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  1. Hi Kidorry. Sorry for delay in replying to you but news like yours usually has me 'gob smacked', and the fact you're still here lays testament to your resilience and the sheer determination of the medical staff to see you through it all. Well done mate. You were part of the biggest TEAM ever I just find it strange from my personal experience that due to the mask regulations I never saw a face, just the eyes …. that's all I have to remember them all by and the clear and evident compassion shown in those caring eyes...… voices distorted by the masks still said, "You're with us now!" (with a smile you could feel, not see). God bless them all.
  2. Thanks Padders. I don't normally do 'touching'. I'm more of a grump at heart but that experience smacked me square in the face, hard, with the 'touching' reminder. God, it's dusty in here tonight.
  3. Be proud of what you do and achieve Nikki. I can honestly promise you there are an endless number of present and ex patients thinking of their memories of you and how you effected their lives. They'll not forget you. …. ever.xx
  4. Thank you for allowing me to hijack this thread hayes. Had to post about something that, for the first time in my life left me feeling so humbled.xx
  5. Hi. Please forgive my dragging up this old thread, but I can't find an appropriate link elsewhere. At 69 years old I have just been released (yesterday) after a month in Firth 9 NGH ….. my first ever hospital stay. and I'd just like to thank the whole medical team for their patience, professionalism, caring attitude and gentleness. Most of my dealings with individual nurses was akin to an encounter with angels. I was not an easy patient, awkward sometimes, deaf as a doorpost others but I always knew that the gentle soul peering down at me would not fail me. I couldn't thank them all on my departure, but if I could have I would. I owe you all my sanity. I hid the 'old-bloke tears' as only an old bloke should I hope. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I do not ignore all the ancillaries. They are worth their weight in gold. Awoke this morning and none of you were there. I'm missing you all. I will remember every individual face always ….. some more than others, but all equally angelic and with a ready smile. Thank you all at NGH from the bottom of my heart. 69 years old and still learning. Love to all IAN x . God bless you all
  6. Don't quote me but I believe it is some sort of penetrating substance similar to WD40.
  7. Anybody other than Sean soddin' Bean. Now Jo Brand????? She's got the 'Killer Look'.
  8. I have decided, whilst watching the excellent series "The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes" that the most annoying voice on TV is one Ian McMillan (The Barnsley Bard).
  9. I currently have a massive specimen trundling around my house. Legs like 4 rugby players glued together ……. and it can't half shift. Got a bit attached actually, so I've given it a name "Bus width" (8 feet).
  10. About 14 stone of wasted fertiliser right there.
  11. Thanks for that Ontarian. More magic here ….. "Royal Marines Corps of Drummers and Top Secret Drum Corps" A sort of duelling drums.
  12. Can't do links but ……. Royal Marines Drum Corps. Ringo Starr? Eat your heart out.
  13. True story this. When I was about 6 or 7 years old I was given a knackered old watch that had belonged to a long-dead relative. I noticed that the hands shone in the dark, so, being an inventive sort of child I decided to scrape the green paint off the hands and glue the resulting powder to the headlights of my newly acquired Dinky (I think) Mersey Tunnel Fire Service Land Rover. What a bedside table ornament that was.
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