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  1. It's what the people want mate, the remainers were given a lifeline on the 12th of December 2019 and didn't take it. Even the so called "We want to remain in the EU" (Scotland) ditched their only way to achieve this by putting an SNP party candidate into Jo Swindons seat and other seats too. It's what the remain voting closet leavers want too, its over.
  2. Roflcopters my friend, any Brexit consequences after the 31st of January, will clearly be the fault of the remainers, whatever are you thinking?
  3. Bring it on, I can't wait. I have been Brexit and potentially high taxing government proof for ages now. Let the Brexit voters finally find out what they voted for., enjoy polishing my boots for tuppence ha'penny.
  4. There will be a flexible joint on the front section/front pipe of the exhaust, these can be prone to rattling. As heat expands this joint the noise can be more pronounced. That would be the first place I would be looking. Also front exhaust hangers/mounts although these don't tend to be affected by heat.
  5. They will be taxed to the same level/or similar as it would cost to employ a person to do that job by governments. That wealth would then be redistributed. Good luck to any tech firm who can create AI anyway near good enough to do my job and if they do they can have it with pleasure.
  6. Air-conditioning zaps all the moisture out of the air, this can enhance any cough symptoms (Most cars air-con will come on when demisting the screen as a default) Pollen filter clogged and blowing diesel particulates into the vehicle (Unlikely, but a possibility) Diesel fumes entering the vehicle (Blowing EGR pipe or exhaust pipe)
  7. Get used to it. Remainers are gonna get blamed for any Brexit* negatives for the next 30 years. * Word only available until 31/01/2020.
  8. Stop for both directions. If you look on the white road markings (Although they are a little worn) there is a white line just before the lights. If the lights are on red you should stop at this line no matter which way you are going. The absence of any filter also confirms this.
  9. Oh ok, digital monetary transfers to Nigeria are renowned for being a little bit dodgy. Good on you for getting what you wanted for it.
  10. You have been told a thousand times on these threads, there was some serious quantitative easing took place after the referendum.
  11. I hope you are joking? if not you have been scammed, they didn't get you to throw a mobile phone in for an extra £500 did they?
  12. We need to destroy any possibility of the Tory's getting a majority. Come on Mr. Boot we can do this, go with your heart of hearts, think of all the Tory austerity, Lets do it, destroy it man, come on.
  13. So what are you worried about? Austerity? you voted for that when you stuck your X in the leave box, you do know that right?
  14. It's always been about Brexit, without it there would not have been two general elections in just over two years. The trick here is to make sure Mr.Johnson doesn't get an overall majority then we will be golden.
  15. Wow, you really have it in for Jo Swinson and the Lib Dems don't you Mr. Boot? What you worried about? Any leave option on any future EU related vote will nail it won't they? After all, It's what the people want isn't it? Relax man, you're mission to make the poor poorer is nearly complete. Go treat yourself to a ginger beer, you deserve it.
  16. He doesn't work or pay taxes, so little trivialities like that mean nothing to him.
  17. Can you post me a link to where the EU warned of these consequences please. Thanks.
  18. I used to get "Integer out of range" a lot when I was (trying) to program my spectrum. Was this some sort of binary issue?
  19. DDOS attacks are pretty easy to avoid or at least reduce the risk with the verification system. It's foolish for any site that could be a potential target not to use this system.
  20. We are leaving, and always have been, that's why the 2016 referendum has been carried out. You know, Brexit is a bit like an old sign that used to be up behind the bar of my local about thirty years ago which read "Free Beer Tomorrow". Brexit in a nutshell, tomorrow never comes, it's always today. 😉
  21. PAYE tax payers will end up paying for it as always under Labour governments, as they are easy targets. Corporates just move stuff about, they aren't going to be paying a bean extra. Have you ever wondered how multi billion pound companies operating in the UK only pay a few million of tax in the UK? It won't happen if there was all this readily available tax from big companies, why hasn't it happened already? Maybe if it was that simple there would never have been any austerity under the tories?
  22. Faulty oven heater element. We have had this before and a new element fixed it.
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