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  1. OK gaz678, I'm with you so far.....
  2. Aw Lorraine, so sad to hear about your loss, it's a bloody drag isn't it, getting old. What was her name, remind me. Share some of your memories with us. And something that always intrigued me was what made you leave Morland? I'm here in Tenerife for six weeks again, back home on the 4th March. Me and the wife play tennis every other day with a raft of people our age that we've got to know. Each year someone "drops out" but hey, this is no dress rehearsal, best make the most of it but avoiding UK winters really helps. And Stu, I have a cracking memory for names and faces but I just can't place you. Whose classes were you in 63 to 68? I was in the same class as Lorraine T from September 66 to June 68. My mates included Geoff Nicholson, Peter Reaney, Keith Kidd, Lawrence Henry, Vic Cooper (he went to City Grammar as did my wife also from the Valley). Anyway, great to hear there are some of us still kicking and long may that continue - bye for new.
  3. Hi Pies, great to see you're still around and I hope you're well. Of the names you mention, I can only recall Lawrence and the only Gregory I recall was Mick Gregory who was a pal of Kenny Gill. I don't recall how it came about but I spoke on the phone with LT sometime around 1978 after I'd moved to Manchester and she was a Mrs Booth.
  4. My final comment of LT and not withstanding her looks, I remember her as being a very nice person though I doubt she would have reciprocal views. In my defence, my sophistication took some time to emerge and some would suggest that it never did ha ha Anyway Stuart, to answer your question, I was aware of the people involved with the miniature mechanical pump at Granville at the time but I was not in that photo. I was a racing cyclist and despite having two football mad brothers, I was and still am not into football. Ironically I live very near famous footballers at MUFC in fact my hairdresser in Knutsford also looks after the few remaining hairs on one Sir Bobby Charlton's head and Brian Clough's son lived on the same road as us when he was at Man City. Interesting that you came to Manchester in 1970 and I came over this side of the pennines in 1977. That's when I married my childhood sweetheart also from the Valley. She went to teacher training college in Manchester and I landed a plum job with a computer control equipment company which gave me the time and knowledge to start my own IT company in 1984. After that, there was never a chance to return to Sheffield which we'd planned to do. I still miss Sheffield's though.
  5. Good one Stuart on LT. Didn't she move to 111 Prince of Wales Road mid to late 60's? We had the same form teacher, Harry Whitehouse, Sept 66 to mid 68. We once had to call our addresses out to Whitehouse for registration purposes I think and when LT called her address out, every lad's pen started scratching it down on paper. Seems like everyone had an interest, not just you ha ha. It was so funny I can remember it like it was yesterday.
  6. I'm good with memories and names but I can't place you Stuart, sorry. I should be able to because just like everyone else in our year, I too admired LT and you will have been a rival ha ha😀
  7. We moved from Arbourthorne in 1960 onto Bankwood and Paul Fisher ( lived at 459 Blackstock Road near Mick Archibald) was in the same class as me, 2nd year juniors, at Arbourthorne North (attached to Norfolk Secondary). So we used to walk home together until we went to Rollestone school (now backwood) in April 1961. My teachers at Rollestone were Miss Turley, Mrs Barrett and in 4th Yr that board ruler swinging nutter, Frank Schofield. What was wrong in that guy's head to think bending lads over the corner of a desk and wacking them hard with a metre board ruler was ok and more often than not for sometimes getting sums wrong. It was child abuse, we were ten years old for ffs!! Lawrence Henry lived near me on Plowright Drive and on and off we hung around together. Similar situation with lots of mates, we often were all over each other and next thing we treated each other like radioactive dog crap. Some time ago I posted a photo of Mrs Barretts class (1961-1962) and I could name all of them including Peter Reaney, Steven Belk, Kenny Gill, Andrew Cotton etc. I remember Ronnie Severs was a great swimmer and conversely I am not. My wife is an open water swimmer, swimming regularly in Pickmere Lake at 6:15am, bloody mad. In '67 I dated a girl on our road and ten years later we married (yes the mad open water swimmer). Moved to Manchester in 1977, started an IT business in 1984 and it's still running today with my daughter as MD based in Knutsford. But I have fab memories of Sheffield and especially the people and those on the Valley. Smashing place to be young, climbing trees, making dens, going in the barns at the farm at the top of what is now a wasteland due to it being a tip. I'd love to know which brain dead duffer thought it would be a good idea to trash what was essentially good farming land to create a terraced refuse tip, immediately next to an infants and junior schools. And, putting the Meersbrook through a culvert which at one stage had raw sewage in it as it emerged near the cottage on Cat Lane. Before the tip arrived I remember the meadow in the bottom and the brook was a lovely leisure spot where we spent hours playing. Anyway, rant over. Even though we live 50 miles from the Valley, it can take 2 hours to get there so I don't get back much.
  8. I'm still alive and kicking last time I checked. I can remember all the names you all mention but can't work out/place you guys. I lived on Bankwood Rd until 1976 went to GVSS '63 to '68 Sad to hear Ernie Oliver had left us and Phil Dawtry too. A good mate of mine was Peter Reaney who passed on some year ago now.
  9. I got £4 9s 5d a week as an apprentice electrician at F H Wheelers in 1968. Late summer of '68 I was deployed at Dunford Hadfields Vulcan Road and having worked 7 days I got £6 4s 2d and my mother wanted some extra "board" off me that week. She went on to be a mercenary in Angola - no she didn't I made that up but times were hard for my parents in those days.
  10. No. Sadly, I think Labour have become a very weak pressure group
  11. Miss Turley taught me in the second year juniors
  12. Was it Miss Mills? The games teacher Betterage went out with her as I recall and also Mr Burgess had a sniff too.
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