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  1. A good club in its day. Used to know Henry Wyzykiewicz a good lad who was a regular in there.
  2. I remember an Alan Damms who was in the same class as me at Crookesmoor school about 1958/59 I remember him as someone who was great at drawing cars and things.
  3. Sounds like the Three Stags Heads at Wardlow Mires. A cracking little place it was like drinking in someones front room.
  4. This was something different. It was a charity event for Muscular Dystrophy with home made rafts and was held on the canal. If I remember rightly the University boat race was held on the Don
  5. Its a long time ago now but does anyone know if these films were ever made available to view ?
  6. I lived on Fawcett Street and went to Crookesmoor till 1959 and David is spot on in his description above.
  7. Your place in St Philips Road was almost a carbon copy of my mums place on Fawcett Street. I lived there from 1947 till 1960 when we moved to another corner shop in Sharrow. Certainly nothing like it nowadays!
  8. No you are not wrong it was Maurice Jackson how did I forget that one, and Broadheads on Ecclesall Road. Brings back happy memories of days on the bankside.
  9. Bought a place in Brittany about 4 years ago and hope to retire there soon. Its like cornwall but without the traffic
  10. In York at the moment but occasionally visit Sheffield. We will have to try to get a few of the lads together for a few beers, perhaps in the new year. I am meeting Ian Hague sometime before xmas, be the first time we've met for 20+ years. I will suggest it to him, I also have Henry W's number so we could get in touch with him as well. Enjoy your break old timer, hope you took your "zimmer"
  11. not much gets past you Mr. D. 20 years since those old RC days but many memories, hope you are keeping well.
  12. I can remember your dad as one of the van drivers. I also remember big Alan "jellytots" from his time in the toolroom. Good lad who sadly died some years ago at a very young age.
  13. Next time you see Paul tell him an old toolroom/drawing office pal was asking after him.........
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