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  1. Just to add, the correct programme names are 'Victorian Britain in Colour' and 'Edwardian Britain in Colour'
  2. Didn't want to start a new thread just for this, and as there isn't a 'What Have You Watched On Tv Lately ?' thread, I thought I'd just stick this here. Did anyone watch the really stunning documentary on PBS America channel last night called "Victorian Era in Colour/The Edwardian Era in Colour" or somesuch? If not, try to catch it if it's repeated in the future. The clarity of the images was magnificent and to see the detail not visible in the 'uncolourised' versions was stunning. A bit spooky as well seeing these people and objects from over 100 years ago looking as though they were appearing live. Sorry for the thread drift but just thought anyone into old film footage ought to see it if they get the chance.
  3. Walking through the woods and seeing fallen logs to scramble over and rocks to lift for creepy-crawly spotting really takes me back to the very early 60s and Lees Hall Wood/Rollestone Wood. The smells, the sounds, the cuts and bruises. Mind you, that was 60 years ago and doubt I'd be inclined to go 'grovelling' around in these particular woods now. Old, derelict farm buildings remind me of my exploration sessions as a nipper, hoping to find nests, old coins and secret passages. If I wasn't so 'creaky', I'd still do it all today
  4. Cossack hairspray (I know, I know). Turns them into fixed-wing gliders. ...... and lasts all day according to the advert, so lots of time to see where they crash
  5. About 150 years ago.............
  6. Beaten to it by Jim Hardie
  7. I remember that truck well. We had one parked up and getting dusty in the corner of our vehicle compound when I was in the army. Ours was olive drab of course, not grey, but every time I passed Vera's I got flashbacks from those days. Was an old Austin K9/Loadstar I think
  8. A compass bearing and exactly whereabouts in Swallownest you're viewing it from would help. Even a recognisable feature directly in front of you such as a known building or junction that's centre of your line-of-sight
  9. Bus out to the outskirts and a gentle stroll (pub crawl) back in. Downhill, and plenty of trees to pee against Don Valley not included
  10. Too right. When I had prostate woes I had trouble clearing my toecap, so sitting was the best option. Leaning right forward till my forehead was against the wall behind the bog was about the only way I could hit a bullseye standing up. I only sit down when I need both hands free to eat my sandwich these days
  11. Because that's what we called her usually
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