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  1. mad-dad

    Whats your favourite charity?

    Macmillan via (the great) John Burkill. If I don't bump into him in a while it's Bluebell Wood.
  2. Saturday afternoon checking the pools coupon …."If tha dunt shurrup thall ger a scutch round t' lug oil. Thi dadz wetchin' t' results." (Probably only in our house)
  3. mad-dad

    Telephone box library

    Not in Sheffield but there's one in Barnburgh out towards Thurnscoe. Been there at least ten years.
  4. Can relate to this. Many of our service personnel signed up at 15 years old. Yes, 15.... as so called Junior soldiers. A binding contract was signed by these kids with their parents' backing. No get out clause unless you could afford 3 months of your wages "to buy me out". The contract started from age 18. Due to your naivety, you may have signed a 3/6/9/12 year contract … it was binding. No mercy from the Government … you signed up son. Best way out was to breach military law ….. 6 months in Colchester would be the death of most blokes .. but a dishonourable discharge would ensue. Then … you're out. No home, no hope, probably no friends … when you were 15 you decided to follow your heart … but no bugger cares. Just saying like.
  5. If this is the same bloke I used to see most mornings at about 7am outside the BHF shop on Arundel Gate he appears to be doing military drill movements and barking out orders … though incoherent. If this IS the same lad, my guess is PTSD due to military service.
  6. Honorary Colonel of The USAAF/USAF. "For Services". I doubt this honour exists, but in Tony's case it should.
  7. Just beat me to it Mr Bloke. Starts off sane then tapers off to "Nut Job" territory.
  8. mad-dad

    Sheffield Blitz sites 2017

    Go on Google, type in 'map of where bombs fell in Sheffield WW2' then click 'images' . I spend ages on Google Street View tracing the sites.
  9. mad-dad

    Ebury street attercliffe

    Re Ebury Street. There are a couple of photos from the 60s on PICTURE SHEFFIELD website. Sorry, can't post links.
  10. mad-dad

    Being called sweetheart and petal.

    As long as they don't refer to me as a 'body part', I don't give a monkey's how they address me.
  11. mad-dad

    Blades v blackburn.

    Ooops!! FoUling? Will ignore BlackbUn. But SUFC really got shafted today.
  12. mad-dad

    What were your best memories !!.

    Damming streams, climbing trees, looking for creepy-crawlies, pond dipping, my Dinky/Corgi/Spot-on/Hornby toys …. but best of all... the days I never got a beating.
  13. mad-dad

    Castle archaeological dig

    Bit unfair that without actually getting to know the lass.

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