 years ago. Ordered a smart meter from our energy supplier only to be told they couldn't supply one because we had switched suppliers to EDL energy about six weeks earlier. Having explained we had done no such thing they did sort it out. Turned out one of our neighbours had somehow botched an energy switch at their address and put our house number instead. Wouldn't have thought it would be that easy.
  12. Exactly, all the measures in place will make a massive difference but everyone has to do it. Imagine everyone has a gun and can shoot anyone they want. Suddenly the government says you can have a gun but you can't shoot anyone. If everyone stopped shooting, no one will die, but it only takes one person to carry on shooting.
  13. Ill-informed? I use this gov site for testing information - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-getting-tested "Who can be tested? Anyone with symptoms can get a coronavirus test, whatever their age."Maybe you should contact them and tell them they are ill informing people. I get the "tell them you have a cough to get one" how many people do you know who voluntarily got tested with no symptoms? Could it potently take a test away from someone who does really need one? If it was negative do I need to get it done again tomorrow as I might be asymptomatic then? You are obviously an expert in this field, educate me.
  14. Conveniently missed off some of my post there. Here it is again. "Aren't the minions only allowed to get tested if they have symptoms"
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