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  1. Can't wait. Looking forward to visiting that relative I hate and dropping a 'dog egg' I collected on the way there down their loo. "Any interesting emails lately cuz!!?"
  2. Another good person sacrificed in the line of duty. Sad, so sad.
  3. Somebody else who can't tell the difference between an Eagle and a Sea Gull
  4. The CCTV for the dodgems ride I bet. And before anyone says there was no CCTV back in 1969 … that's a conspiracy..
  5. It was a sea when they set off ……… according to Look North's high tide forecast. It's happened to me.
  6. I think that comment just got a big 'WOOOSH' Janus.
  7. It was filmed at Cleethorpes …….. with the tide out.
  8. My bold. We called it splits and the bigger the knife the better. Several pairs of lads on a flattish piece of grass .. all wearing wellies chucking meat cleavers at each other's feet was a sight to behold. Mind you, not wiping the mud off before returning them to the knife drawer was frowned upon. Oh, and placing a dog turd in the road and betting on what colour car ran over it first. Never did me no harm!! :-)
  9. TO Cyclone. I haven't a clue what the maximum State Pension is. All this financial stuff is beyond me, but I have been receiving my pension at this (inflation related) rate since 2016 (October). Should I be worried? Sorry about QUOTE mistake.
  10. Didn't notice, honest!! Was busy trying to train my pet wood louse to board my ''Dinky" London Bus. Born in 1951. Us 10 year olds had decorum back then. Any body here remember back in the day how mum would give us the rare treat of half a pomegranate and a needle to pick the seeds out with? With the instructions, "Swallow that pin an' I'll soddin' kill ya"
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