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  1. Top cat's way? he has done nothing but expose the lies and mistruths by the leavers on these threads. All I ever see from you leaver's is won that, democracy this. Tell us what we have won, Please.
  2. And again in a can, any positives of leaving yet? Eight threads on and nothing.
  3. They don't realise the full implications of leaving, and they believe any implications of leaving won't affect them, that's the problem. I can spot that a mile off with leavers comments on here. If a country could get cancer, it's code name would be Brexit.
  4. The EU are clamping down on tax avoidance, but you don't want to be in the EU. Do you think any British government will do this? The only people who will end up paying more tax are the working class on PAYE, funnily enough, because these are easy targets. The very people you want to protect.
  5. I work for a cash rich company and get paid more than handsomely for my efforts. How is that exploitation? or are you on about menial unskilled work?
  6. If you come on here with pie in the sky statements, you are going to get asked questions, if you cant answer them questions then you're statements are floored, sorry.
  7. lets try this one again too Mr.Boot. What will be the second stage? Or are you just a typical Brextremist? I guarantee you, you will not destroy the rich under any circumstances, However in your power struggle you will destroy the poor. Are you happy with that?
  8. I didn't ask you that so lets try again. Is not having a manifesto a problem to you?
  9. The problem I see with the educational side of remain/ leave, and I have thought this all along, is I really don't think a fair majority of leave voters realise what the true implications of leaving actually are. Now, I am not saying people are stupid or thick or anything like that at all, and don't think that at all, but I do generally think a lot of voters didn't, and still don't realise the full implications of leaving.
  10. Still waiting for an answer to this too if you don't mind. You do realise that the EU is clamping down on tax avoidance right? that is why your rich mates want out of the EU, you do know this yeah?
  11. How do you work out she is unelected? or is it more of you're fake anti EU rhetoric?
  12. He will have to call a General Election, he will have no choice whether he likes it or not. Leaving without a deal is not what the majority of leave voters voted for. Three years on, the 2016 Referendum result is defunct, I know loads of people who now wish they had voted remain and feel they were duped. Don't know one person who wishes they had voted leave. GE time, no other option.
  13. Mr. Boot can answer first he seems to know more about it than anybody else. Then the rest can form an orderly queue.
  14. What will be the second stage? Or are you just a typical Brextremist? I guarantee you, you will not destroy the rich under any circumstances, However in your power struggle you will destroy the poor. Are you happy with that?
  15. Well there was a fair few more people turned up for the anti parliament prorogation protest than there was the three people who turned up for Farages we want brexit now march.
  16. Not what you said - HERE "Broken the country " lol. How can any democratic government on earth ever allow that to happen because of a referendum? Put the sandwich board away and think of solutions to the "problems" ahead instead of ridiculing everyone who thinks that leaving is a good thing. I am assuming you believe in a democratic society, therefore respect the majority decision and then do something to help turn it in your favour instead of accepting it and being a doomsayer. Some of you guys seem to thrive on gloomy outlooks rather than thinking of ways to work within the framework of a democratic vote. Just remember the three stages of a preconceived gloomy outlook i.e.Denial..Anger..Acceptance.. Most of you are in the Anger mode at the moment. However Acceptance will arrive on Halloween...Deal with it.
  17. So what else would they offer if this wasn't the case? It's alright screaming for the backstop to be removed, but the Republic of Island is in the EU, Northern Island isn't, there has to be a border and the EU know this.You are a leaver, that's fine if you want to be, but instead of spending all your life gunning at the remainers, why don't you all get you're heads together and work out what Brexit actually means. Non of this nonsense was on any fake propaganda political broadcast at the time. The deal the EU has offered is already on the table. Leave without a deal, then what? wouldn't we have to join the customs union and other stuff anyway? Not one of you seem to know what the hell is happening, and that isn't helping anyone leave or remain.
  18. That's why no remainers have ever got anywhere on these threads, scary.
  19. You really do live in some sort of fantasy parallel. you've got more chance of plating fog than the <removed> party getting into power.
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